Thursday, April 14, 2011

St. George Dirt

What is it about red dirt that makes it more desirable?  All of the kids when they get to grandma's house in St. George Utah want to rub their hands in the dirt.  Kayla got outside and couldn't wait to run her hands in it.  And her legs and whatever else she could.

She had a ball! Oh and by the way she STILL has red on her socks when I take them off of her feet from her shoes getting dirt in them and this was almost 2 weeks ago!  Gotta love the red dirt!!!


Kristy Lou said...

I think part of the reason kids like it is that it is so fine, it is almost like sand...only more colorful! :) I love the red dirt, and rocks!!

*Lauren* said...

It's clay dust....and it totally stains whe mixed with water. That's why I freak out when Bradlie gets in it. I can't afford new clothes and I won't put her in stained ones. See all you guys next week!