Monday, March 31, 2008

A couple of things

First things first, no storm came! haha In fact, Tyler and I went and played outside about an hour after I heard the storm was headed my way. It was clear blue skies and sun! Kind of funny actually. I took Tyler to the HEB to get some groceries and the funniest thing happened. I need to back up a little bit though.

I decided that my house was gross and it needed a serious cleaning! I have been working on our junk room and so the rest of the house has been suffering. You did read that right. I know most people have a junk drawer or a junk closet but we had a WHOLE room. It was awful. I almost have it under control now which will be wonderful for me and Tyler because he will have another place to play. So any ways, I have been cleaning all day! I was dirty and my hair was in a pony tail. I decided to go get some groceries so I put on some overalls and one of Cody's baseball hats. Yeah HOT! Not only were they overalls, they are maternity overalls! HAHA In other words, I am looking pretty tore up! I am walking through the store with Tyler in the cart and this old Mexican guy winks at me and says, "Hey, how are you?" I smiled and said, "Fine." Then ran the other way. HAHA Its funny because normally something like that would make my day BUT I actually felt sorry for the guy for thinking I looked good. I told Cody, "Maybe he just likes white girls." Then I realized that I had taken my wedding ring off while cleaning and didn't put it back on so I also had a kid and no wedding ring. PLUS I probably looked pregnant so maybe this guy just thought I'd put out! Who knows but I thought it was pretty hysterical.

So overall it was a good day. When I put Tyler down for bed tonight, I asked him if he wanted to help me say the prayer. We say pretty much the same prayer every night so he usually knows what we are gonna say. When Cody is gone I usually say, "Please bless mommy, daddy and Tyty." Tonight I said, "Bless mommy..." and he finished it for me! It was so cute. Then I usually say, "We're grateful for Jesus Christ and the Atonement" Tonight I said, "We are grateful for Jesus Christ..." and Tyler said, "And Atonement" haha I thought that was so funny. Of all of the words for him to remember. Then I said, "In the name of..." and he said, "Christ Amen." AWESOME!

After he went down I worked out and it felt so good. I burned 400 calories in the first 20 minutes! The I did 800 after 40 minutes. It felt so good and now I am about to go to bed. I can't believe how humid it is today. Its 75 degrees in our house and it still feels gross! Yuk

Wish my luck!

Apparently there is a bad storm headed my way! Maybe even a tornado! Its ALWAYS when Cody isn't home!!! Wish me luck...I HATE these nasty storms!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

This was the after math of Bath time! Me and my boy!

Bath time!

I decided to document bath time tonight! Tyler got some Bubble Bath from his nursery leader today so we had a bubble bath! It was lots of fun. Enjoy the pictures.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Blues Clues

Its another Blues Clues day at our house. Tylelr LOVES this show and usually requests it ALL day long. I try and put something else on and 5 minutes into it he turns around and says, "Blues Clues" and does the little hand movements! Sometimes I find this funny and sometimes I get annoyed. :) But yesterday evening while I was playing on line and making dinner, he was watching an episode where they use a card board box and make all sorts of cool things with it. So Tyler had his box and was carrying it all over the living room climbing inside of it. I took some pictures. I like the one where you can see Steve on the TV doing the same thing Tyler is. Yup, he definitely takes after momma in the acting department! haha I like the last picture too because him and Steve are both writing in their note books! :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Words and more words

Tyler's vocabulary has really been exploding lately. He has been saying sentences which is awesome. His first one being, "I can't reach!" He wanted a magnet off of the fridge and it was too tall. So now he says, "I can't reach!" ALL the time. He has also been saying "I love..." and then fills in the blank. It started with "I love boots!" which cracks me up. Then it changed to "I love Blues Clues" Then Monday night as I was putting him to bed I was just closing the door and he said, "I love you!" Which THRILLED me to no end! It was so cute. He has been saying some other things as well. On my myspace I posted so video clips of him. In one he was doing his impression of a crab and I kept pushing on his belly telling him to back up because he was too close to the camera. Well, he thought that was hysterical so out of the blue he will just run up to me and say, "Back up!" Which means, "Push on my belly" In the video clip, which him and I have watched several times while I was checking my myspace, I say "You're crazy!" So now he will run over and say, "Back up" so I'll push him and he starts giggling and then says, "I'm crazy!" I think its so awesome that he is changing everything to "I". Whenever I sneeze I say "Bless me." The other day I heard him sneeze on his baby monitor and he said, "Bless you!" haha So clever.

The other thing he keeps saying is, "Be careful." He tells him self this about 20 times a day. He also says, "I'm crazy" a bunch of times a day which really cracks me up. I am pretty sure he said it during Sacrament meeting on Sunday! He also say, "It's fun!" When he likes what we are doing or "It's funny." When he says both, he puts his hands on his belly like he is laughing. Its so cute.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Playground FUN!

ONe more

I love this picture because Tyler's face is just hysterical!

