Sunday, November 16, 2008

28 weeks

I am officially 28 weeks pregnant! WOO HOO I am way excited about that. Unfortunately, that means I do my glucose screening test tomorrow! BOOOOOOO. It's not so much the drink that sucks but the fact that I have to try and not eat sugar all day until my appointment. Have you ever tried to not eat ANY sugar? There's sugar in EVERYTHING. I am going to have eggs with cheese for breakfast but I have no idea what I am going to drink with them. I don't like drinking water with food. Plus I am supposed to stay away from fruit. Man....I hope I survive my day! Luckily the appointment is at 1:45 so I only have to come up with two meals and probably a snack. Any ways. here is my newest picture.

I look really high in this one, but I swear she is still sitting really low. It must just be the shirt. Any ways. I met Cody's brother Kade and his wife yesterday. They were the only ones I hadn't met yet. We had bad timing a couple of times because we just missed them. Cody and I have been married for almost 5 years now and so it was nice to FINALLY met them. :) I feel like I know them a little bit because they have a blog and I get to keep in touch through that. I freaking love blogging for that reason! It's awesome. Where would I be without blogs! I guess scrap booking.....

Any ways. Tyler and I had a good day yesterday. He was such a mess Friday but got to bed right on time and then slept in so that helped a lot. I didn't have one problem with him the whole day which was awesome. We went to lunch with Cody's parents, Kade, Em and their baby. Tyler actually ate some REAL food which shocked me and by real food, I mean mac and cheese! haha Then we went shopping and then came home and had naps. Tyler's nap was more then 2 hours which helped the grouchiness a lot too! Today he woke up late and I think by this time it was too much sleep and we had issues again. Not even half as bad as they were on Friday but still annoying. But whatever.

I am very excited to tell y'all that my husband is AMAZING! He bought me an external flash for my camera and I am so excited to figure out how to use it! WOO HOO! I don't even want to know how much it cost either because I KNOW it was a lot. He bought me something else too but I don't get it until Christmas but that's okay. I think it's funny because his birthday is in like 3 weeks and yet he bought ME a present. He's so wonderful. Don't you wish your husband was hot like mine?! ( yeah that was lame ) and on that note, I think I will go to bed. :) Peaceful dreams everyone. Think non-sugary thoughts for me


Sandy said...

cute cute! keep on truckin!

Stacor said...

I hate the glucose screening! I totally threw up from that stuff they made me drink. Good luck! Yes, there's sugar and salt hidden in most prepared foods these days. You can't even have natural sugar before the test?

Kade and Emily said...

It's about stinkin' time we met! I was about to pass you off as an "imaginary in-law." ;)
We had a great time...hopefully we will get a chance to spend more than just a few hours together.
And also, I love that we now consider mac n' yack as "real food."