Sunday, October 26, 2008


Feels so good to be back on the internet! I have been without it since early Wednesday morning and it has been drivging me CRAZY! As I have mentioned before, I "borrow" the internet from my Aunt and Uncle and their wireless has been giving them trouble. We got it all worked out today but I am not holding my breath that it stays connected. So if I disappear for a couple of days again, that is why. I have some SERIOUS catching up to do but it is already so late tonight that I am not even going to try. I wanted to write this down so I didn't forget it though. Tyler has been very into shapes and colors lately. My mom was eating graham crackers and he asked if he could have one. She broke it in half and handed the small piece to him. He took one look at it and said, "Um Grandma, I want the rectangle one!" In other words, get that small square piece away from me! haha I thought that was hysterical. It's funny what makes me laugh because if someone else told me their kid had done that I would have thought it was funny but not nearly as funny as hearing it from my own kid. So weird, but true.

Any ways. I still don't have pictures from Myra's camera from the day we went to the beach. We talked about it on the phone the other day and she still hasn't tried to retrieve them yet. We are still crossing our fingers for them though. i think anything else that went on this week will hopefully be blogged about in the next couple of days AFTER I get my Cali trip finished on here. I have 3 weeks of the 365 project to post as well....oh holy crap the next couple of days I am going to be on the internet like crazy! haha

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