Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I forgot

Okay I know this is the third post today but I promise this one has NO cussing in it what so ever.

I found a blog called IHEARTFACES. It is a photography blog and it is really cute. Once a week they do a themed photography contest where anyone can enter. Last weeks theme was "bundled up" and so I submitted this picture of Madison because I love the way it had turned out

Just over 700 photos were entered into the contest and i got third place! WOO HOO I was so excited because I have never won anything like that before. not that I won, but you get the picture. They choose a first through tenth place and then they usually do another couple of pictures to be their "favorites" that go really well with that weeks theme. I honestly thought some of the pictures who were lower then mine were better but one of the ones higher then mine I thought mine was better then. I guess it just goes to show you that photography is art and you never know what someone's taste is going to be. So go check it out if you are interest IHEARTFACES If you want to try your hand at it next time, you can wait until next Monday and submit a picture. I haven't looked up the theme for next week yet but you can look it up now to start planning ahead of time. Just remember that it is called iheartFACES so a face must be in the picture and you can only submit one photo. Good luck if you try it.

Don't Judge

So i took this picture of Kayla yesterday and it CRACKS me up!

What happened was we went to Sonic and I had to pee really bad when we got back so I put her on the chair with some french fries so she didn't follow me in there because she loves to turn the water on in the tub! I came back and saw this and it just made me laugh! I love that her skirt is flipped up too! haha BUT just so you know I didn't feed my kid just french fries for lunch I took this picture 5 minutes later

Also I took this picture of Kayla on Monday.

I happened to catch her eyes open in the picture but in real life she would close her eyes when she did it. In this picture she reminds me of a mixture of my niece Bradlie and my sister Kristy. No clue why, she just does.

Over Reacting?

To over react means what? I am just curious.....

So today we went to story time at the library and then we went to lunch with Sarah and Colin at one of our regular spots Studebaker's. I love the pizza there and they have a lunch buffet. The restaurant itself is pretty dirty. I seriously don't think they have ever mopped the floors. They have been in business here in town at this location for about 5 years or so. That's a pretty dirty floor if you think about it. In fact one time I took my mom there when she was here visiting and Tyler was done and we were not and so he had gotten up. He was maybe two at the time and so he was unreasonable about things like, "Mommy and grandma are still eating so you need to sit back down" ( who am I kidding, he is STILL unreasonable about that! ) any ways. He threw himself on the ground and the lady who OWNS the restaurant actually told Tyler, "Oh Honey those floors are filthy you don't want to lay on there!" Um, HELLO! It's your floor lady CLEAN IT! But like I said, we like the pizza, it is one of the VERY FEW places my kid will actually eat something at and its cheap. I guess sometimes you get what you pay for so we put up with the dirty floors. The bathrooms are a whole other story. They are HORRID! Every time I go in there ( because Tyler has to pee EVERY time we are there! ) I get grossed out. In fact today while I was in there I actually thought about getting my camera out and taking a picture of one of the corners. It had so much CRAP in the corner ......well, I'm not even going to try to describe it but it is disgusting. How ironic that I thought about taking a picture today but didn't....I'll get back to that.

So let me ask y'all a question? My daughter is 13 months old and she will not eat off of a plate. I give her a plate, she throws it on the ground and then there is food all over the table AND the floor. Plus you worry about breaking the plate. Tyler did the same thing. I always wipe down the table with a wipe from my purse and then just put the food directing onto the table. I mean, that's what high chairs are right? It's a HUGE plate for you to put food on which in returns make it harder to introduce plates when they are older. ANY WAYS...Sarah and I have been taking the kids here for YEARS! This is what we would do every time. eventually the kids got old enough for plates and then we would use them. Now we have two babies again. We went back to feeding them right off of the table. My question to y'all that I was gonna ask before rambling on is, When did you make your kids start eating off of plates? Secondly, do you think a 13 month old should have to eat off of a plate?

