Monday, November 3, 2008


It's been hard for me to keep up lately. When the internet didn't work for so many days in a row and then I was trying to catch up from the week I missed, it made it hard to update about things that were going on now! Then I got behind again. Grrrr. I hate that. This last week was pretty busy for us too. Tuesday we took pictures, Wednesday we went to a Halloween party, Thursday I went to see Thriller, Friday we trick or treated and Saturday we shopped till we dropped! I know that doesn't sound like a lot but usually the first half of the day includes, eating breakfast, getting ready, walking 3.25 miles, coming home, eating lunch, talking to daddy on the phone or computer and then taking naps. At least 3 or 4 of our days start like this and therefore we are "busy" until 4 or so on days like this. Probably part of the reason I didn't make it to the grocery store last week until Saturday! Thank goodness grandpa was nice and picked up milk and yogurt for me once or twice when he went. On Friday we also we to Target and lunch together and then got to play with Aunt Kristy and Noah for a couple of hours. We also painted a pumpkin and did a couple of odd things like that throughout the week. Trust me, for us, it was busy. Today I noticed I have officially started to waddle when I walk. A little early you may think, which actually, I think it is too! It's not so much that I am SO BIG I need to waddle, but that my back is bothering me and waddling seems to help prevent the shooting pains up my back. :) And insert preggo picture NOW:

I showed Cody my belly over the web came today and he responded with a "Holy crap" of something to that effect! haha I think it is funny because normally I feel exactly the same when pregnant except extra tired, hungry, and horny. heehee I don't get overly emotional or anything like that. When I was pregnant with Tyler I we had gone to Cali for my best friend Myra's wedding and so we missed a couple of weeks of church. Not realizing I didn't exactly have "church" clothes when I got back, I put on this dress as we were getting ready and when Cody walked into the bedroom he said, "Holy crap you're huge!" and then I said, "I know right?" and we both laughed. Then I reminded him how LUCKY he was that I wasn't overly emotional or he probably would have made me cry and we wouldn't have ended up going to church at all. :) I know some people get like that, but both Cody and I thought it was exciting that I was getting big and the bigger I got, the more excited both of us got!

Any ways, I went off on a tangent there...I just wanted to do some updating so I could get back to the PRESENT! I had a strange experience on Friday at Target. You tell me what you would have thought. Tyler was actually being a really good boy. Because I had gone to see Thriller the night before, Grandma put him to bed at least an hour later then he normally goes to bed at. Which I was happy with that because I half expected him to be up when I got home at 11:30. He was sleeping in MY bed but that's okay because he at least went to sleep. So he was cranky but he was doing great at Target! He found a jack in the box and was playing with it. Right as we were going to check out he started to freak out about something and started crying. That set him off and anything after that made him break down. He is usually REALLY good at handing the checker his toy so that they can ring it up. I went to grab the jack in the box from him and he started to freak out. I said, "Tyler I need to hand it to the lady" but he wouldn't let go and I literately had to rip it from his hands and give it to her, to which he started swinging at me and I had to grab his hands and tell him to COOL OUT! The lady says, "That will be 29 something" which I thought seemed fairly low for a Target trip. I paid got out to the car and looked in the bag. The witch never rang up the Jack in the Box! She put it off to the side and since I was trying to keep my kid from having a complete melt down, I didn't notice. I was SO PISSED! To me that said, "Your kid is a brat and doesn't deserve this toy so I will just put it over here where he can't have it and a GOOD kid can still buy it!" Now is it JUST me or would you have felt the same way if it happened to you???????!!!!!???!?!?!?! I told my dad when I got home and he said, "Maybe she thought you didn't want it" to which I replied, "Why I didn't say I didn't want it and if she thought that, she should have asked me. I told my sister what happened and she said the same thing. I told my mom when she got home from work and she said, "Oh like she thought Tyler wasn't deserving of it or something?" and I though FINALLY SOMEONE saw what I saw. But like I said, I don't know. What do you guys think? I seriously want to know.

here are some pictures from the Halloween party

That first picture is a girl named Lexi. My mom used to baby sit her 3 or 4 times a week and she loves her. she told me to take pictures of her so she could see what she was for Halloween. It ended up being a perfect opportunity for me! I got great pictures of her and her parents were saying they don't have a lot of her smiling. Her mom Kellee is pregnant and due any day now. I told her mom that if she wanted, I would be more then happy to come over and take pictures for them after the baby was born. I hope they take me up on the offer because it would be a great opportunity for me to build my portfolio! WOO WOO

Any ways. Here are some from Halloween it self...

While I was looking for the Halloween pictures I came across some from when I didn't have internet that I want to post really quick. Last Friday Tyler and I had lunch together and then went to Old Navy and did some shopping. Tyler was in a strange mood and decided to hold hands with all the mannequins in the store. I guess that wouldn't be TOO weird if they actually had heads and if he didn't keep calling them his "friends". I took a picture because I just couldn't resist!

Then there was the Old Navy dog that sits on a bench in the kids department. He sat with the dog for at LEAST 10 minutes holding him, sitting on his back and KISSING HIM! He kissed him like a 1000 times and whats funny about this is that REAL dog scare the crap out of him! haha So yeah...I again, took pictures. I love all three of these ones.

And last but not least, the painting of the pumpkin. Not much to say on this one except the pumpkin was looking SO CUTE and then the last color he added was of course, BLACK and it turned every color on it black! The finished product was kind of gross but I got pictures of what it looked like as he was going along so I'll share those ones too! heehee


Crystal said...

Wow you are getting big, how cute!!! ABout the Target story, I would of felt like the lady just thought I didn't want it. I did that a lot when Brielle was younger. I would always have to say something though, so I dont know. Hopefully she just assumed and didn't think your kid was a brat and undeserving. How old was she? Younger? Maybe she doesn't understand what its like to be a parent? I dont know... =(

Stacor said...

I love Tyler's friends. They're pretty hot. And you look great!