Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Pictures of Tyler

My sister Kristy and I took Tyler to the mall on Tuesday to take pictures. I had him dressed up all cute and was so excited. We were gonna take some of the two of us together and then some of Tyler by himself. The lady at the studio took a bunch of pictures of Tyler and only got one oh him and I together. Then when she was taking a picture of Tyler he biffed it and hit his chin and started crying. The ONE picture she got of Tyler and I wasn't cute at all. So we just ordered pictures of Tyler. We had a coupon and my sister has a SEARS portrait card so we didn't have to pay the sitting fee. We got 1- 10X13, 1-8X10, 2 5X7's, 8 wallets and 16 mini wallets for just over 5 bucks! haha SWEET! The lady was so annoyed that every single picture of Tyler was SOOOOOO cute, but yet I stuck to the coupon and only ordered the one pose. haha

Any ways. I get to pick them up on November 11th and I can't wait. Later that day Tyler and I were playing out side and I got a bunch of cute pictures of him I wanted to share.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

365 week 20

Holy cow I can't believe I am at week 20! That's nuts to me. It is the week from when I was in Cali so since I posted a lot of pictures already I was trying to find new ones to use. I didn't have a lot of choices for some days though so I just did what I could. Here we go

day 1

Asleep at Becky and Steve's

day 2

At the outlet mall in Barstow

day 3

This was a random couple that didn't even know I was taking their picture at sunset...they were in my way so I figured, why not?

day 4

Satcy, Tyler and I after some good mexican food

day 5

This is baby Conner asleep in his stroller.

day 6

Going down the escalators with Stacey

day 7

La Tolteca fun with Danny. We were supposed to be imitating a Jr. couple at a dance :)

365 Week 19

Here is the week before we went on vacation. I actually already had this one ready to post and then ran out of time while trying to pack and everything. Sorry it's a little late but better late then never right?

Oct 5th Day 1

Tyler watching a movie on Grandma and Grandpa's bed. We just thought it was so funny the way he placed himself in the center of all the animals. Usually he would throw them all off of the bed.

Oct 6th Day 2

Getting his big boy hair cut. He had hair on his tongue and couldn't get it off. haha

Oct 7th Day 3

His Halloween costume. I can't wait for him to wear it in a day or two.

Oct 8th Day 4

Aunt Kristy came over to watch America's Next Top Model and he wanted to sit with her.

Oct 9th Day 5

So this was a running theme this week. Looks exactly like the one of him and Kristy...

Oct 10th Day 6

Ahhhhhh, I love this face!

Oct 11th day 7

Lounging around grandma's getting ready for bed!

Cali continued

I know I didn't go into great detail what happened for the collages but for me I am so far behind, it was good enough. I just have a couple more updates to do and I will be done and can move on. So first off, here are a couple more collages:

We spent Thursday and Friday with my friend Stacey. Poor Tyler because I know SOOOO many Stacey's. His Aunt Stacie being the one he knows the best, obviously. So on Wednesday we hung out with another friend of mine whose name is Stacy. He wouldn't actually call her Stacy until about half way through the day because I think he was thinking...This isn't Aunt Stacie. Then he finally started calling her that and was fine. The NEXT day we were staying with my OTHER friend Stacey. He was so confused but he was fine after just a couple of minutes. Luckily he LOVED BOTH Stacey's so it was an easy adjust for him. So this collage is of some time we spent with Stacey Bueno. We went to a mall and to dinner. It was fun. We all took a nap her Stacey's bed too. It was funny. Too bad we didn't have someone else to take a picture for us. :)

Some of these pictures are repeats BUT the one in the right corner is of Myra and Stacy Benjamin. We went to lunch and while we were there Myra lost her very expensive phone. It sucked and kind of ruin the rest of the day. With Myra though, it doesn't matter a whole lot. That's one of the reason I love her so much. We can just sit on the couch and talk and it could be the most fun we ever have together. So it wasn't a huge deal. We spent the night eating junk food and watching America's Next Top Model. :)

Here is just a collage of Tyler from the whole week. Again, many repeats but oh so cute.

Here are a couple more collages from days I already talked about...actually I think all three or 4 are from the day we went to the beach.

Monday, October 27, 2008

SO tired

I am so tired people, but I didn't want to go to bed without posting something. SO here are some collages that I made from my Cali trip. This way I feel as though I got something done today before I went to bed other then eating...

This is my best friend Myra. These are pictures I took of her at the beach while we were there. I liked how these four came out. isn't she purdy....?