Easter Sunday

We took some pictures after and before church today. I wanted to share some of them with you. Tyler wore a suit for the first time today and let me tell you, he was a handsome guy! One of the missionaries told Cody that Tyler looked like a stud in his suit! :) He was such a good boy today too! It was wonderful.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


For those who don't know, Cody is a pilot! That is what he wanted to be when he grew up! He still talks about it all the time and dreams of flying. I always tell him to go for it but he is so worried about money that he never wants to do it. Well we got our tax return and he finally bought himself a headset and called some flight schools in the area. As we speak he is FLYING! YEAH! Its the first time in 4 years! I'm so proud of him for finally deciding to go for it. Hopefully in the next 5 years or so he'll be flying for his job. Cody actually took me flying on our first date. It was awesome. It was right around sunset too so as we were landing back into the air port in Cedar city, the whole sky was pink! It was awesome.

Friday, March 21, 2008

New Poster

Since Tyler doesn't get to his most of his family very often, last year about this time I made him a 16X20 poster to hang on his bedroom door. It was a collage of all of his family members. That way he could see them all the time and get used to their faces. Well, it was about time for an updated one so I just made one. I think this one turned out even cuter than last time!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

First Hair Cut

Be careful!

Yesterday while we were eating with the missionaries, Tyler was in the living room watching Blues Clues. He was very hyper because he FINALLY had a good nap and he loves one of the missionaries. He was showing off for him and it was cute. While we were eating I heard Tyler say, "Be careful." over and over again so I decided to check on him. I go into the living room and he is standing on top of our bench trying to pull down the box the food processor was in. He knew he wasn't supposed to be doing that so he was telling himself to be careful! Classic!!


Yesterday was a pretty good day. We were having the missionaries over for dinner and so I wanted to make something I hadn't made before. I have been really into cooking shows these last 6 months or so and I have a notebook I write all the recipes down in. The problem is they usually make a lot of food and its usually just Cody and I, or worse me by myself at home. So the last 3 times the missionaries have come over, I've tried one of my recipes. I cooked a baked ziti that I got from the Rachel Ray 30 minute meals show. It was SO good! It was super fattening so it is not something I would make a lot. You make a red sauce, AND a white sauce. The red sauce gets mixed in with the noodles and then the white sauce just gets poured on top and then you top it with some mozzarella. It was so yummy. Then we had garlic bread and steamed broccoli! YUMMY!

While the missionaries were here and we were in the middle of dinner there was a knock at the door and it was my food processor I ordered last week! WOO HOO! I have been dying to get it. I am so excited to put it all together and make something. I told Cody that I really wanted to get one with part of our tax return. We got a really big return this year and most of it is going to fix the house up so I really wanted to be able to buy something that wasn't going into the house. I'll let you know how my first creation in that goes.

Yesterday I also made some salsa. It turned out pretty good and you will not believe how easy it was. I bought one can of rotel and one can of rotel with lime juice and cilantro. I put it in the blender and with some garlic salt and some chopped green onions. Blend it and it was good to go. Yummy too. It has a pretty good kick to it too. Try it if you like salsa, especially if you are in a hurry or lazy! haha If anyone wants the ziti recipe, let me know. It was also pretty darn easy and it taste like I had been making it for years!

Monday, March 17, 2008


Poor Cody has been a busy boy since he has been home. He got home LATE Wednesday and has been on the go ever since. I have to tell you the funniest story. Okay its not THAT funny but its a good one. Cdoy was trying really hard to get on an earlier flight so he could see Tyler before he went to sleep and so we could come pick him up instead of just leaving him a car and making him drive home by himself. We decided just to be safe we were going to drop a car off at the air port just incase he didn't make the earlier flight. Cody was the first person on Standby so his chances looked good until he asked the people at his gate and they said, the flight was completely booked. They also said that a couple of flights looked like they might be late in which case he could take the place of those people. It got down to the wire and there was ONE person who hadn't shown up yet. The flight needed to leave so they took his ticket and let him on the plane. Right as he was about to set foot onto the actual plane they stopped him. "Sorry Mr. Roundy but they made it!" DOH! Like two minutes later and he would have been fine. So he had to get off and then go to another terminal for his real flight which was 3 hours later. Poor guy spent the whole day in the air port pretty much.

Saturday he was a busy guy. He, along with our neighbor, went to Killeen and bought all sorts of goodies to help us put up a fence. We already had a fence but due to our annoying neighbors we decided to extend it all the way out to the street. Our neighbors climb our tree, have killed our grass, and keep hitting my car with their soft ball or football. Not any more! Yeah fences! They also put up a new screen door in the front of our house and added a concrete slab off of our back porch. They also bought a screen door for the back as well. The neighbor is out of work right now and VERY bored so he was happy to do it all. Then Sunday we had been home from church maybe 15 minutes and he was knocking on the door wondering if Cody wanted to put the screen door up in the back. Cody sai8d "Not today. I need to spend some time with my family!" HA

I spoke in church yesterday. It was an interesting experience. Tyler freaked out and Cody had to leave the chapel because he was screaming. That pretty much set the mood for the rest of church. It was NOT fun. My talk went well though and Cody said that during Sunday school people would say, "Well Katie said this in her talk" haha Sweet! But while Tyler was taking his nap yesterday, Cody and I watched the movie Disturbia. It was good. Very suspenseful. I kept gripping on to Cody like, "Whats gonna happen!" haha Its nice having him home and getting to spend time together.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

