Friday, October 22, 2010

The Mother of the Year Award...

Was given to me from my boy yesterday...well maybe it should be called Mother of the Hour! That is probably more fitting. And what great thing did I do to deserve this honor? I let him play in the rain puddles and splash in the mud. Then I let him take a bubble bath and all while he was supposed to be taking naps. He had so much fun and I of course took pictures. It was GORGEOUS outside. I love visiting here!!!

Why do I seem to be the ONLY one who can NOT get my pictures to turn the right way on blogger!!!!! I can NOT get them to stay the way they are suppose to. It is getting REALLY annoying. I can NOT figure out a way to fix them. If someone knows how, PLEASE let me know because I have tried everything.

Any ways. Tyler had a great time and I got to be a good mommy for the afternoon. Now we are off to go spend the weekend with Daddy in Barstow California! WOO HOO That means I get to eat at Tommy's and I can't freaking wait!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Family Night on the Trampoline

The other day I baby sat for my sister so she could get her hair cut.  after she was done her and Noah stayed and played for a while.  The boys were having fun wrestling on the trampoline.  I got my camera out and started taking pictures.  Then Noah decided that it was FAMILY NIGHT on the trampoline and had everyone get on.  I got these

Then Noah asked if HE could take some pictures...why not.  He took these

The last one was what Noah called the "sisters" picture.  We thought it looked more like the lesbian picture!  I was sitting in between her legs too but that got cut out.  ( gladly! )   Then I grabbed the camera back for this one

I asked Noah to take a picture of Kayla when she started balling and he told me NO!  I will NOT take a picture of her crying.  I said, "Hand it over, I will!"  I guess I am just mean but check out how cute she is with her eyes all watery

I just realized I left out one of the pictures I let Tyler take.  Don't worry, it was SO unattractive of my sister and I you don't want to see it any ways.  I am, pretty sure even skinny people laying down on a trampoline with someone over them taking pictures makes them look fat!  haha  And the last picture of the night was this

Noah had been plotting and planning as soon as we all got on the trampoline to take this picture of ALL of us.  He even took it himself with him super stretch long arms!  It was a fun night and made us laugh looking at all the pictures on my lap top.  Hopefully some of y'all got a kick out of them too.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Papa and Nana

We left friday for our LONG drive to Utah and it wasn't so bad.  The kids did MUCH better then I expected.  They didn't really sleep in the car at all but they were being really good through out the LONG day of driving.  The first night of driving Kayla had fallen asleep and then Cody hit a huge bumped and it woke her up.  She was still half asleep and the Wonder Pets were on her DVD player at the time.  She kind of looked up at it and they were just about to yell, "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"  and Kayla, half asleep, lifted up her head and yelled "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE".  It was hilarious.  This trip has turned her into a Nick Jr couch potato.  :)

We got to Papa and Nana's house at about 1 in the morning.  The kids were asleep and exhausted.  Not to mention Cody and I were exhausted from all the driving.  We all slept GREAT that night.  The next day we got up and Papa made us all breakfast.  Then we all showered and took baths and got ready to go for a drive to look at and take pictures of the yellow leaves.  It was gorgeous!  Check out my cute kids

I also got some classic pictures of Tyler pouting because he does so quiet a lot. 

And here are a couple more of Kayla. 

We took some family pictures too.  It is funny to me how I can see myself in the mirror and think a shirt is flattering on me, and then SEE pictures of me in it and think, "Oh gross!"  HA  This was one of those moments.

Thanks to Mom and Dad for taking pictures of us for me.  And here are a couple of the boys...

For some reason the photo uploader won't let me load any pictures that are up and down today....stupid blogger.  SO I will post again later with all the up and down pictures and hope it works. 

Any ways...we had fun and I took like 300 pictures of JUST the leaves.  I will spare you and just post a couple and the rest over at my photography blog

It amazes me how blue the sky is here!  Isn't it gorgeous.