Sunday, November 30, 2008

A quick post ( hopefully )

I just wanted to post some pictures really quick before we go to bed. I AM SO TIRED IT'S RIDICULOUS! I tried to go take pictures for that family today and the baby wouldn't stop crying. So I am going back tomorrow right before Cody gets home so we can try again. Hopefully we can get him to cooperate this time. I wanted to write about the birthday party we had Friday but I REALLY need to go to sleep. So does Tyler. We all have a BIG day tomorrow. We can't wait to see Daddy! It's weird knowing that he is sleeping in our bed in Texas right now. It feels good knowing he is in the USA though. Here are some pictures we took today before everyone left and went their separate ways.

This was the BEST picture I could get with grandma and grandpa with all 3 grandkids. Tyler was crying and not having it. At the last second we got him to walk over real quick and say cheese. Not the best picture at all but better then nothing

Here are the sista's and Bradlie. My sister in law Lauren to the left, then Kristy, Bradlie, Kim and I

Here is my VERY flexible sister doing her split jumps on the trampoline

Tyler's tummy. I think it looks funny because he was sucking it in a little and it almost looks like he has a six pack!

The 3 kids. This was the best one of these as well. Noah kept giving us the thumbs up and winking one of his eyes! haha Crazy boy

30 weeks pregnant!

Here you go folks...I swear I am not THIS big but my shirt is sticking out in the back which makes me look even bigger! heehee and YES Cari, this is the Temple collage that my mom made from the pictures I took for her. :)

Aunt Kimmie

Tyler loves his Aunt Kimmie. Too bad she lives in New York because he would LOVE to see her on a more regular basis. She is fun, does what he wants, and can get into small spaces mommy is too big for. Like the tree house for instance.

No way even my pre-pregnancy butt would have fit in there! And whats worse is my sister was just telling us how she has lost some weight....hate her. :) BUt I thought this picture turned out really cute of them in the tree house. Also, she does fun things on the trampoline.

The picture of Kim and Ender throwing him in the air kind of freaked him out actually but it made for a good picture. haha Kimmie also eats with no hands

Gives cool presents

And holds hands with him no matter what!

He's gonna miss her! Especially when he tries to hold mommies hand and she takes it away after 2 minutes because my whole arm is asleep! :)

Photo shoot

Today I got to do some photo shoots and it was so much fun! I did some pictures of my niece which I would LOVE to post some but I might not get to. She is shirtless and I am not sure if my brother wants almost naked pictures of his girl on the internet. I will edit some of them later so you can see them. I also took a couple of pictures of my sister Kim and her husband Ender. I will post some of those. I had fun doing that as well. Tomorrow I am supposed to take pictures for a newborn but I have a feeling the parents might flake out. We shall see. But tomorrow is my LAST DAY TO DO IT because CODY COMES HOME MONDAY! WOO WOO I am so excited. Here are some pictures I took today...I will update this better tomorrow after my family leaves. I have to tell you all about our birthday party we had yesterday. It was GOOD TIMES!

Okay I went ahead and cropped out the baby boobie so I could post some of my niece. Isn't she the cutest!?!?!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


I have been having internet issues this week. I can't wait to have normal internet when I get home in a week and a half. It will be so nice to not get kicked off every two seconds. This week has been a good one. We have been busy though doing a whole lot of running around shopping and getting ready for Thanksgiving and Daddy coming home. Tuesday I actually got to have a girls night out. It was awesome. Kristy ( my sister ), her friend Liz ( the one we walk with in the morning ) and I went to go see Twilight. I really enjoy it. I was nervous about it because I heard the acting was awful and a couple of other things but I actually didn't have a problem with it. Which is shocking because bad acting drives me nuts. I thought it was fine aside from one of two parts where the acting was a little much. I didn't read the book, but I plan to some day. I knew a lot about it from my sister telling me things. I started to read it but only got about 6 or 7 pages into it and then my doctor called me back! How dare he huh?

