Thursday, September 29, 2011


Well, I was on a roll for a while there getting some new stuff up here on the blog.  Then I hit another rough patch!  I even have pictures saved and ready to put on here but let me tell ya!  Tyler starting school has kicked my big old booty!  I have been having such a hard time managing my time that it has completely taken over and it seems I have gotten nothing done for the past 3 weeks.  Grrrrrr

So real quick I am going to post a couple of pictures from our life over the last little bit

First and foremost, Cody finally got his BS!  WOO HOO  I know what you are thinking...I am pretty sure he was a BSer already but he was not.  Not only did he get his first BS degree but he also got straight A's!  That's my boy!

My crazy kids in the bath tub.  This was JUST taken Monday.  They had LOTS of fun.   ( they are supposed to be growling at me in the pictures.  It went along with the game they were playing haha )

Kayla decided this spot in the entertainment center is her new favorite hide out.  Here she is practically naked, playing her brothers leapster with a sticker on her nose.  Hmmmm

We had visitors this weekend.  Papa and Nana came to see our soon to be new house and to take us shopping.  It was a GREAT weekend.  Here are the kids reading to Papa.

Kayla and I went grocery shopping and while I was putting the groceries away Kayla decided to play hide and seek.

"Where's Kayla?"

"There she is!"  ( those are my HUGE green bags.  I LOVE them! )

Here she is getting tired before nap time.  Butt up in the air.  We call this the stink butt position.
And here she is tired once again ( remember I mention how Tyler starting school is kicking my booty? Well, it's kicking her's too! )  Right before I snapped this picture she moved her legs.  They were actually spread open and straight up in the air.  Even bent legs, I thought this was still worthy of a giggle.

That's it for now folks.  I'll post pictures of our HOPEFULLY house soon!  It's gorgeous and we can't WAIT for November.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Drama Queen

No the title is not referring to me but to my lovely daughter who is SUCH a drama queen.  We have a hard time brushing her hair as I mentioned in a previous post. We also have a hard time brushing her teeth on occasion.  I snapped a picture a couple of weeks ago of Cody forcing the teeth brushing on her.  What we do is pin her to the floor, sit on top of her legs and arms so she can't kick or smack you, and then brush away.  It's awesome.

Good times!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

First Hair Cup

Kayla got her first hair cut about two months ago.  I slacked and didn't post pictures.  Now she got her second hair cut so I guess I better post pictures from the first one.

Waiting to get it cut

It was so long!

And here it was all done!  In case you were wondering WHY we got her pretty hair cut it is because she do NOT want us to brush it and she NOT let mommy put ANYTHING in her hair any more.  Her hair was so long that it looked so ratty all of the time.  This was the solution.

Oh and the title of this post is not wrong.  I meant to write hair CUP because that is what Kayla calls it.

And now for her second hair cup

I really liked her first hair cut but the second one was even cuter!  I didn't really like it just below the shoulders the first time we cut it.  This time I asked her to cut it just above the shoulders.  Ahhhhh much better!  Daddy thinks it is too short but mommy loves it.  :)

Park Playing

We had a great "play date" at the park letting the cousins play during on of our Utah trips.

Sorry I had to sneak a nature picture in there!

Somebody wrote a naughty word inside the tube!  Noah thought it was hilarious!  He was giggling about it for ever!  haha  It was a nice park trip!


A couple of months ago we went to Utah and got to hang out with Papa and Nana.  They took us to see the dinosaur tracks in St. George.  I have always wanted to take Tyler to go see them.  He LOVES dinosaur's.  Especially since the TV show Dino Dan started.  He absolutely loved that show when it first came on.  We have been sad that they never made new episodes.  It was really hard to get good pictures in the exhibit.  They were either blurry or dark.  Here's what we got.

The next picture cracks me up!  Tyler was so excited that he couldn't stop moving. I LOVE how you can see the huge smile on his face even though it is so blurry.

I asked him to stand still for the next one and this is what I got.


Then we went to McDonald's and then drove back to Cedar City.  Kayla knocked out in the car and mommy took pictures out of the window because the sky was just so darn pretty I couldn't resist!

It was a nice visit!


Monday was labor day.  Cody had to work.  So while I kept seeing all these post on facebook about BBQ's and family get togethers the night before, I was thinking, "I'm taking the kids to JoAnn's and then letting them pick something out at the dollar store."  Woo hoo right? turned out not working out that way.  First we woke up to no internet.  AWESOME.   Then Tyler was sick.  BOOOOOO  I gave him some meds and he started feeling better.  He begged me to take him to the dollar store.  I said sure. We drove out there and went straight to JoAnn's.  Parking lot was packed so we went to the dollar store instead.  We then went to lunch ( I am addicted to the Wendy's Spicy chicken salad!! ) and Tyler started getting chills.  BOOOOOO again.  He also didn't feel like eating his lunch I had JUST paid for. Wish he would have told me that before but I am thinking someone just really wanted that toy!  

We get home and give him more meds.  He starts to feel better again.  Take naps ( I BEG him to try REALLY hard to sleep...) he does not sleep.  By dinner time he is glued to the couch and doesn't want to eat.  Dinner is done and Cody tells me, "Why don't you do to JoAnn's now."  He felt really bad that I didn't get to go.  I decided that is a good idea for me to go and then get groceries on the way home so that I don't have to try and go with a sick Tyler the next day.  Tyler says he is hungry so I gave him some juice and a celery stalk! 

I get about FIVE minutes from JoAnn's and I get a text that reads, "Tyler just puked everywhere!"  Awesome.  Straight to the market I got to get groceries and hurry on home.  JoAnn's just wasn't meant to me and when I walked in the door I found this

Hugging the bowl in one hand and the ipod so he could play angry birds in the other.  That's my boy!  And I apologize to those who read my other blog and had to hear the story twice.  Sometimes having two blogs ( or three but whose counting ) is such a pain.  

He missed school for the first time already but made it the rest of the week.  He LOVES school so much and I feel so blessed that he now has some where to go every day and friends.  :)  

Silly Faces

The other day as we were getting ready for naps, Tyler asked if we could do silly faces in the mirror.  Why of course!

So Mommy went and got her camera ( because who wouldn't want to document that?! ) and we did some silly faces.

Holy cow do my teeth look yellow! YIKES

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tyler's Homework

Here is Tyler's first homework assignment from his first week of school.

The first paper said to point to each letter and only give your kid SIX seconds to answer.  I pointed to A and then B and by the time I pointed to C Tyler was already reading F!  haha  Makes me laugh.

This sheet says to point to an object that is the color and ask your child what color it is.  Um...that's too easy. SO I pointed to the word and said, "What does that say?" and he would read it to me and then I would say, "Point to something that is that color."

The last page said to tell your kid to write out the alphabet as best they can with NO help from you.  So That is what I told Tyler.  I told him to sing to himself the alphabet song and he'd do fine.  Then I went and made his lunch.  He only missed one letter!  WOO HOO  

Then it says to tell them to write as many numbers as they can.  He got up to 23 and then he tells me, "Mom I'm gonna stop now!"  hee hee

I was pretty impressed with how well he wrote his alphabet with no help.  Normally he writes HUGE and runs out of space but this time he did it perfect.  Good job Tyler.