We had lunch with Sarah and Julia on Tuesday. We went and got pizza and the kids had so much fun. Sarah and I think it is so funny because when we first started hanging out we called them, "Katie and Sarah play dates" because the kids wouldn't even look at each other. Just a year or so later and the kids were holding hands running through the pizza place while Sarah and I were cleaning up. They were playing ring around the roses together! haha It was cute. They came to play at our house afterwards. Tyler and Julia decided they needed to eat some apples. I took some picture so them on the couch eating their apples together. Then Tyler started playing with the oranges and he kept holding them to his chest like they were his boobs! It was funny looking. So here's some pictures.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Cody comes home tonight!!!!!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

I told my mom how Tyler kept wearing a blanket around his neck as a cape. She went and bought some red felt and made him a cape! It came in the mail while he was taking his nap so I was excited to get it to him when he woke up. I got him out of his crib and said, "Tyler, grandma sent you a present!" He got all excited and then we ran to the kitchen to see it. I pulled it up and he opened his mouth all big like he was excited. I asked him if he wanted me to put it on him and he said no. He says no for pretty much everything lately so I tried to put it on him any ways and he freaked out. The cape did not get worn for the first couple of days we had it. Yesterday I asked him if he wanted to wear it and he said no again. So in stead I put it on myself for about ten minutes. Then I started to take it off and I said, "Do you want to wear it?" and he said "YEAH!" Worked like a charm. Kids are so focused on what other people are doing that I figured if I wore it and he would want to wear it too! He has been wearing it off and on every since. Here is a picture!

Friday, March 7, 2008


So I have been kind of bored today and not wanting to sit on my butt and do nothing, I sat on my butt and made collages instead! haha So I thought I would post the two I just made. A lot of the pictures are already on here but I think these are cute and wanted to post them any ways. If anyone wants to be able to do something like this, its a free program you can download at ALSO if you like making pictures different colors, or making them blurry but don't want to have to buy a program, go to google and look up picasa2 Its a free program that I use all the time to make things black and white or fuzzy. I LOVE it!

It's MARCH right?

Yeah so I woke up this morning and it had snowed! Just two days ago it was like 90 degrees and HOT! We went to the park and poor Tyler's face was bright red. Now its freezing and snowy. SO WEIRD. Crazy Texas weather. Here's some pictures. Enjoy

Monday, March 3, 2008

Didn't Want to Forget...

When we went to Utah for Christmas we went to the temple in St. George and took a bunch of pictures. The entire time we were there Tyler kept pointing up to the temple and yelling out, "CASTLE!" haha I thought that was so cute and thought I would write it down before I forgot.

I wrote this an hour or two ago and something happened that I wanted to add. I have gotten into the habit of kissing boo boo's better. Then Tyler says, "All better." Well earlier today, Tyler hurt his hand and he kind of whinnied to me from across the room. I said, "OH did you hurt your hand?" and Tyler kissed it himself and then said, "All better!" So freaking cute! I LOVE being a mom!


I titled this post changes for a couple of reasons. First and for most, I wanted to let everyone know that I changed my account so that anyone can leave comments. I didn't realize some of you had been coming and reading because no one really said anything to me. I was only getting comments from two people because, well, they have blogs too and were allowed to. So if you tried to leave me a comment before and it told you no, now you can! If you are reading this let me know. Now, because anyone can leave comments I may run into problems with people leaving spam. If this does become an issue, then i will most likely change my settings again, but for now I am leaving so anyone can comment.

The second thing I wanted to write about was that Cody got a call today ( he is still in Arizona ) he will be going to Iraq for 6 months. We thought he was going in January and then they changed their minds and said they didn't need him. We were happy to have him home but sad we weren't going to be able to pay off his student loans. For those who don't know, we really would like to move to Austin. We were a little sad when we thought he wasn't going because we really needed it in order to be able to move soon. When Cody called me earlier to tell me, I was excited again! Hopefully it actually happens. They are trying to make it so that when he leaves he will get back just in time for Christmas. It will be good for us to get away for a while and be able to spend time with family. It will be soooooooo hard to be away from Cody for that long ( it will be his longest trip yet ) especially for Tyler, but we think it will be worth it in the end. We think it will be better for our family. We wouldn't do it otherwise.

Lastly, we got Netflix! WOO HOO. I am extremely excited! Hopefully I will be getting my first 3 movies soon. I know this doesn't seem to exciting to most, but I so happy. Cody is excited too because he can download movies on his lap top and watch them. Which means when he is on the road and gets bored, he can just push a button and have a movie to watch! Well, thats my exciting news for now. I can't wait for Cody to get home on Wednesday ( next Wednesday ) just over a week to go!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


We went to the play ground with cousin Madison yesterday around 5 and Tyler insisted on wearing his boots! NO big deal except he was wearing shorts. I brought my camera and took some really cute pictures but I especially wanted some of him in his shorts and boots! We went to eat after wards and everyone kept giggling at him and telling him how cute his boots were. Haha