Let see what else went on this week....I got my car fixed again, and I went shopping. I forget what happened on Monday but I know I was busy most of the day. I was supposed to take baby pictures for someone yesterday but she called and canceled. We rescheduled for Sunday so hopefully that all works out because its my LAST DAY to do anything. Cody will be here by noon on Monday and I am so freaking excited. I hope I can even sleep the night before. Okay well, sorry this is boring but my family is all here for Thanksgiving and I just wanted to update this real quick while the internet was working again. I never know when it's gonna work again. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who reads this...I can't wait to eat in an hour or two. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Man, has pregnancy been kicking my butt all of the sudden. I managed to still walk 3 times this week with my sister and then today we walked again but a much shorter distance. We only walked 1 mile instead of a little over 3. Normally we don't walk on Saturday but Noah felt left out that Mommy got to walk every morning without him so he said they needed to go on one and then added that Tyler and I had to come too. So we did and it was fun. Then Tyler and I headed for Target and he was a very good boy. I let him pick out a toy for his birthday. He of course pick an annoying microphone that is loud and plays annoying music he can sing along too. He loves it but my sister was going to kill me for buying it for him. Oh well.

I don't have much to say but I didn't want to JUST post 365 pictures for the week. Oh I forgot I started out this blog with a purpose. I have been WAY tired, even with naps lately. I told Cody, "I have been feeling kind of gross and I am so tired. I don't know what the deal is" To which Cody's response was, "Um Katie, you're like 8 months pregnant!" DUH! Sometimes I forget. My pelvic bones have been killing me lately. Still that actually excites me because that is one of the many reasons why I think Tyler's delivery went well. My hips and pelvic bones had already moved so I didn't have as much moving to do once my water broke and all that good stuff. Probably one of the reasons I had NO CLUE I was in labor. Any ways. I think I am off to bed for now. Sorry this was kind of a blah, blah, blah blog. I do have good news! I am in the single digits for when Cody comes home. ONly 8 more days! I couldn't be happier!

365 week 23

Here is the last week for ya...sorry some of these pictures are repeats. i try to keep things fresh but sometimes I only take 3 or 4 pictures in a day and sometimes I take a hundred.

Day 1 Nov 9

Tyler and Noah playing on grandma's bed. This is a very typical Sunday night. :) They were having SO much fun together.

day 2 Nov 10

Tyler and I went and hung out for lunch at McDonald's with his Aunt Hilary and cousin Bailey. He had fun. He cried when we left. So I was a sucker and bought him some ice cream. Really, I bought myself ice cream. He had a little and then gave it to me! haha So this was a picture I took of Tyler on our way out the door

Day 3 Nov 11

This was a fun filled day. We walked in the morning and then came home, had lunch showers, and a quick nap, then went out with Noah and Kristy. We went to pick up his pictures at SEARS and then had Papa John's. This was the awesome Old Navy sale night. This is a onesie I bought our future daughter. Isn't it cute?

Day 4 Nov 12

The sunset this night was sooooooo pretty. I took pictures of it and then realized I didn't have my memory card in my camera. It ended up being fine because I ran inside and got it and the sunset ended up just getting better. Then I went back into the back yard and saw the moon starting to rise above the mountain. It looked HUGE in person because it was right next to the mountain. It looked so much better if you could actually see it but the sky was pink and then the moon was huge and full. I wish I had a tripod because the picture would have turned out a little better.

Day 5 Nov 13

I am a slob and my mom is not. It drives my mom crazy that I leave crap all of the house. When I got up from our nap this was what I saw just outside of my bedroom door. I made it my picture for the day because it was funny to me. My poor mom. But she gets her house back soon so that's good.

Day 6 Nov 14

I noticed the last two pictures are of kids butts! haha THIS butt picture is of Noah. He had gone to the bathroom and then when he came back out he had tucked half of his shirt into his underwear. It was pretty funny. This was the day I wanted to KILL Tyler. haha

Day 7 Nov 15

This is Tyler's butt. He was leaning over the couch because all of his toys are behind the couch. He wanted something and I just thought his little butt sticking up in the air was so cute. :)

365 week 22

last night I tried to upload my last two weeks because I FINALLY did them. BUT the internet was being dumb and I was so tired that I said screw it. So here is the first of two that I am going to post today. ENJOY

DAY 1 Nov 2

This is me getting ready to go to church.

