Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I am SO mad at myself for not keeping this blog up to date. SO ANNOYING! My biggest issue honestly is that I just don't put my pictures on my lap top and edit them right away like I used to. Then I go to write a blog and remember I didn't edit the pictures yet, so I surf craft blogs for now things to make instead. LAME! I am going to try a lot harder over the next couple of weeks to update this AT LEAST once a week. I remember back when I started this blog I would blog like...three times a day sometimes. Sheesh. That of course was before baby number two and I didn't sew yet. Need I say more?!

So we started out the month of July with another trip to Utah. I know right, since I didn't even get all my blogs written about our last trip in May to Utah. Now I have to catch up on both. Since the last trip is still recent in my memories I wanted to update with some pictures of all the fun cousins we got to hang out with while we were there. This was a Roundy Family Reunion up in Alton Utah. It is a SMALL town. I am not kidding. Check out the "STOP" sign from the stree corner there

Apparently some of the signs had to be changed to actual stop signs because they were on a state highway. I love it though. I actually had a picture in mind I wanted to take in front of this sign but we got busy and never made the time. Some day I will have to do it...

The drive up was SOOOOO pretty

This is just one of many pictrues I took out the window while Cody was driving. We got to see TONS of nieces. Poor Tyler was kind of in a sea of girls. Except for one boy who is barely old enough to walk...who is pretty darn handsome

This is Dash and this is only one of many cute pictures I got of him. Kayla and Dash were running around together for a while. Here is she adorable sister Amaya

I have more of her too I will post another day. Then there is the oldest Ella who was too quick for my camera. I haven't one through all 900 photos I took while I was there ( no seriously, I took that many! ) so I will post one of her later.

Then there is Ashlee

Ashlee is amazing and LOVED all her cousins. One of Ashlee's siblings got to come along who used to be glued to my hip when we first moved to Texas. She was only 3 and her and I were best buds!

Now she is 9 and all grown up...TINY but all grown up.


I am going to have to cut this short. Nap time is over AND Blogger is driving me crazy!!! It has been giving me a hard time lately. I hope tonight it will be nice so I can get some things updated! Happy Tuesday everyone.

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Allison said...

Oh, if you ever have time to do more photos of the cuties at the Roundy Reunion. I'd love to see more. You're such a good photographer.