Monday, January 26, 2009

Week 31

Here is my newest week so I don't have to feel behind until Sunday! :D

Jan 18 Day 1

This is the back of my calendar I had made for me. This way you can see the pictures I used for it.

Jan 19 Day 2

I am pretty sure I took this one of Tyler while playing at the play ground with Katrina. I grabbed her camera and took some while they were playing. I thought this one was cute!

Jan 20 Day 3

This is actually a picture from my camera phone! It is of Tyler "thinking" like he is sitting on the thinking chair. Well his thinking chair in this picture just happens to be the potty! haha

Jan 21 day 4

We had a play date with Sarah and kids. Tyler and I went to the library for story time and then met then at our favorite pizza place. It was yummy and the kids loved playing out side on the porch after wards like they always do

Jan 22 Day 5

This was taken at BJ's the restaurant. It was SO good I have been DYING to go back. I think maybe I will convince Cody to take me there tomorrow. I had an appointment that morning and Sarah was sweet and met us out there in case I needed some help.

Jan 23 day 6

LOOK! It's daddy's air plane!

Jan 24 Day 7

This is a picture of my boys cuddling on the couch watching some Blues Clues together. I LOVE seeing them cuddle together.

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