Day 2 Nov 3

We went to Walmart and on the way home was the BEST sunset ever and I had the prettiest drive I had ever had! I couldn't stand it and finally got my little camera out and took picture's while I was driving! haha SHHHH don't tell

Day 3 Nov 4

Tyler was very into the trampoline this week. It was cold so we had to bundle up which I LOVE little kids in warm clothes. So cute. This picture was of him right after he caught the Frisbee and was so excited about it.

Day 4 Nov 5

Tyler is so weird sometimes and I am so glad I usually have a camera in my hand to document it. :) He always eats crackers out of this plastic cup and when he had eaten all of them he told me his doggie wanted some and shoved his head in the cup and then walked away. HAHA It sat like that until I took the dogs head out after Tyler went to bed that night. My mom came home from work and couldn't stop laughing. She thought I had done it but when she found out it was Tyler, so immediately asked if I took a picture yet. Did I take a picture yet?! Obviously, my mother still doesn't know me as well as I thought!

Day 5 Nov 6

Tyler loves the trampoline and he always does "split jumps" I finally got one of camera! It's so hard to get a picture of because by the time the shutter goes off he is usually back on the trampoline.

Day 6 Nov 7

Grandma and Tyler cuddling on the couch

Day 7 Nov 8

This is Tyler's new Spongebob nightlight. I bought it and we turned it on and I realized that it changes colors. I was kind of mad because it was really expensive and I figured if the colors were constantly changing it would keep him up. Boy was I wrong. The first week we had it, I don't think it ever took him longer then 15 minutes to go to sleep. He was so busy watching the lights change that he wasn't squirming around and would just slip right off to sleep. :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

365 week 21

I am still way behind but at least I got one more week taken care of so that I won't be 3 weeks behind at the end of this week. haha

Day 1 Oct 26th

No clue why, but I took a picture of my computer screen and the conversation Cody and I had been having before he went to work. clue why that was what I choose to take a picture of but oh well.

Day 2 Oct 27th

I got pizza and crazy bread and brought it over to Kristy's house. We have fun eating and playing around.

Day 3 Oct 28th

This was the day we went and got pictures taken at the mall. After we got home and it was too late to take naps, we went and played outside for like 2 hours. I took SOOO many good pictures of Tyler that it was hard to decide. I really like this picture of him though because he looks like such a little boy instead of a baby. :(

Day 4 Oct 29th

This picture was taken at the Ward Halloween party. I know it appears that I took a picture on accident here but trust me, it was no accident. Noah requested that I take this picture of his imaginary friend Georgia. He has 4 imaginary friends, this was just one of them. The reason I used this picture is because of the funny story that goes with it. When Kristy was gone doing something, a women from their ward came over to say hello to us. Noah told her about his imaginary friend. This wasn't a REALLY old person but she was in her 60's. Noah told her that his imaginary friend Georgia was dressed as an old lady but with BIG hair! haha I laughed so hard and luckily the lady thought it was pretty funny too. Oh Noah cracks me up!

Day 5 Oct 30
THIS was the day I thought I forgot to take a picture. I was so pissed about it and have been bitter ever since. I go to do my project and while looking on my camera I found this picture!

That's right, it was a TOTAL accident BUT now I get to say I DID take a picture every day for 365 days ( as long as I don't forget again! haha )
AND THIS is the picture I took to make up for the picture I thought I forgot to take. It was of my Thriller program from the 30th.

Day 6 Oct 31 HALLOWEEN

This was a pumpkin Kristy's mother in law Anne had outside of their house. I took this picture on our way out to trick or treat. Again a lot of cool pictures taken this day, but I choose this one because it was a little different then a picture of Tyler.

