Monday, March 17, 2008


Poor Cody has been a busy boy since he has been home. He got home LATE Wednesday and has been on the go ever since. I have to tell you the funniest story. Okay its not THAT funny but its a good one. Cdoy was trying really hard to get on an earlier flight so he could see Tyler before he went to sleep and so we could come pick him up instead of just leaving him a car and making him drive home by himself. We decided just to be safe we were going to drop a car off at the air port just incase he didn't make the earlier flight. Cody was the first person on Standby so his chances looked good until he asked the people at his gate and they said, the flight was completely booked. They also said that a couple of flights looked like they might be late in which case he could take the place of those people. It got down to the wire and there was ONE person who hadn't shown up yet. The flight needed to leave so they took his ticket and let him on the plane. Right as he was about to set foot onto the actual plane they stopped him. "Sorry Mr. Roundy but they made it!" DOH! Like two minutes later and he would have been fine. So he had to get off and then go to another terminal for his real flight which was 3 hours later. Poor guy spent the whole day in the air port pretty much.

Saturday he was a busy guy. He, along with our neighbor, went to Killeen and bought all sorts of goodies to help us put up a fence. We already had a fence but due to our annoying neighbors we decided to extend it all the way out to the street. Our neighbors climb our tree, have killed our grass, and keep hitting my car with their soft ball or football. Not any more! Yeah fences! They also put up a new screen door in the front of our house and added a concrete slab off of our back porch. They also bought a screen door for the back as well. The neighbor is out of work right now and VERY bored so he was happy to do it all. Then Sunday we had been home from church maybe 15 minutes and he was knocking on the door wondering if Cody wanted to put the screen door up in the back. Cody sai8d "Not today. I need to spend some time with my family!" HA

I spoke in church yesterday. It was an interesting experience. Tyler freaked out and Cody had to leave the chapel because he was screaming. That pretty much set the mood for the rest of church. It was NOT fun. My talk went well though and Cody said that during Sunday school people would say, "Well Katie said this in her talk" haha Sweet! But while Tyler was taking his nap yesterday, Cody and I watched the movie Disturbia. It was good. Very suspenseful. I kept gripping on to Cody like, "Whats gonna happen!" haha Its nice having him home and getting to spend time together.

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