This is me and my Danny. He has known me since before I was born. I miss him dearly. He met me at La Tolteca because we used to eat there together a lot. This is us being retarded. We took the normal picture then we decided to take them like we were at High school dances. Lame...but it was fun

I took a million pictures of this bird during the sunset walking on the beach. I had my super zoom lens on so he didn't know and it made it much easier for me. I got so many good ones of him that I just made a whole collage because I couldn't pick ONE favorite.

This was at the Block of Orange for those California people reading this. For those who have no clue what that means its kind of like a big out side mall with a movie theatre and stuff like that. This is another great friend, Jared Burton and his wife Amanda and their son Connor. He was so cute and would smile the second you looked at him. :)

Last but not least, picking pumpkins. It was so crowded and hot so we weren't there for long. It was kind of a bummer because We went with my friends Cari and Jason and their son Ethan. We only got to see them for like 30 minutes and we couldn't get Tyler to pose with Ethan. Grrrrr. Oh well it was nice to at least see them even for just those few moments.

And I'm spent


I REALLY want to be posting blogs all day long but we are busy today and then tomorrow we are busy too. UGH! Hopefully tonight after Tyler goes to bed I can at least get one done so I don't feel SOOOOOOO behind. My parents are having FHE at the house tonight ( my dad is in the bishopric of a singles ward for those who don't know ) and so Tyler and I are leaving to go hang with Uncle Jon, aunt Kristy and Noah. So hopefully we will have time later to post a blog or two. First I need to go clean the bathroom and then Tyler and I are nap bound. Thank goodness too because the 3 mile walk was hard for me today and I am already beat and it's only 1!

Real Quick

I took some pictures of Saturday while Tyler and I were out goofing around. I will write about that some other time but I wanted to share this picture I took of myself. I titled it, "WHERE ARE MY FEET?" Yup, it's getting far enough along now that I have to bend over to see my feet. I started my 7th month and I can't even believe how close it is getting, not to mention that Cody barely has over a month left on his 6 month Iraq trip! YIPPE!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Feels so good to be back on the internet! I have been without it since early Wednesday morning and it has been drivging me CRAZY! As I have mentioned before, I "borrow" the internet from my Aunt and Uncle and their wireless has been giving them trouble. We got it all worked out today but I am not holding my breath that it stays connected. So if I disappear for a couple of days again, that is why. I have some SERIOUS catching up to do but it is already so late tonight that I am not even going to try. I wanted to write this down so I didn't forget it though. Tyler has been very into shapes and colors lately. My mom was eating graham crackers and he asked if he could have one. She broke it in half and handed the small piece to him. He took one look at it and said, "Um Grandma, I want the rectangle one!" In other words, get that small square piece away from me! haha I thought that was hysterical. It's funny what makes me laugh because if someone else told me their kid had done that I would have thought it was funny but not nearly as funny as hearing it from my own kid. So weird, but true.

Any ways. I still don't have pictures from Myra's camera from the day we went to the beach. We talked about it on the phone the other day and she still hasn't tried to retrieve them yet. We are still crossing our fingers for them though. i think anything else that went on this week will hopefully be blogged about in the next couple of days AFTER I get my Cali trip finished on here. I have 3 weeks of the 365 project to post as well....oh holy crap the next couple of days I am going to be on the internet like crazy! haha

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I've Been DYING to update

Man I have been dying to update this thing. I got home later on Sunday and the internet wasn't working. DOH! Figures right. After being without for so long I was dying to post some pictures and what not. So I was so SAD it wasn't working. We didn't get it up and working again until last night. By that time I had had a long day and was SO tired. I got on here and wrote one sentence and then said screw it. HAHA Today I am super tired again. I hate recovering from vacation. Tyler was kind of grouchy since he wasn't getting naps and going to bed WAY late, so he kept making me carry him every where. For some of you with small babies that would be no big thang but considering that mine is up to 42 lbs now and I am 24 weeks pregnant, it was very difficult for me. My back hurt so bad that a sudden move would kill me. One day when it was hurting me really bad I kept getting the hick ups. It was awful because I would hick up and my lungs would expand and then I would get shooting pains all over my back. It sucked. Any ways. I am going to just go through my days and post what happened. I made some collages so I didn't have to post a thousand pictures to make it a little easier. Hopefully I can get this done and feel better. :) I just feel so anxious knowing that I haven't updated this in so long and we have been doing stuff every day. So here we go.