We were leaving the pizza place today ( and Sarah kind of put all the food onto our plates before we left so it was easier for them to clean up...she pretty much ALWAYS does this ) and the chick who works there followed us outside, stopped us and told us that next time we come ( which probably will be never now ) we need to get our kids plates because they don't want them eating off of the table! Are you kidding me?!?!?! I stared at her for a good 5 to 10 seconds without even saying anything because I couldn't even believe she would have the nerve to come out and tell us something like that and then I said, "What?" She said, "We don't mind you using the extra plates, so next time get a plate for your kids because we don't want them eating off of the table." I couldn't take my eyes off of her even though I REALLY wanted to look at Sarah to see what her reaction was which I could see a little out of the corner of my eye and she was just as shocked as I was. I pointed to Kayla, who I was holding and said, "She doesn't eat off of a plate yet, she would just throw it on the ground." She just kind of made a face and said the same thing about "Well next time...." Then walked back into the restaurant. I kept thinking...if I hadn't of been so taken aback by this, I would have told there wouldn't be a next time because there was no way in hell I was giving her money again but you know when things like this happen, you don't have time to react. Ten more seconds and that would have come to me. I am glad she waited until we were outside and didn't do it in front of every one but she still was being a bitch in a "nice" way. She had a rag in her hand because she was getting ready to go clean off the table we made a mess on that Sarah had already so nicely put everything on the plates for them. Did I forget to mention that there are absolutely NO trash cans in the restaurant for you to put your stuff into except in the bathrooms. Look LADY, if you are gonna have a restaurant that you don't mop or clean the bathrooms in and you have no trash cans for people to put their trash into, don't be annoyed that you have to actually WIPE OFF A FREAKING TABLE because that's what you are PAID to do.

Does anyone think I am over reacting? What would have been your reaction if this happened to you at a place you go to sometimes once a week for the last 5 years? If I am over reacting please tell me. Also, do you think it is in appropriate for me to have my baby eat off of the table? I am not asking because I want you all to lie to me and tell me I was right, I SERIOUSLY want you to tell me if you think it is rude or whatever because if so then I need to work on that. I just get really irritated when people get upset when they have to "Work" at their job and get annoyed with it. I did a photo shoot for a 5 month old yesterday. She peed all over my blanket when we stripped her down and that's to be expected. Then she was fussy and had a hard time because she didn't want to be on her tummy. She spit up twice and we had to try really hard to get her to not fuse so we could get some pictures. Did I tell her mom that she needed to have the blanket clean for me because her daughter peed on it? Did I tell her that she needed to make sure her daughter gets a nap next time so she will be better ready for her shoot? NO of course not because babies peeing and being cranky because we were trying to take pictures of them during their nap time is to be expected! Same as if you own a restaurant. YOU HAVE TO CLEAN IT DUMBASSES

Okay I am done now.

Sorry for the cussing...but I could NOT type this without at least one or three....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Zoo Trip

My friend Sarah wanted to go to the zoo the Friday before spring break. She figured it being the LAST day of school there would be no feild trips. It sounded good to me. We went a little later in the morning so I wasn't worried about Kayla throwing up, which luckily she didn't. We pulled into the zoo parking lot and it was packed! Not only were there like, 5 or 6 buses there but at least 2 or 3 more pulled up while we were walking up. It was NUTS! The second we got there the kids were already saying they were hungry. SOOOOOOO we decided to do the animals backwards. We figured all the schools would be going through the zoo the one way and maybe we could get through it quicker going the other way. Then Tyler started complaining that he wanted to see the fish! The fish are pretty much the first thing at the zoo. We decided to just skip to the fish after looking at a few animals and then go to lunch. We get close to the fish and we hear an ambulance. We get to the fish and it is blocked off because some little boy had a seizure! We couldn't believe it!!! I mean, I felt AWFUL for the mom and boy but seriously......RIGHT in front of the fish so no one was allowed to go inside and see the fish. Tyler freaked out of course. We tried to get Tyler's mind off of everything by promises of McDonald's. It helped....a little. Before we left we wanted to take a few pictures of the kids. Check out how cute ( AND BIG ) Tyler and Julia are getting!

As Tyler was getting off of the big rock they were taking pictures on he started whining and saying he hurt his leg. I thought he had scrapped it on the rock so I just kind of ask him if he was okay and gave him a hug. he said he was okay to walk to the car so we started walking. Then he randomly started crying just for about 60 seconds or so. I picked him up for a second and gave him a kiss and kept on walking ot the car. We made it to the car and then to lunch and the kids got iCarly toys in their happy meals. they both got cell phones with lip gloss in them! haha We told Tyler it was "chap stick" The funniest part was that while they were playing on the mcDonald's play thing having a blast, he would stop playing, run over and frantically search for his "phone". Then he would re-apply his "chap stick"! haha It was so funny. Sarah and I were laughing so hard I think I cried! We get home and Tyler sits at the computer for 3 hours playing games!!! I cleaned and Kayla slept. At 6 that evening we were getting ready to go to dinner so I made him try and pee. While we were in the bathroom he says, "Mom look at my leg" I can tell it is a little swollen and I grab his leg to turn it out to take a better look at he had something sticking out of it! I lay him down and he had been stung by a bee TWICE! I don't know if it was two bees or if the stinger broke off and then he got stung again but there were TWO of them coming out of his leg. He had gone from about 12:30 until 6 with two stingers in his leg! Played in the play thing at McDonald's and everything. Sheesh!

here are the pictures of animals I got and some of the flowers that were JUST starting to bloom!

