Friday, April 30, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane

We are heading to Vegas tomorrow and then to Utah the next day! I am so excited to get to see family and friends. Before we go I thought I would post some dance recital pictures. Some I took, and some Stacie took. Our kids are just so darn cute in their little dance outfits. In fact one of the girls in the class told her mom that Tyler was her boyfriend! haha Too cute

Is anyone else having problems uploading pictures lately? Just in the last two days it keeps telling me there is an error. It's driving me nuts! Any ways. I forgot to save the pictures Stacie sent so I will have to post those at a later time. She got some really cute ones I want to get on here for sure. Cross your fingers Kayla and Tyler are good on the plane and that NO ONE POOPS! :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Law Suit Anyone?

Kayla has some boots that I have been putting on her for a while. She doesn't wear them much and most of the time they fall off of her. I couldn't find her sneakers any where so I grabbed these boots and have been putting them on her this last week or so. I was putting them on her a couple of days ago and felt something hard on top of the left shoes where her toes started. I felt the other shoe and there wasn't anything there. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I pressed on the side and this is what happened

IT WAS A FREAKING SEWING MACHINE NEEDLE!!!!! Hello. Whoever sewed the lining of the shoe on left a freaking needle INSIDE OF THE SHOE!

Here is a picture of where you can see the hole the needle left in the shoe when I pulled it out. I am SO GLAD she didn't get hurt and I am SERIOUSLY wishing I had a receipt from when I bought them over a year ago. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Friday, April 23, 2010

Quality Time

I was going to take pictures with one of my friends in the blue bonnets here in town. the first time we tried was a miserable fail. I am pretty sure I already blogged about it. Just a short recap in case I didn't.

1. Tyler lost Woody's hat in the flowers and we could NOT find them.

2. Tyler looked for the hat the whole time we were there and was VERY sad we could NOT find it.

3. We were there for over an hour taking pictures and looking for the freaking hat

4. Tyler screamed and kicked all the way to the car when it was time to go because he did NOT want to leave without the hat!!!

5. I told him I was SO sorry he lost it and Mommy would take us to McDonald's to make us feel better.

6. Mommy realizes just before driving to McDonald's that she had taken her memory card out the night before to post pictures on facebook and didn't think she put it back.

7. Mommy checks camera...NO MEMORY CARD!

8. Mommy cries for a minute with Tyler

9. McDonald's helps slightly but we still cry off and on while eating.

10. We play out in the play area and Tyler knocks Kayla over busting open her lip and making her bleed which drips on mommy's shirt.

Okay enough of that. We are all ready to go ( I am looking good haha ) and my friend called to cancel because she has having problems with her back. She tells me to have fun any ways. I think, "Do I REALLY want to take my kids out int he flowers and try to take pictures by myself?" NO not really but I was already to go, everyone was prepped and like I said before, I THOUGHT I LOOKED GOOD! haha SOOOOOOOOOOOOO I decided to go for it. I grabbed my tri-pod and my remote trigger and off to the flowers we go!

The first round we were not in the picture and were blurry any ways.

We try again with better results but still aren't in the picture all the way

Then we try one more round and success!

I know it's not the best picture but I am happy I at least got one I thought I looked good in and the kids all look decent in. Then I got a really cute of of the kids

And then a not so cute one of them sitting way far apart from each other not caring at all that mommy REALLY wanted a cute picture of them.

Then I got this of Tyler

And these of Kayla ( Kayla did NOT enjoy the flowers and so half of them are of her crying because she kept falling in them! haha I of course kept taking pictures and the poutty one is one of my favorites!!! )

There you have it. I FINALLY got pictures with my kids in the flowers. Now if only daddy could have been there....

Monday, April 19, 2010

Tyler has been really into costumes lately. I already posted pictures of Tyler dressed as Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks. Here is his latest

he wanted to be "Monkey" from Kung Fu Panda. I promised him I woulld make him some monkey ears and a tail while he was sleeping Saturday night. It was 11 and Cody and I were about to turn the lights off and I remembered. DOH! Of course I also played on the internet and wrote a blog and got to bed a little after midnight. Dumb.

Any ways. He loved it and was SO happy to be Monkey.

Here is my Kayla girl

Apparently food is much better from off of the floor. She will throw things off of the plate and onto the floor and then eat them. What the heck? She is a cutie though. She loves my sunglasses

She also LOVES stealing Tyler's food. Here she is eating his popcorn and when she saw the flash go off she looked up at me and put her hands on her face and said, "CHEEESE"

We went to chuck-e-cheese last week for Julia's birthday. I took these two pictures of Tyler with Chucky. It was SO hard to get him to let me take his picture.
You know....I'm not even going to give this a title because some times, I got nothing...

That is it for tonight. Sorry posting has random lately. I am trying to be better at it again. Here's hoping...

