Thursday, November 20, 2008

365 week 21

I am still way behind but at least I got one more week taken care of so that I won't be 3 weeks behind at the end of this week. haha

Day 1 Oct 26th

No clue why, but I took a picture of my computer screen and the conversation Cody and I had been having before he went to work. clue why that was what I choose to take a picture of but oh well.

Day 2 Oct 27th

I got pizza and crazy bread and brought it over to Kristy's house. We have fun eating and playing around.

Day 3 Oct 28th

This was the day we went and got pictures taken at the mall. After we got home and it was too late to take naps, we went and played outside for like 2 hours. I took SOOO many good pictures of Tyler that it was hard to decide. I really like this picture of him though because he looks like such a little boy instead of a baby. :(

Day 4 Oct 29th

This picture was taken at the Ward Halloween party. I know it appears that I took a picture on accident here but trust me, it was no accident. Noah requested that I take this picture of his imaginary friend Georgia. He has 4 imaginary friends, this was just one of them. The reason I used this picture is because of the funny story that goes with it. When Kristy was gone doing something, a women from their ward came over to say hello to us. Noah told her about his imaginary friend. This wasn't a REALLY old person but she was in her 60's. Noah told her that his imaginary friend Georgia was dressed as an old lady but with BIG hair! haha I laughed so hard and luckily the lady thought it was pretty funny too. Oh Noah cracks me up!

Day 5 Oct 30
THIS was the day I thought I forgot to take a picture. I was so pissed about it and have been bitter ever since. I go to do my project and while looking on my camera I found this picture!

That's right, it was a TOTAL accident BUT now I get to say I DID take a picture every day for 365 days ( as long as I don't forget again! haha )
AND THIS is the picture I took to make up for the picture I thought I forgot to take. It was of my Thriller program from the 30th.

Day 6 Oct 31 HALLOWEEN

This was a pumpkin Kristy's mother in law Anne had outside of their house. I took this picture on our way out to trick or treat. Again a lot of cool pictures taken this day, but I choose this one because it was a little different then a picture of Tyler.

Day 7 Nov 1st

Heehee, this is Tyler's feet. I love his feet because he crosses them all the time and I think it's so cute.


Stacor said...

I LOVE THESE PICTURES! (and you!) Tyler looks like a Gap Kids model in the black and white photo. He's all posed like a big kid. Aww...our babies aren't babies anymore...

Kade and Emily said...

Litte Ceasars!! Rockin' awesome! I used to work for them. I made 5.15 an hour. how pathetic.