Day 7 Nov 1st

Heehee, this is Tyler's feet. I love his feet because he crosses them all the time and I think it's so cute.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Man, have I been neglectful this week. We haven't had tons going on and so I just haven't written. I passed my glucose test on Monday which was nice. Then yesterday Tyler and I drove up to Cedar City to visit Cody's parents. We spent the night there and then came back today. They are driving to Texas in a day or two for Thanksgiving and so they are going to bring some stuff home for me. I am so lucky to have such nice in laws. I gave them two boxes of clothes, so we'll see what they can fit in their car for me. I am getting home sick for my own bed now that it's getting so close, but at the same time, I am going to miss the red mountains here so much! :( Any ways. So we have been boring but that's all I got for now. I am SO behind on my picture project that I haven't wanted to do it, which just makes it worse. Any suggestions for themes for next week? My family will all be here for Thanksgiving so I am trying to think of one that will kind of go along with what we will be doing. Maybe I should just be cliche and do things I am thankful for....what you think? I have been slacking off and at 9 or 10 at night take a random picture so I need a theme or something. I am off to bed now. I am so tired these days and not having a nap and going to bed on a couch doesn't help. :) Oh and I just had to comment on my new header...I LOVE the yellow leaves here. I pull off the side of the road to take that picture and I really like the way it came out. Okay I am really going now

Sunday, November 16, 2008

28 weeks

I am officially 28 weeks pregnant! WOO HOO I am way excited about that. Unfortunately, that means I do my glucose screening test tomorrow! BOOOOOOO. It's not so much the drink that sucks but the fact that I have to try and not eat sugar all day until my appointment. Have you ever tried to not eat ANY sugar? There's sugar in EVERYTHING. I am going to have eggs with cheese for breakfast but I have no idea what I am going to drink with them. I don't like drinking water with food. Plus I am supposed to stay away from fruit. Man....I hope I survive my day! Luckily the appointment is at 1:45 so I only have to come up with two meals and probably a snack. Any ways. here is my newest picture.

I look really high in this one, but I swear she is still sitting really low. It must just be the shirt. Any ways. I met Cody's brother Kade and his wife yesterday. They were the only ones I hadn't met yet. We had bad timing a couple of times because we just missed them. Cody and I have been married for almost 5 years now and so it was nice to FINALLY met them. :) I feel like I know them a little bit because they have a blog and I get to keep in touch through that. I freaking love blogging for that reason! It's awesome. Where would I be without blogs! I guess scrap booking.....

Any ways. Tyler and I had a good day yesterday. He was such a mess Friday but got to bed right on time and then slept in so that helped a lot. I didn't have one problem with him the whole day which was awesome. We went to lunch with Cody's parents, Kade, Em and their baby. Tyler actually ate some REAL food which shocked me and by real food, I mean mac and cheese! haha Then we went shopping and then came home and had naps. Tyler's nap was more then 2 hours which helped the grouchiness a lot too! Today he woke up late and I think by this time it was too much sleep and we had issues again. Not even half as bad as they were on Friday but still annoying. But whatever.

I am very excited to tell y'all that my husband is AMAZING! He bought me an external flash for my camera and I am so excited to figure out how to use it! WOO HOO! I don't even want to know how much it cost either because I KNOW it was a lot. He bought me something else too but I don't get it until Christmas but that's okay. I think it's funny because his birthday is in like 3 weeks and yet he bought ME a present. He's so wonderful. Don't you wish your husband was hot like mine?! ( yeah that was lame ) and on that note, I think I will go to bed. :) Peaceful dreams everyone. Think non-sugary thoughts for me

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Do you ever have one of those days where you and your kid just butt heads?!?! Tyler and I did NOT get along today. It was awful. He has decided that he doesn't have to listen to a thing I say unless I am yelling. I will ask him four or five times to do something and until I scream it at him he pays no attention to me. Then, even when he does hear me he yells "NO" back. Spanking doesn't work with him so do you have any suggestions. I am trying to get him ready for when Daddy comes home in two weeks because he is not going to put up with him yelling at me. Today I finally threw him on his bed and made him have a time out and then the next hour he was good. The problem with my kid is the same thing doesn't always work for him so even though a time out worked tonight, it might not phase him at all tomorrow. Like today I told him, "Do you need a spanking?" and he told me to spank him. haha SO I did and he still didn't do what I asked him too. DOH! And I do NOT like spanking him. SO any thoughts? any ideas? anything? I need to go to bed, but please feel free to tell me what you do if you have a hot tempered kid like me. Feel free to tell me what I am doing wrong because I am up for some suggestions and if I am asking, then I need to take what ever people give me. Just don't tell me I'm the worse mother in the world, or I might cry. Speaking of........

