Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter pictures

We took a new grandkids picture for my parents!  The last one we took didn't come out.  I don't remember if I posted it on here or not.  Here's the new one

Serious picture

Funny picture ( I love how a silly face for little kids is to stick your tongue out )

This was our horrible one from Thanksgiving YIKES!

Here is Tyler and Noah.  Tyler LOVES his cousin Noah

And her is Miss Kayla with her new Dora hat

I love her hat on her and lucky for me, she loves it too.  :)  She should since she picked it out.  More pictures to come when I have some more time.  And when I don't have plastic cups taped over my eyes.  haha

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Play Ground Fun

When we go to Papa and Nana's house in Cedar City, Tyler always has to go across the street the the play ground.  He loves that play ground.  This last trip when we got there it was SO windy!  Kayla was having a ball on the swings!

And back in St. George Tyler and grandma had fun reading together on the bed

Trying to catch up since we are IN Utah again and I never got all the pictures up from last time. Hopefully later on I can get some more up!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

St. George Dirt

What is it about red dirt that makes it more desirable?  All of the kids when they get to grandma's house in St. George Utah want to rub their hands in the dirt.  Kayla got outside and couldn't wait to run her hands in it.  And her legs and whatever else she could.

She had a ball! Oh and by the way she STILL has red on her socks when I take them off of her feet from her shoes getting dirt in them and this was almost 2 weeks ago!  Gotta love the red dirt!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Quick Conversation

I caught the glimps of a quick conversation that I am SO glad I didn't miss.  Yesterday we were having an okay day.  A little bit of yelling ( on my part and Tyler's ) but it was a fairly normal day.  NOt too crazy and not to wonderful.  The kids don't play together.  Kayla constantly tries to play with Tyler and he yells at her, rips things out of her hands and tells he NO!  It's very frustrating and annoying.  I constantly have to tell him he is NOT in charge and he can NOT tell Kayla no.  It goes in one ear and out the other.

Yesterday however, they were playing together!  Not only were they playing together but they were having SO much fun!  Kayla was chasing Tyler and he'd squeal and shriek and say "No don't get me" and she'd growl and laugh while she chased him all over the living room.  It was so nice to hear and see.  Immidately after this it was nap time.  We brushed teeth and then were sitting on Tyler's bed reading a story.  Kayla crawled on the bed with us and kissed TYler on the arm and said, "You're my best friend"  It melted my heart because no one provoked it and she is only TWO!  It amazed me that she even understood what she was saying and doing.  Then I said, "Tyler did you hear that?  Kayla said you are her best friend."  To which he replied.  "awwwww Thank you Kayla.  I love you."  Then he paused and said, "Now you say that you love me"  and she said, "I love you too Tyty!"  It totally melted my heart.  Then Tyler went even further to say. "Mom, I don't even care if she plays with all of my toys now!"  I guess it melted his heart too.

Too bad he didn't remember that today because I can't get him to give her a break!  Oh was good the whole 5 minutes it lasted and gave me a wonderful memory it keep with me always.