Monday, August 31, 2009

The Many Hats of Kayla

Kayla was hyper Friday night and someone put one of Tyler's hats on her and she thought it was hysterical. So naturally I started putting ALL of his hats on her and taking a million pictures. Here is what I got

I love the last one how she is like, "Okay seriously, I am done with the hats now!"

Kayla was eating a pizza crust and being all cute on the floor. Then the last picture I got she put her hand on the ground like she was totally posing. I LOVE IT!

More cute pictures to come with these new leg warmers I just got her...

Crafting Fool

I have been addicting to looking at craft blogs the last couple of months. When I find something I want to try, I copy and paste the link and then put it in my folder titled "crafts". My problem now is I am so addicted to looking for new stuff I waste time looking and don't take the time to sit down and try them. I have done some lately. Check out my new things

My SIL Allison sent me a link to her friends blog for an owl shirt she made. Allison knew I liked owls and so she knew I would like it. I finally got around to making it for my niece Bradlie. What do you think? I LOVE it. I need to make Kayla one now.

Tyler told me he wanted a Halloween tie. I love how this turned out too!

And these bad boys. I love these too. I bought Ty Buzz Lightyear material and wanted to make him these pants. Then I got nervous and thought I'd better try a trial pair first. I am glad because he is wearing them right now and the rise is kind of small when he wears his diaper, which since I made them for bed time, we are still wearing a diaper to bed. I will post a picture of him wearing them later.

I am so happy sewing! I wish I would have picked it up YEARS ago...Sorry mom!


Seriously...I know what you are gonna say BUT I started another blog. HAHAHA It's just a photography blog. I started it this morning so I only have one post so far but I am hoping over the next week or so to post a bunch of pictures from over the last year or so. We are in the process of getting me some business cards and so we are trying to get things to put on them. Right now I have an email address and a phone number just for my business. Naturally a web site would be next but I don't have one yet. For now I decided a blog would be a good idea for people who do not know me can go and check out my work to see if they like it or not. So for those who know me and especially if you live in Texas, add this link to your list of blogs so people will see it and can check out my work. THANK YOU to those who read this and support me. I love my friends and family dearly.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

M&M racist

Tyler has been earning M&M's when he sits on the potty and when he actually goes number 1 or number 2. Well, we started out with all of the colors and after a few days this is what was left over

He ate all the blue ones first. Then the brown and red and so forth. We are left with orange and yellow to which he is still eating only one color at a time. Cracks me up. He is doing a great job though. We have had few accidents this week. Now we just need to work on going in public. THAT will be a challenge.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Waco Zoo

We love the zoo! There is so much to do and the kids always have so much fun running around. Here is our latest trip. Julia started school this week so it was our last event together before her preschool started.

We started out in our usual spot taking pictures. It was Kayla's first time sitting up in her stroller for a long period of time. She LOVED it. She hardly fussed at all the whole time we were there. I got her out every once in a while but for the most part she sat in her stroller. Very nice.

Kayla and Colin were making eyes with each other. It was so cute. They were holding hands a couple of times. Colin loves poking Kayla in the face! haha

Looking like such a big girl!

Look at my big girl sitting up all by herself. I love these pictures of her.

We got smart and this time when going to the zoo we wore water clothes so we could play in the splash area. Tyler and Julia had lots of fun playing in the water like crazy people. Then we took some pictures with Animals. The animals were ALL very close to the glass this day. At least 3 of them were totally pressed up against the glass. It was very cool/creepy! haha

We used to always laugh because Colin would kick back in his stroller and put a foot up on the bar that goes across. Naturally, Kayla did the same thing. It was cute.

They opened a new exhibit at the zoo with orangutans. This one was so BIG and he was all up in the glass looking at everyone and playing with the kids. It was very cute.

We called this the "crazy fish"

I like these pictures of Tyler and Kayla together. Too bad I couldn't get them BOTH to look at the camera at the same time.

Kayla and Julia

It was soooooooooooooooooooooo freaking hot at the zoo that the kids were just fighting like crazy the last half hour or so. It was super hot AND it was almost 1 and we hadn't eaten lunch yet. Opps. So we went to Jack-N the Box for lunch and they just happened to have Yo Gabba Gabba toys in there kids meals. They were in Heaven! Kayla even sat in the high chair and was having a ball. It was good times.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Little of This and That

I have lots of pictures that don't have a story behind them but are cute and I wanted to post. I am just going to post them and write as I go along. I don't have dates or tons of details. This is what happens when you try and do too many things at once!

We were at our friends house and they like eating organic. Sarah had just gotten some fruit snack sticks and wanted to share them with the kids. I decided to give one to Kayla. She loved it but she was COVERED in sticky stuff. After we hung out for a while we went to lunch. It was a good day. I loved this little outfit on Kayla.

Another random event. Hanging out with Daddy. I love the one of Ty peeking over the lap top. He was playing peek-a-boo with me and I loved the way his eyes turned out in the picture. Then there is the stare down picture of him and daddy. They were having some fun!

Next is Kayla's skull PJ's. Aren't they cute?! Still WAY too big on her though so I took them off after taking some pictures. I am bitter because the last one of her legs is supposed to go horizontal but stupid blogger keeps turning it the other way. Grrrrrrrrr

Kayla's first time in a swing! She LOVED it...too bad she couldn't really see out the top and the buckle was basically in her mouth! haha

Chewing on her monkey keys

Mommy and Kayla at the playground

I JUST took this about 2 days ago. What a sweetie pie she is when she is sleeping. I LOVE this picture!

Mommy and Kayla comparing feet. Her little shoes are SOOOOOOOOOOO small and are STILL too big on her. She basically pulls them off and chews on them. haha

Eating her first Popsicle

Last but not least a couple of pictures of my kids playing on the bed together

Hopefully my next blog will be pictures from our Zoo trip from last week. We got some GREAT pictures then.