Thursday, April 30, 2009

Forgot One

Look at this precious picture of Kayla sleeping on Daddy that I forgot to post on the last post. I LOVE IT!!!

Picture update

Here are some pictures from the last couple of post that didn't get posted because they were not on my lap top yet.

First up, Tyler doing his three puzzles

And here is my baby girl one her 3 month anniversary!

I don't remember now if I talked about this or not but Tyler is always doing weird things. Here he is eating popcorn with a spoon!

I love my little weirdo! haha The day we went to pick daddy up we were all playing on the floor before we went to bed. I was taking some pictures and I wanted to get one of Tyler and Kayla together. This was the best one I could get

But this NEXT one has to be my favorite!

HAHA Poor Kayla was getting scared by crazy big brother Tyler because he was moving too fast and was freaking her out. Here is another picture of her pouting

Lastly I wanted to post some pictures of a project I did on Monday. I can't really say it was all me because it was a kit I bought that I thought was pretty darn neat. They are hand puppets that are made to look like paper bags. Tyler really likes them.

Every part was pre-cut and had sticky sheets already on the patches that needed to be glued. It was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay easy and the finished product is pretty cool.

And last but not least, I made Cody a pillow case to take with him to Germany. It turned out really cute and when I washed it, some of the pictures came off! LAME

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

3 months

My baby girl is 3 months old today. I took a picture of her to post but she is asleep on my chest and Cody is busy throwing up from food poisoning! Poor guy. Good news is I got my car back today, after 2 days without it. Target, here we come!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Catching up

We had a busy weekend and no internet which is awful for me because I feel SO behind on our blog. There were sooooooooooooo many things that I wanted to write about but poor Kayla has been a fussy butt today and yesterday. I think she may have an ear ache or something like that because she has been refusing to eat today. It worries me so I hope we can figure out whats wrong with her.

We have been having stormy weather which is why the internet has been acting up. At least that's what we think is going on. Yesterday I had an eye exam in Temple which is about 45 minutes away. Cody met us there. It had started to clear up slightly and by the time we started to drive home we had a gorgeous sunset. Check it out

I totally took that while driving! haha It was so beautiful that I couldn't resist though. Any ways. It was so cute because Cody came home on Friday and we got to pick him up at the air port. As soon as Tyler saw Cody he yelled, "Daddy!" and ran to him. Cody grabbed him and picked him up and they hugged. It was so cute. Then he just kept saying, "Dad, I am so glad your here!" and at one point, Cody picked him up again and Tyler grabbed both sides of his face and said, "I love you daddy" and made him look into his eyes and then kissed him. It was so cute and it was funny at the same time because I do that to him all the time so he was being a little copy cat. He does that often actually. The other day he grabbed my face and said, "Understand mom?" haha I do that to him when we are having problems and he is talking back. I always grab his face and make him look me in the eyes and say that he understands what I am saying. Good times

Tyler has been doing all kinds of funny things lately. Actually, some of the things flat out shocked me. The first was this; Cody is a Rubik cube expert! He had a solider teach him how to do it one time when he was on a trip and he has been doing it every since. One time I was teasing him and I said I always wanted to marry someone who could do the Rubik cube in less then 2 minutes. We decided to time him and it took him 2 and a half minutes. haha I told him I'd keep him since we were already married and he promised me he'd work on it. ;) Any ways. So Tyler is used to seeing Cody play with one. Cody had taken one and made it so that every side was done except the middle square was a different color. Tyler picked it up and had it for about 30 seconds to a minute and fixed it and then brought it to me exclaiming, "I did it mom!" I am sure it was a fluke thing but it is still freaking me out a little. Then another thing I mentioned lately was that he can do his 25 piece puzzle all by himself. Well he has 3 of them and over the last week he has been working on them. He always does one at a time. Thursday he took all three of them and mixed the pieces all together. I was irritated with him because I figured I would have to fix them now for him. The next morning we were getting ready to go pick up Cody and he started to do his puzzle. I was waiting for him to ask for help and he never did. What was even more impressive to me was that he did them one at a time. I took a picture and I will post it later. There were a couple of other things he has done recently but because I didn't write them done when they happened, I completely forgot. Actually last night I was changing his diaper ( YES we are still in diapers ) and I said, "Well that's ironic Tyler!" and he said, "No it's MEronic!" haha Just like him, it's got to be about him!

