Saturday, November 22, 2008

365 week 23

Here is the last week for ya...sorry some of these pictures are repeats. i try to keep things fresh but sometimes I only take 3 or 4 pictures in a day and sometimes I take a hundred.

Day 1 Nov 9

Tyler and Noah playing on grandma's bed. This is a very typical Sunday night. :) They were having SO much fun together.

day 2 Nov 10

Tyler and I went and hung out for lunch at McDonald's with his Aunt Hilary and cousin Bailey. He had fun. He cried when we left. So I was a sucker and bought him some ice cream. Really, I bought myself ice cream. He had a little and then gave it to me! haha So this was a picture I took of Tyler on our way out the door

Day 3 Nov 11

This was a fun filled day. We walked in the morning and then came home, had lunch showers, and a quick nap, then went out with Noah and Kristy. We went to pick up his pictures at SEARS and then had Papa John's. This was the awesome Old Navy sale night. This is a onesie I bought our future daughter. Isn't it cute?

Day 4 Nov 12

The sunset this night was sooooooo pretty. I took pictures of it and then realized I didn't have my memory card in my camera. It ended up being fine because I ran inside and got it and the sunset ended up just getting better. Then I went back into the back yard and saw the moon starting to rise above the mountain. It looked HUGE in person because it was right next to the mountain. It looked so much better if you could actually see it but the sky was pink and then the moon was huge and full. I wish I had a tripod because the picture would have turned out a little better.

Day 5 Nov 13

I am a slob and my mom is not. It drives my mom crazy that I leave crap all of the house. When I got up from our nap this was what I saw just outside of my bedroom door. I made it my picture for the day because it was funny to me. My poor mom. But she gets her house back soon so that's good.

Day 6 Nov 14

I noticed the last two pictures are of kids butts! haha THIS butt picture is of Noah. He had gone to the bathroom and then when he came back out he had tucked half of his shirt into his underwear. It was pretty funny. This was the day I wanted to KILL Tyler. haha

Day 7 Nov 15

This is Tyler's butt. He was leaning over the couch because all of his toys are behind the couch. He wanted something and I just thought his little butt sticking up in the air was so cute. :)

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Kade and Emily said...

Love the underwear picture. Sad thing is...I think I've done that myself.