Sunday, November 9, 2008


I had the BEST Walmart trip on Monday. Despite the 125 dollars I spent, that is. But Tyler was a VERY good boy, we didn't even buy a toy, and I got tons of stuff I had been needing. I saw this while shopping and HAD to get my camera out and take a picture. Walmart and there "rollbacks" crack me up sometimes but THIS one takes the cake.

After we bought of groceries, I step outside and about had a heart attack! it was GORGEOUS! I thought I should get my camera out and take a picture but then felt silly and got in the car and started driving. I got about 5 minutes further and was sitting at a stop light when finally I couldn't take it any more, grab my tiny camera out of my purse and rolled my window down. It was the BEST drive I have ever been on. I began snapping pictures as I drove, probably the most dangerous thing I have ever done BUT I just held my camera up and took pictures, I didn't actually bring the camera up to my eyes and try and get a good shot. Look at how gorgeous ( I know I have said the word WAY too much already ) pictures I got! I hope you enjoy them because it was awesome. I whole sky was pink too which was hard to capture. But you'll get the idea.