Sunday, October 10, 2010

Family Night on the Trampoline

The other day I baby sat for my sister so she could get her hair cut.  after she was done her and Noah stayed and played for a while.  The boys were having fun wrestling on the trampoline.  I got my camera out and started taking pictures.  Then Noah decided that it was FAMILY NIGHT on the trampoline and had everyone get on.  I got these

Then Noah asked if HE could take some pictures...why not.  He took these

The last one was what Noah called the "sisters" picture.  We thought it looked more like the lesbian picture!  I was sitting in between her legs too but that got cut out.  ( gladly! )   Then I grabbed the camera back for this one

I asked Noah to take a picture of Kayla when she started balling and he told me NO!  I will NOT take a picture of her crying.  I said, "Hand it over, I will!"  I guess I am just mean but check out how cute she is with her eyes all watery

I just realized I left out one of the pictures I let Tyler take.  Don't worry, it was SO unattractive of my sister and I you don't want to see it any ways.  I am, pretty sure even skinny people laying down on a trampoline with someone over them taking pictures makes them look fat!  haha  And the last picture of the night was this

Noah had been plotting and planning as soon as we all got on the trampoline to take this picture of ALL of us.  He even took it himself with him super stretch long arms!  It was a fun night and made us laugh looking at all the pictures on my lap top.  Hopefully some of y'all got a kick out of them too.

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Kristy Lou said... put up the lesbo one...classic.