Saturday, April 11, 2009

Half a day with Daddy

Cody got to come home early on Friday which was really nice. I wanted to take Tyler to the play ground and some times it is hard with two kids with Kayla still being so little and Tyler wanting to run ALL over the place. It's just easier with another hand there. We went back to the playground we had been at the day before and got to play a little better then he had with just mommy. Daddy's a trooper for Lugging Kayla around in her car seat AND playing with Tyler on anything he wanted to play on including the cement benches that aren't actually a toy ( but shhhhhhhh don't tell Tyler that! ) He kept saying he was surfing! haha Here is a picture of Tyler and daddy "surfing" together

And here he is dancing on top of the table ( I guess he gets that from his mommy! wink, wink )

And a bunch more of him just hanging out on the tables having fun

Tyler was enjoying going down the slide. He'd say, "Catch me mom!" And I would stand at the bottom with my arms out. Once he was used to it and realized it wasn't going fast and he said, "Move out of my way mom!" Glad I am still needed, sometimes any ways.

Here are the rest from that trip...the first picture was my attempt at being creative for the day! Don't know if it worked or not, but I at least tried

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