And lastly, I am so excited that I was smart enough not to get rid of Kayla's summer stuff from last year. I bought her these shorts for Easter last year and they were HUGE on her. JUST in case they would fit her this summer I kept them and they fit perfect! The tag says 0-3 months on them! Sheesh! My girl is small

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day Outside

Since being able to walk, Kayla hadn't really been out side to explore and walk around. We went out side right before daddy left for about 20 minutes or so but she was having issues with shoes. Last Wednesday we got invited to come out to Killeen and go to story time and lunch. Half way there Kayla threw up all over herself and the car seat. It SMELLED awful! I am pretty sure Kayla is having some milk allergies. I am going to call her doctor tomorrow so we can see whats going on. But any ways. We had fun and when we go home Kayla wouldn't take her nap. So we went out side and she had so much fun exploring. She ate some grass and some leaves. She tried to drink bubbles and she also tried to eat a dandelion. She looked beautiful in her blue owl dress and I was a happy camper taking her picture int he sun. I only wish she would have smiled once for me! haha

Then the other day we went to Tyler's dance class and when we got home the kids sat down and we sitting TOGETHER to watch TV. That has NEVER happened before and certainly not without me putting them together. Aren't they cute?

one day mommy put Kayla's pants on backwards...I couldn't figure out why they were fitting her weird and then all of the sudden I put her down right in front of me and say the bow in the back! DUH!

This one is just a random picture of Tyler. I love how it looks like he is totally drunk! It's just juice I swear!!

One night Kayla had climbed up on the couch and was sitting in "Tyler's spot". I was waiting for him to notice and get mad.

Then after about 10 minutes I heard him say, "HEY! You stole my spot." I waited to hear the cries because I figured he was gonna try and push her over or something but I never heard anything. Hmmmmmm. I went to check on them and saw this


And lastly, for now, a picture of Kayla standing on something. She climbs on EVERYTHING! It doesn't matter if it is a piece of paper. She thinks she has to be on something.

Ahhhhh poor Manny!

Friday, March 12, 2010


I am sitting here waiting for my man! He decided to drive 9 hours to come spend SATURDAY with us. Then he has to drive 9 hours back to El Paso on Sunday. What a guy. I am way distracted so this won't be long. I want to post some pictures from Tuesday. The kids had dance class and Madison had worn her tutu I made her a while ago. After the dance class she put on her cowboy boots with it and I HAD to get my camera out and take some pictures. Check out how cute

So cute right? here are the others

My little girl was being a cutie too!

Now I am not AS far behind as I was yesterday. Still many blogs to come...hopefully over the next couple of days I can get some up.

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire!!

SO I pots yesterday MAINLY due to the fact that my 4 year old took over my lap taop and used it all day. When I would even mention to him that it was gonna be MY turn to use MY lap top soon he would have a melt down. Sheesh! We have been watching PBSKIDS and they advertise about I HATE that! He has been asking me, "Mom do we have PBSKIDS on your computer?" I don't lie to my kids about dumb stuff just because I don't want them to do something. I don't think that is necessary. So I kept saying, "We'll have to check sometime." Well, he wore me down and yesterday became some time. He was HOOKED! We went to lunch and then to the play ground with a girl from church and my kid BEGS to go play outside and to go to the play ground. He kept asking if it was time to go home yet and do PBSKIDS again! YIKES! I created a monster!

SOOOOOO without posting about or explaining any of the pictures I posted on Wednesday to blog about "thursday" which never happened, here are our pictures from yesterday because they are just too darn cute to not post!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Man, oh man have a been SLACKING with this blog. I have written so many blog sin my head for here too with pictures and funny stories only to not have time at the end of every day. I guess tomorrow NO MATTER WHAT I am bloggin at least one of those blogs for y'all. Here are a couple of teasers to show you whats to come

You won't want to miss it!