Sunday, we just went about our day like normal except we stayed home from church. I packed and did laundry and stuff like that. I gave Tyler a bath too because I had no clue when he would get another one. Around 4 or so in the afternoon we got into the car and started for Vegas. Tyler actually fell asleep which was really nice. We made it to Vegas and stopped for the night at my friend Becky's house. She has two big dogs that are still puppies and they freaked Tyler out and he kept crying. That's where the me holding him began as well. We went to dinner and Tyler was pretty good. He actually ate some food too which impressed me. Then we went to the store really quick to get yogurt and milk for Tyler. Tyler was having fun running and Steve ( Becky's husband ) was having fun egging him on. :) We went back and watched some TV and Tyler fell asleep. I put him to bed and we all went to bed between 10 and 11. The next day we got up early. We jumped in the car to leave and Tyler's DVD player wouldn't work! That was the main reason I even CONSIDERED going to Cali by myself with him. His DVD charger for the car has a short in it so one minute it would be working and the next minute it would stop. It made for a very interesting trip. We stopped in Baker to eat and then in Barstow to run around at the outlet mall. It was ALL clothes stores there so Tyler didn't want to go into any of them. They had little kids rides all over and he had to get onto every single one. Here are some pictures

This is one of many but you get the idea. We did this for like an hour while I was trying to get a hold of someone to hang out with when we got there. My friend Heather finally called me back and told me she got off of work at 4. So we left and went straight to Covina and got food. Capri Deli and it was freaking fabulous. Then I took Tyler to a play ground. Here is another picture or two

Cody and I took engagement pictures at this park and we have one of us on this plane thing Tyler is sitting on. So naturally, I had to take one of him on it too. The boat one I was trying to get him to do the "I'm the king of the world" thing but it looks more like he is yelling, "Man overboard" haha
We had met Heather at Round Table and it was taking me FOREVER to eat because Tyler was running around and playing with the video games. I had half of my personal pizza and I was starving. So I boxed it and then freaking LEFT IT THERE! Grrrrrr. But it was really good seeing Heather and catching up on things with her. Here is a picture of Heather and Tyler playing video games and then one of Heather and I. I look awful but Heather looks cute! :)

After dinner I gassed up and headed to Myra's house. We made it to her house at the same time she did and just hung out and talked most of the night. We went to bed late and suffered for it the next day. :) but what else are you supposed to do on vacation.
Tuesday I wrote about all ready. That was our beach day. We went to Tommy's and it was FABULOUS! I took a picture of my food to post just because it doesn't even look appealing at all but when you taste's like an orgasm in your mouth. Here's the picture

Looks gross huh? I swear its the best chili ever! I don't even really like chili and I LOVE It! Okay kids...I talked about the beach already which we did after having Tommy's. I am going to stop for now and finish updating the rest of the week later tonight or tomorrow. I need to go make dinner. Hope everyone else had a great week. I haven't been able to catch up yet on every one else so hopefully in the next day or two I will.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We went to the beach yesterday and Tyler hated it! haha He balled the second the water touched him and then cried for like 10 minutes and fell asleep on top of me. He slept for almost 2 hours while Myra and I took some pictures. She got AMAZING pictures of me for Cody ( mostly Pregnant pictures ) and then some awesome pictures of Tyler and I together. When we were transferring them to her lap top the battery on her camera died. We charged it for a while and then tried to up load the pictures again and only about 30 of them were actually there!!!! We tried to retrieve them for about an hour and couldn't get to them. We're gonna try again tonight but we are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO bummed because we don't think we are going to be able to get them back. I'll let you all know though. Enjoy the two pictures from my camera here. A nice sunset and a missed kiss. :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

365 week 18

Okay I had time to get this done before I left today...only because I remembered that Vegas was one hour behind me! WOO HOO! Otherwise I don't think I would have had time to do it really quick. So here we go. It's gonna be quick with not lots of details, but hey, I'm doing it right?!


Day 1 was while we were on our vacation with Uncle Scottie. We went to the play ground this day and took lots of fun pictures. I posted most of the cute ones already so I decided to use this one of the mushrooms I found. I thought they were really cool.


We went to IKEA on day 2 before heading home for St. George. This is Miss Bradlie May in her stroller looking all cute.


Tyler had been watching Toy Story and wanted to be a cowboy. So he put on his "cowboy boots", his cowboy hat and his horse! haha Which happens to be an inside joke that I will explain when I have more time. But it was funny because he found the horse and then put it in between his legs legs like he was riding it. It was hysterical


This is my kid absolutely exhausted. HAHA


I was trying to take pictures of TYler through different things just to see how the picture would come out each time. I was hoping to discover something cool. Instead when I tried to take his picture through a water bottle this is what became of it. I thought it ended up looking cool even though it isn't a picture of anything.


I bought this for Tyler at Big Lots ( one of my many happy places ) It is a Blues Clues Scrap book and it was only 5 dollars! SCORE


Cody's parents came to hang out with us for an hour or so. Tyler was so happy to see them. It had been a while since he had seen him.