Friday, July 30, 2010

One more

I know this is my third post in one night ( CRAZY! ) but I HAD to share this. I was waiting for my friend a month or so ago outside of the restaurant we were gonna eat at and I looked back in the car and saw THIS

How freaking cute is that?!



My BABY girl turn 18 months old yesterday! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I can't believe how fast it went. I think it went even faster then Tyler's first 18 months. I decided to take some pictures to document how she is at this age.

That is not a phone. It is actually a flip video recorder. She thinks everything is a phone and holds it up to her ears and talks on it.

she LOVES her snuggies! She has 4 of them now and sleeps with all 4 of them ALL the time. Sometimes I will hear her crying in her room when she is awake and playing. I will go in to check on her and she will have her arm in her crib, yanking on one of her snuggies trying to get it out and it will be stuck. It makes me laugh every time.

I can't believe how long her hair is. I swear it grows an inch a month AT LEAST.

Kayla says NO a thousand times a day! I have a video clip of her reading to Madison and she says no every other word.

I was gonna upload the video clip but I can't seem to find it right now so onto video clip number two! About a month ago we realized Kayla could count all the way to TEN all by herself! In this video clip she loses focus a couple of times and needs help but I swear she can do it on her own.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Family Reunion ( from Tyler's point of view )

On our family reunion everyone had cameras and were taking pictures. Even 9 year old Genna. Tyler felt left out and wanted to use mommy's camera. I told him he could use my little red camera I keep in my purse. He was thrilled. Good news was he got to take some pictures for a day or two. Bad news...I hadn't charged the battery so it died on day two and he was a very sad little boy. I was going through his pictures and they made me laugh. He is so random in his pictures and my favorite of all of them had to be this

LOVE IT! He got 3 butts in one shot! That's my kind of boy. He also did a couple of self portraits. Which cracks me up because I always did that when I was younger.

The second one is pretty epic if you ask me!

Then we got a half shot of Genna

Then he decided to take some of the scenery

I love how the first picture is of the guard rail. heehee

Now we got a half shot of me and some other people sitting around talking

And then one of Nana taking pictures of Kayla

And lastly, a lone chair...

another epic shot by the awesome Tyler! You rock Tyler

Sunday, July 25, 2010

LIES, All Lies

I know I said I was gonna start trying harder to post a LEAST once a week. In my defense I DID try and couple of times and blogger was giving me serious issues. Then, my in laws came and stayed almost a whole week with us and I didn't really blog much while they were here. We were busy shopping and having fun. I know Tyler had fun because he balled when they left. They took him and Madison to chuck-e-cheese, McDonald's and then the movies one day! Tyler slept great that night but woke up bright and early the next day ready for more "fun". I took Tyler, Madison and Kayla to story time at the library and then to get lunch with Aunt Stacie while the other grown ups painted and decorated Kurt's house. Holy cow were Tyler and Madison both cranky! Especially Tyler. He had two pretty big fits were I just wanted to take him out of the car and leave him on the side of the road....I didn't so don't worry. ;)

All in all, we have had some fun times recently. Today we went and picked Cody up from the air port. He was supposed to fly into Killeen which is an hour away and instead he missed his connecting flight and ended up going to Austin instead which is more of a 2 hour drive. Then we had lunch at Jimmy John's which is so wonderful and then over to Ross to buy some clothes. This is exciting for me to say...I lost enough weight that all of my shorts and Capri were too big and falling off of me! YEAH! I did not however, lose enough weight to go down a dress size! BOOOOOOOOOOOO So basically I had to find another pair of shorts/Capri that fit me right. I found ONE pair at Ross that fit. I am proud however to say there was one pair that was a size 14 that actually fit me. I could button them and everything they just looked retarded on me. haha I settled for the first pair I had tried on even though they had the retarded faded sections on the front and backs of the legs. I settled because they looked hot on me! haha

We got back on the road and headed for home and got stuck in HORRIBLE traffic. Like California, down town LA traffic. It was awful. Tyler was asking us every 5 minutes if we were there yet and Kayla was crying off and on until I gave her one of her phones and she talked on it for quite a while. Then we stopepd and had dinner at Chili's. MMMMMMMMMMMMM

Sorry this post is kind of random and boring but I AM posting. ON to some pictures...

This is Kayla hanging onto the fridge like she hasn't eaten in days. She does this two or three times a day too. It's pretty funny because she is usually crying too. There is a reason why we call her our little fatty!

Here is one of Kayla playing hide and seek

Tyler with my boots on ( very proud of himself for this by the way )

Tyler and Madison with their Primary teacher at her baby shower

After the baby shower on Saturday I took the opportunity to try and do a impromptu photo shoot with the kids out side of the church. I got some darling ones of Kayla

And some not so good ones of Tyler

And a really cute one of Madison

And last week before Papa and Nana came we went to the play ground AFTER dinner hoping it would have cooled off a little. Check out the red faces and you can see how "cool" it was at 7:30 pm

And lastly a very random one of Kayla with a hat on Aunt Kimmie bought for Tyler two years ago.

SORRY AUNT KIMMIE! Mommy is a dummy and accidently dried the hat even though she KNEW it wasn't supposed to be and kind of killed it. But as you can see Kayla demonstrating in the picture, it can still serve it's just looks a little sad in person. OPPS!

And that is it for today. I have other stories and pictures from events from this month that I will TRY to get to before next month starts which is SOON. Can y'all believe it is almost AUGUST!?!?! Where did the summer go?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I am SO mad at myself for not keeping this blog up to date. SO ANNOYING! My biggest issue honestly is that I just don't put my pictures on my lap top and edit them right away like I used to. Then I go to write a blog and remember I didn't edit the pictures yet, so I surf craft blogs for now things to make instead. LAME! I am going to try a lot harder over the next couple of weeks to update this AT LEAST once a week. I remember back when I started this blog I would blog like...three times a day sometimes. Sheesh. That of course was before baby number two and I didn't sew yet. Need I say more?!

So we started out the month of July with another trip to Utah. I know right, since I didn't even get all my blogs written about our last trip in May to Utah. Now I have to catch up on both. Since the last trip is still recent in my memories I wanted to update with some pictures of all the fun cousins we got to hang out with while we were there. This was a Roundy Family Reunion up in Alton Utah. It is a SMALL town. I am not kidding. Check out the "STOP" sign from the stree corner there

Apparently some of the signs had to be changed to actual stop signs because they were on a state highway. I love it though. I actually had a picture in mind I wanted to take in front of this sign but we got busy and never made the time. Some day I will have to do it...

The drive up was SOOOOO pretty

This is just one of many pictrues I took out the window while Cody was driving. We got to see TONS of nieces. Poor Tyler was kind of in a sea of girls. Except for one boy who is barely old enough to walk...who is pretty darn handsome

This is Dash and this is only one of many cute pictures I got of him. Kayla and Dash were running around together for a while. Here is she adorable sister Amaya

I have more of her too I will post another day. Then there is the oldest Ella who was too quick for my camera. I haven't one through all 900 photos I took while I was there ( no seriously, I took that many! ) so I will post one of her later.

Then there is Ashlee

Ashlee is amazing and LOVED all her cousins. One of Ashlee's siblings got to come along who used to be glued to my hip when we first moved to Texas. She was only 3 and her and I were best buds!

Now she is 9 and all grown up...TINY but all grown up.


I am going to have to cut this short. Nap time is over AND Blogger is driving me crazy!!! It has been giving me a hard time lately. I hope tonight it will be nice so I can get some things updated! Happy Tuesday everyone.