Friday, April 16, 2010

A Weeks Review

We didn't do much this week. Monday we tried to go out and shop....Tyler put a stop to that by throwing a HUGE fit in the store. We ended up going straight home with NO dvd Player and he was PISSED! He is so bi-polar when he is REALLY angry. He would scream at me, "Mommy just leave me alone, leave me alone mom, LEAVE ME A-LOOOOOOOOOOONE!" then he would directly go into saying, "Mommy why aren't you talking to me? Talk mom, TALK TO ME PLEASE!" It's actually quite entertaining and if I wasn't so embarrassed and ticked off about the fit he threw and not getting to hang out with my friend any more I would have laughed. One time he was doing that and I did laugh and he got REALLY mad at me. One day I want to try and get it one film just so everyone can hear how ridiculous he can be....also so I can black mail him someday! heehee

Tuesday we hung out at home I think....NOPE. I took the kids to Sonic and we ate at the park and then played after wards. It was fun. My poor kids needed to be out in the sun running around for once. We used to do that all the time but lately we just don't get out for playing much. Then Kayla took a nap and then Tyler had his dance class in the late afternoon. Kurt brought Madison because Stacie had to work late and it was nice getting to hang out with him for the hour. Him and I used to hang out all the time and we just don't get a chance to do that any more.

Wednesday our friends Lisa and Lincoln came over and we jumped on the trampoline and then went to McDonald's and played in the play thing. We have the worse McDonald's ever. Lisa had a HUGE hair with dandruff attached to it still right on top of her salad. *Insert puking noises here* Then the kids had naps and even Tyler slept. That was wonderful. Mommy cleaned, sewed and blogged on my personal and photography blog. It was nice.

Thursday we had a long day. We took BOTH cars into the dealership to get them worked on. We also did lost of quick shopping and getting in and out of the car. My car was going to take a while and we needed to be back in Waco for a chuck-e-cheese date for our friends birthday so we came home for a couple of hours. We pulled into the drive way and I started to get Kayla out of her car seat and she puked ALL OVER! 30 more seconds and she would have been out of the car and it would not have been a big deal but instead it was all over her, the car seat and the car. Booooooooooooo So we gave her a bath and put her to bed. She slept for a LONG time and then we woke her up, threw her back in the car and headed to pick up my car. we had dinner, played at chuck-e-cheese and headed back home for bed time. It was a full and fun day.

Friday, today. Hung out at home and did a quick shopping trip with the kids before lunch. Naps. Sewing. Mexican food. Bed time. Showers. Blogs. Tomorrow Cody and a friend from work and gonna be fixing the house...hopefully. haha Every time we start anything in our house we run into BIG problems and it ends up being a huge deal. Cross your fingers everything goes smoothly...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blue Bonnets

I hate posting the same blog in two different places so go check out my photography blog to see the blue bonnets and hear all about my horrible blue bonnet experience. HERE

Check out my little guy in his dance recital costume

Saturday was picture day for the dance studio! His dance recital is in two more weeks. I can't wait to see how he does!

Easter Part 2

Okay so I FINALLY got to shrink the Easter pictures. Do you know why I FINALLY got to do them? Because Tyler was banned from the computer for the rest of the day! haha This is one of the major reasons I haven't been able to post as much. If I leave my lap top for two seconds Tyler wants to use it when before, I would just come back a half hour later and shrink a couple more pictures or whatever.

Any ways. Here are the kids Easter baskets

Kayla's was cute because it was a hat! It's huge on here but it is still cute.

Tyler REALLY wanted Alvin and the Chipmunks! He was SO excited he got it.

Kayla thought Tyler's looked more interesting.

But she liked her's too. In fact, she carried her's all over the house for several days.

We dyed Easter eggs with Madison and Stacie. It was funny because the kids got to choose what colors to do. Can you tell what Madison's favorite color is?

And Tyler's?

They were killing us because Madison wanted all of them green and Tyler wanted all of them blue. I finally I grabbed one and made it yellow and pink. Madison also wanted bugs drawn on all of hers and Tyler wanted the chipmunks on all of his! Crazy kids.

Then I cooked while Stacie and Cody filled Easter eggs and then hid them in the back yard. The kids were way excited to find the eggs. Tyler thought he was supposed to ONLY find the ones he decorated. Crazy boy. We kept telling him to get ALL of them but he just kept looking for the blue ones. Silly boy.

And you saw our family photo already.

Then Stacie took some of Cody and I together. This one turned out cute

Then Cody decided to be funny and we got this one

And this one

Nice! Thanks babe. I swear he loves me!! That is it for Easter.

Let me ask you a question. Do your kids get WAY into something for a couple of days and then switch to something else? Tyler wanted to be Alvin from the Chipmunks after we got him the movie. He begged me to make him a costume. So this is what we came up with

It was HOT and he insisted on wearing that long sleeve thermal because Alvin had on a LONG sleeve red shirt. Not a short sleeve one. And he NEEDED ears. Then he said he needed a YELLOW A on his shirt.....I drew the line at claws. haha

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What is Wrong

I don't understand why I can't ever seem to update this blog any more. It drives me nuts too so you would think I would try harder. Oh well. This is a quick post too which drives me crazy but at least I am getting stuff up here.

Our Easter was nice. We colored Easter eggs, had an Easter egg hunt, took some pictures and had some lunch.

As I went to attach all the picture I realized I only shrank 4 pictures so I guess this is an incomplete post. Gosh.....I apologize. More to come later when the kids are napping.