Sunday, November 30, 2008

Aunt Kimmie

Tyler loves his Aunt Kimmie. Too bad she lives in New York because he would LOVE to see her on a more regular basis. She is fun, does what he wants, and can get into small spaces mommy is too big for. Like the tree house for instance.

No way even my pre-pregnancy butt would have fit in there! And whats worse is my sister was just telling us how she has lost some weight....hate her. :) BUt I thought this picture turned out really cute of them in the tree house. Also, she does fun things on the trampoline.

The picture of Kim and Ender throwing him in the air kind of freaked him out actually but it made for a good picture. haha Kimmie also eats with no hands

Gives cool presents

And holds hands with him no matter what!

He's gonna miss her! Especially when he tries to hold mommies hand and she takes it away after 2 minutes because my whole arm is asleep! :)

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