I know we all feel like the worse parent ever at times, but I just want us all out there who reads this to know, there is always worse. Like for instance, I don't understand people who risk their kids life over something that isn't important. And YES I have a story. This may not seem like a big deal to you but when my sister told me the story I felt like this father should be castrated! Just me, but whatever. If your gonna be this dumb and selfish, don't have kids please.

My sister's husband is a cop here in Utah. He had just gotten a new cop car and wanted to take it for a drive. Technically, my brother in law Jon can pull someone over even if he is not in uniform if he feels the need to. They were coming home from dinner and there was a car in front of them who kept swerving over the center divider and back again. My sister told Jon, "He keeps turning around and messing with something in the back seat. He's just not paying attention." No big deal right? Well suddenly they see two little heads pop up and realize he has kids in the back seat who are not in car seats. Jon's says, "Okay, I'm pulling him over if there are kids involved" and did so. The guy tells my brother in law, "My wife usually drives with them and she wasn't home from work yet and she has both the car seats in her car." Sounds valid right? Until the dumb butt goes on to say, "And I really wanted a soda so I just brought them in my car." Um, hello retard! His kids were 2 and 4 and not only were they not in car seats but they had unbuckled themselves and were free in the car. ALSO there were several places to stop and get soda but he felt the need to go to a specific gas station that was in the next town over. Honestly...what is wrong with people. Who cares if you want a freaking soda? I want you to not be a selfish idiot and take care of your freaking kids. Call your wife and ask her to get you a drink on her way home. Okay, I am gonna be done with this one now, but know you are at least not as selfish as that guy. Also know that at least 4 times in this post I had to backspace over a curse word and type in a "better" one line dumb butt! :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Please Read

SO I got some scary news today! We got a brand new heater and air conditioning system put in our house about a month ago. It was nice because someone Cody knows from work did it for us and so we got it done cheaper. Every time Cody is gone and making more money, SOMETHING goes wrong in the house and we have to spend money to get something fixed or replaced. When he was in Kuwait about a year or so ago, we had to buy a washer and dryer, fridge, and a dishwasher in a matter of two months. Since he was making extra money, we were able to pay for all of those in full when we bought them. That was a HUGE blessing for us.

ANY WAYS. we bought the air conditioning unit and heater and had it installed for a couple thousand dollars which we thought was pretty good. It turns out that we did it JUST in time because the guy we installed it for us told Cody that our heater was leaking for the last couple of months and once it got cold and we turned the heater on, it would have leak carbon monoxide into our house!!! I know what you are thinking and NO WE DO NOT HAVE CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS IN OUR HOUSE! SOOOOOOOO basically, we would have died if we didn't have it done and you bet your A$$ we are getting detectors when we get home!!!!! If you have an old house like me and don't have them, please get them. My sister said she got one and it was like 30 dollars and even talks to you! haha It will call out "FIRE FIRE" if it's a fire and "CARBON MONOXIDE" if it's that. Even if you DON'T have an old house, get some. It could save your life. I am so grateful that Heavenly father was watching out for us and protecting our family. Good thing Cody was listening to the spirit and got that taken care of when he did. That's my little lecture for the day...and I am done.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Well, yesterday started out kind of rough. We went walking and after we got back to my sisters house she noticed my car was leaking oil. SO DEPRESSING since it's my car. Good news is that it is under warranty still so we shouldn't have to pay for it, bad news is that the dealership couldn't get to it until Thursday! BOOOOOOO! So tomorrow I am off to the dealership at 9 in the morning to turn it in and I hope it's not in the shop for too long. So that was kind of depressing for me. Then Tyler was kind of cranky and giving me some trouble around nap time. We were going out with my sister and nephew after naps so he needed to be well rested. Let's just say his nap was maybe an hour. I think he was excited about going shopping. We went to the mall first to pick up Tyler's pictures from SEARS. It turns out that they messed up the pictures. All the pictures they ordered the day we got our pictures taken had a line through them. Seriously though, you could barely see the line even after they pointed it out to us. SO what they did was offer them to me for WAY cheap plus they had already re-ordered my original pictures and I'll get those on Friday. I ended up paying 20 dollars in TOTAL and got, 3-10X13's, 1 10x13 calendar for 2009, 6 5X7's, 40wallets, 4 or 5 8X10's and 32 mini wallets! I SCORED! PLUS, some of the bigger prints are in black and white, my favorite and some have the faded edges and stuff. And look how cute the picture is:

