Monday, August 31, 2009


Seriously...I know what you are gonna say BUT I started another blog. HAHAHA It's just a photography blog. I started it this morning so I only have one post so far but I am hoping over the next week or so to post a bunch of pictures from over the last year or so. We are in the process of getting me some business cards and so we are trying to get things to put on them. Right now I have an email address and a phone number just for my business. Naturally a web site would be next but I don't have one yet. For now I decided a blog would be a good idea for people who do not know me can go and check out my work to see if they like it or not. So for those who know me and especially if you live in Texas, add this link to your list of blogs so people will see it and can check out my work. THANK YOU to those who read this and support me. I love my friends and family dearly.

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