I am sad because we were going to go take pictures in the blue bonnets on Sunday after church and it poured and hasn't stopped. I wanted to do it before Cody left and now I don't think we are going to be able to. Booooooooooooooo But here is a picture we took on Sunday with my tripod and trigger I got for Christmas

Friday, April 24, 2009


Here are some random pictures of Kayla from yesterday

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How Sweet It Is

We had SUCH a better day today. We got up a little after 7 and it was AMAZING how much free time that clear up. Wednesday is story day at the library so I knew before I even got up that I needed to shower before we left the house which takes SO long it seems with two kids. I usually don't even get to eat breakfast until 9 or 9:30. Today I was done by 8:30 tops and even had a little time to play on the internet. We made it to story time ON TIME which we haven't been able to do the last couple of times we have gone. It was a fun story time. They read about music and made little homemade maracas. Then they listened to music and played their instruments and danced. Tyler had a great time doing that because dancing and music are two of his favorite things! Then we played with the puzzles which is actually what he calls the library. He calls it the puzzle piece instead of the library because they have a bunch of puzzles in the kids area and he LOVES doing them. :)

After story time mommy took the kids to Taco Bell. We spent a whole 3 dollars and was able to eat together and not have to rush home right after story time. We came home and watched a little TV and then talked to daddy on the phone. That is always fun to do when he is gone. I even got some laundry done and in honor of EARTH DAY, I did some recycling. Kayla fell asleep in her car seat on the way home so about the time Tyler went down for naps, she of course woke up and wanted to talk and play with me. So I didn't get to mess around on the internet during nap time today like I usually do. After nap time we played with Tyler's Moon Sand which he LOVES by the way ( thanks Aunt Suzanne and Uncle Lee ). He is so funny when he plays with it because we keep the colors separate and he has to wash his hands in between colors! haha My poor OCD kid. Then we had dinner and mommy took him to the play ground again. We came home, had baths while I folded clothes and Kayla talked to the ceiling fan and then I put Tyler to bed. He is fast asleep. It was amazing how waking up an hour earlier ( two hours earlier depending on the day ) helped us so much through out the day. I took pictures from our play ground trip yesterday and didn't edit them until after I posted a blog last night. So here are some pictures from the last two days.

I call this first picture "forgiving" because it was about 20 minutes after mommy allowed her to fall off of the couch!

This picture I call giant because of the angle I took it at, Tyler looks huge!

Here are the pictures from our trip to the play ground today

He was supposed to be showing me his muscles!

This one I like to call King Kong because of the air plane in his hand

He was getting tired now

This is my Thomas Vs. Skulls revisited for those who saw the original one 2 years ago. I don't have time to find it right now but I will do a side by side tomorrow if I have time. I am pretty sure this means I need new shoes

And the sun setting and a fabulous day. SOOOOOOOOOOO much better then yesterday :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And The Mother of the Year Award Goes To...

NOT ME! Man do I have a story for y'all. After dropping Cody off at the air port yesterday, I felt pretty confident as a single mother. I got a lot of cleaning done yesterday and some blogs written. I felt like I accomplished a lot. The house looked better yesterday then it has in a long time actually. It was nice. I even managed to eat some good meals and not pig out on anything sugary. WOO HOO. Today started out okay for about an hour or so. I had to go to Walmart which the second Tyler started giving me trouble I just thought "Oh great!" He told me he didn't want to go and that made it even harder.

We went to get in the car and my door wouldn't unlock! I JUST got that fixed about a month ago and n0ow it looks like I will have to take it back in. Grrrrrrrrr. That makes me mad. We got to Walmart and Tyler was a WONDERFUL boy! Kayla was also very good which was just perfect. We got home and the trouble started with Tyler again. Him and I just weren't getting along today. He asked me to make him a peanut butter sandwich and then wouldn't eat it and kept asking for other things. I finally turned the TV off and told him he HAD to eat or go to bed. He decided to go to bed, which really surprised me. So I put him down for his nap. He of course didn't really sleep and after about 2 hours of him being in his room I got him up. He told me he was hungry and ask me for some crackers. I told him that he could eat his sandwich and he said he wanted it. I got it for hm and then he of course started crying. "Here we go" I was thinking. We kept bickering and I finally said, "Let's go to the play ground." Tyler was excited about this so I put Kayla on her boopy on the couch and went to go brush my teeth. She was fussing a little but wasn't screaming and crying. I went to go get some socks and I thought to myself, "I should go see if Kayla is okay" but I decided I was only gonna be another minute and she would be fine. I walk into the living room. Look at the boopy and Kayl is not there!!!!!! SHE FELL OFF and was on the ground! I ran over to her and picked her up. I was in total shock that my not even quite 3 month old fell off of the couch! Yup, WORSE MOTHER EVER! Okay, I know I am not the worse mom ever, but it sure felt like it. I had been holding her for about 30 seconds to a minute when my phone started rining and guess who it was? MY MOM! How did she know....haha I think Kayla has since forgiven me because she was a smily girl this evening. I got some new pictures of her and wanted to share them. FIRST is a picture of Tyler which helps you understand how my day went.

Here is my forgiving when they can't speak ( or remember 5 minutes ago! )

Feeling slightly better after his bath, here is my cranky boy

Last night I took some pictures of Kayla and I in the mirror and I LOVE how they turned out

So next time you feel like a bad mom, just remember that Katie let her kid fall off of the couch when she was still a tiny baby and that should make you feel better. If that doesn't help, you can also remember that when Tyler was 15 months old, I locked myself out of the house for about 30 minutes. Yup....that should do it.