Saturday, November 15, 2008


Do you ever have one of those days where you and your kid just butt heads?!?! Tyler and I did NOT get along today. It was awful. He has decided that he doesn't have to listen to a thing I say unless I am yelling. I will ask him four or five times to do something and until I scream it at him he pays no attention to me. Then, even when he does hear me he yells "NO" back. Spanking doesn't work with him so do you have any suggestions. I am trying to get him ready for when Daddy comes home in two weeks because he is not going to put up with him yelling at me. Today I finally threw him on his bed and made him have a time out and then the next hour he was good. The problem with my kid is the same thing doesn't always work for him so even though a time out worked tonight, it might not phase him at all tomorrow. Like today I told him, "Do you need a spanking?" and he told me to spank him. haha SO I did and he still didn't do what I asked him too. DOH! And I do NOT like spanking him. SO any thoughts? any ideas? anything? I need to go to bed, but please feel free to tell me what you do if you have a hot tempered kid like me. Feel free to tell me what I am doing wrong because I am up for some suggestions and if I am asking, then I need to take what ever people give me. Just don't tell me I'm the worse mother in the world, or I might cry. Speaking of........

I know we all feel like the worse parent ever at times, but I just want us all out there who reads this to know, there is always worse. Like for instance, I don't understand people who risk their kids life over something that isn't important. And YES I have a story. This may not seem like a big deal to you but when my sister told me the story I felt like this father should be castrated! Just me, but whatever. If your gonna be this dumb and selfish, don't have kids please.

My sister's husband is a cop here in Utah. He had just gotten a new cop car and wanted to take it for a drive. Technically, my brother in law Jon can pull someone over even if he is not in uniform if he feels the need to. They were coming home from dinner and there was a car in front of them who kept swerving over the center divider and back again. My sister told Jon, "He keeps turning around and messing with something in the back seat. He's just not paying attention." No big deal right? Well suddenly they see two little heads pop up and realize he has kids in the back seat who are not in car seats. Jon's says, "Okay, I'm pulling him over if there are kids involved" and did so. The guy tells my brother in law, "My wife usually drives with them and she wasn't home from work yet and she has both the car seats in her car." Sounds valid right? Until the dumb butt goes on to say, "And I really wanted a soda so I just brought them in my car." Um, hello retard! His kids were 2 and 4 and not only were they not in car seats but they had unbuckled themselves and were free in the car. ALSO there were several places to stop and get soda but he felt the need to go to a specific gas station that was in the next town over. Honestly...what is wrong with people. Who cares if you want a freaking soda? I want you to not be a selfish idiot and take care of your freaking kids. Call your wife and ask her to get you a drink on her way home. Okay, I am gonna be done with this one now, but know you are at least not as selfish as that guy. Also know that at least 4 times in this post I had to backspace over a curse word and type in a "better" one line dumb butt! :)


Crystal said...

I have those days a lot with Brielle. I am starting to feel guilty for LIKING that she goes to school. =( Anyhoo, just be consistent. The time out thing works wonders for me. If he does something wrong, give him a warning. If he does it again, then put him in time out. Don't threaten if you aren't going to pull through. That is the worst thing you can do. Good luck!

Sandy said...

So, on super nanny...they don't like to spank them either. But they do say, when you put them in time out, at first it'll work, and then, like you said, it's not going to phase them -BUT- if you continue to be constant (even though it's a lot of work at times) they eventually get the point, and it all will turn around. And like, say short, to the point things to him "we don't hit" and leave it at that, and follow through with the consequence. I dunno! It works for them! LOL
PS, I so have those days and nights, and more days lol Your not alone! *huge hugs*