Thursday, September 29, 2011


Well, I was on a roll for a while there getting some new stuff up here on the blog.  Then I hit another rough patch!  I even have pictures saved and ready to put on here but let me tell ya!  Tyler starting school has kicked my big old booty!  I have been having such a hard time managing my time that it has completely taken over and it seems I have gotten nothing done for the past 3 weeks.  Grrrrrr

So real quick I am going to post a couple of pictures from our life over the last little bit

First and foremost, Cody finally got his BS!  WOO HOO  I know what you are thinking...I am pretty sure he was a BSer already but he was not.  Not only did he get his first BS degree but he also got straight A's!  That's my boy!

My crazy kids in the bath tub.  This was JUST taken Monday.  They had LOTS of fun.   ( they are supposed to be growling at me in the pictures.  It went along with the game they were playing haha )

Kayla decided this spot in the entertainment center is her new favorite hide out.  Here she is practically naked, playing her brothers leapster with a sticker on her nose.  Hmmmm

We had visitors this weekend.  Papa and Nana came to see our soon to be new house and to take us shopping.  It was a GREAT weekend.  Here are the kids reading to Papa.

Kayla and I went grocery shopping and while I was putting the groceries away Kayla decided to play hide and seek.

"Where's Kayla?"

"There she is!"  ( those are my HUGE green bags.  I LOVE them! )

Here she is getting tired before nap time.  Butt up in the air.  We call this the stink butt position.
And here she is tired once again ( remember I mention how Tyler starting school is kicking my booty? Well, it's kicking her's too! )  Right before I snapped this picture she moved her legs.  They were actually spread open and straight up in the air.  Even bent legs, I thought this was still worthy of a giggle.

That's it for now folks.  I'll post pictures of our HOPEFULLY house soon!  It's gorgeous and we can't WAIT for November.


Kim and Ender said...

Jacob does the stink butt too. I love it! So cute! Maybe he'll show you his roar the next time we skype.

Pure Images said...

I laugh everytime I see your couch. It is totally my couch... lol. Briele does the stink butt thing too... she calls it "stink bug". :)