Friday, November 7, 2008

White trash baby

Okay so I am always big on making sure my kid has his shoes on, pants on, shirt on, hair brushed....anything to look like he has parents who love him. Last Friday, Tyler was running around with no pants on because he had a rash on his legs from wearing his jeans so much ( he has sensitive skin like his mommy! ) Noah wanted to go out in the back yard so I just put Tyler's sandals on so he could go out with him. About an hour later my mom came home from work and was sweeping the front porch. Tyler ran outside and wanted to help. I felt like the biggest white trash for letting him out in the front yard with no pants on. Then he made it worse by wanting to sweep for grandma. I ran in and got my camera at this point. I couldn't resist. So here are the pictures of our white trash moment!

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