Then we left and went to get some pizza. We were gonna go to this pizza buffet place and we pulled into the parking lot and it was closed. Grrrrr! So we decided to order Papa John's. They said it would take 10 to 15 minutes so we walked to Old Navy which was in the same parking lot. It turns out they were having this huge sale on summer clothes for kids. They had bins of clothes and everything was either 97 cents or 47 cents. I got our future child like 10 tops ranging from 12 months to 3t's. Some for 47 cents and some for 97 cents. Then I got Tyler 2 pair of swim trunks for next year that were 97 cents each and a pair of basketball shorts for the same price, all of which were originally $14.99. I got two tops for my niece and then I got tyler a book for 7 bucks and a onesie for the baby that says, "Daddy's girl" for 7 bucks as well. When the lady range me up she said she was going to go back later and put in the sale prices. The first time it came up as almost 80 dollars! She finished and it was down to 17 NICE, except I got outside and realized that didn't add up right. The two things that were 7 bucks got put in for 97 cents as well. I went back inside and showed them and then paid an extra 14 or 15 dollars. So basically I got 20 items, two of which were 7 bucks each, for 33 dollars! WOO WOO. I was so freaking excited. So here's a picture of my big purchase.


MADISON'S SHIRTS ( notice the skulls heehee )

Our future daughters first Daddy's girl shirt! Isn't it sweet!?

Tyler was extremely giggly right before bed time. He was playing peek-a-boo with daddy over the web cams and it was so stinking cute I had to video tape it. I thought it would make a good post. I hadn't posted a video clip in a while so I hope you enjoy it. Cody has less then 3 weeks now and this made both him and I very excited for him to come home and have moments like these in PERSON and not over the internet. BUT Over the internet is better then not at all, so for that I am grateful. :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Week 21 of project 365

I am 3 weeks behind on my project and I am so depressed about that. It makes it SO hard to figure out what days are what. Yesterday I managed to get one of the weeks done which made it a little easier. I am posting that one now and hopefully in the next day or two I can get the other two weeks done and be caught up. So here is week 21 which is the 19th through the 25th

Day 1 Oct 19th

This was our last day on our Cali trip. My cell phone didn't work in our hotel room so Cody called us at the hotel. This was a picture of TYler tlaking to daddy on the hotel phone. He thought that was so cool

Day 2 Oct 20th

Tyler was VERY into grandma and grandpa this week since we had just been away for a week.

Day 3 Oct 21

This was during my kids bath. Notice all the dirt around the tub. That was from his nasty, dirty, hands!

Day 4 Oct 22

Noah and Aunt Kristy came over to play and while they were here Noah, Tyler and Grandma sat on the bed and watched a movie.

day 5 Oct 23

This was Uncle Scotties Birthday, which has nothing to do with the picture. haha I made these for Halloween. I saw the exact same thing in a store for 6 bucks and I thought, I could make that for WAY less. So I did...

Day 6 Oct 24

This was the day we went to Old Navy. Rather then use the pictures of him making out with the Dog or holding hands with the headless mannequins, I decided to use a different one. This was while we were eating ice cream. They have these tables with umbrella's we were sitting at.

Day 7 Oct 25

This was a good day. It was really nice out side and Tyler and I played out side for an hour or two. We watered all the flowers and jumped on the trampoline. I took a picture of him watering the flowers.