Friday, April 23, 2010

Quality Time

I was going to take pictures with one of my friends in the blue bonnets here in town. the first time we tried was a miserable fail. I am pretty sure I already blogged about it. Just a short recap in case I didn't.

1. Tyler lost Woody's hat in the flowers and we could NOT find them.

2. Tyler looked for the hat the whole time we were there and was VERY sad we could NOT find it.

3. We were there for over an hour taking pictures and looking for the freaking hat

4. Tyler screamed and kicked all the way to the car when it was time to go because he did NOT want to leave without the hat!!!

5. I told him I was SO sorry he lost it and Mommy would take us to McDonald's to make us feel better.

6. Mommy realizes just before driving to McDonald's that she had taken her memory card out the night before to post pictures on facebook and didn't think she put it back.

7. Mommy checks camera...NO MEMORY CARD!

8. Mommy cries for a minute with Tyler

9. McDonald's helps slightly but we still cry off and on while eating.

10. We play out in the play area and Tyler knocks Kayla over busting open her lip and making her bleed which drips on mommy's shirt.

Okay enough of that. We are all ready to go ( I am looking good haha ) and my friend called to cancel because she has having problems with her back. She tells me to have fun any ways. I think, "Do I REALLY want to take my kids out int he flowers and try to take pictures by myself?" NO not really but I was already to go, everyone was prepped and like I said before, I THOUGHT I LOOKED GOOD! haha SOOOOOOOOOOOOO I decided to go for it. I grabbed my tri-pod and my remote trigger and off to the flowers we go!

The first round we were not in the picture and were blurry any ways.

We try again with better results but still aren't in the picture all the way

Then we try one more round and success!

I know it's not the best picture but I am happy I at least got one I thought I looked good in and the kids all look decent in. Then I got a really cute of of the kids

And then a not so cute one of them sitting way far apart from each other not caring at all that mommy REALLY wanted a cute picture of them.

Then I got this of Tyler

And these of Kayla ( Kayla did NOT enjoy the flowers and so half of them are of her crying because she kept falling in them! haha I of course kept taking pictures and the poutty one is one of my favorites!!! )

There you have it. I FINALLY got pictures with my kids in the flowers. Now if only daddy could have been there....


Kade and Emily said...

Love the flower pics! some of my favorite pictures of maryn as a baby are at the keukenhof gardens in Holland.

Fultmeyer Clan said...

Good shots! We are having a great wildflower year this year as well, can't wait till Myra comes, (two weeks, yipee!) so she can snap away....:-)