Monday, January 20, 2014

4th of July

We had a fun fourth of July!  Normally we don't do much but this year we decided to smoke some meat and invite the missionaries over for dinner.  We also invited the Snow family over.  Cody made us some super yummy food!  We ate and had fun.  The kids ran all around and the missionaries gave us a good lesson.  After the missionaries left Gina helped me clean up the kitchen and put the food away and then we headed to Victorville to watch the fireworks but first we went to get ice cream!  We had Gina take a picture of us in front of our house because Mommy made us all 4th of July shirts!

Here are the kiddos while watching fireworks 

I hope everyone else had a happy 4th of July….you know….6 months ago!  haha

Going Away Party

When we found out we were moving to Texas we decided to was the perfect opportunity to have a BBQ.  Cody had been dying to smoke some meat and so we invited our friends over to share some food and fun with us.  The food was great and the company was even better.  Here are some of the pictures I managed to get.

                                     We had some live entertainment by the Shutter clan

                                                    Chris and Amanda

                                        The kids had fun running around playing

                                              Me and my girls!  Natalie, Amanda, Gina and Casey

I swear we don't drink but we do weird things completely sober!  

                                               They begged me not to go but alas….I had too!

Cody and Chris were the biggest party animals of all!  Chris has a door knob he was installing in another friends house that wouldn't work and Cody knew how to fix it.  They sat at the table for 10 to 15 minutes, not talking, just staring at Cody work on the door knob!  But he fixed it!  WOO HOO

Seth and Damon found the iPad's and were in heaven!  

Everyone had a good time!  So thanks Garcia's, Tobler's, Horvath's, Shutter's and Snow family for coming and saying goodbye!  We sure do miss you all!!!

San Diego Fun

When we went to Lego land we spent the night in La Jolla and took the next day to go to the temple and the beach.  The Temple was so pretty!  I took a million pictures while I was there.  I'll try not to post toooooooo many of the pictures.

Here we are

                                           We haven't changed at all in 10 years right?!  haha

After this we went to Carlsbad beach.  We got to run around on the beach for a while and take some more pictures.  I wish we had had time to play in the water but the kids got to dip their feet in.  

We had an enjoyable time.  Well, the kids and I had a good time.  Daddy is not really a beach person.  haha  After this we went home and Cody started packing for Texas.  :(  He had to leave the next day and we were going to miss him.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Legoland Fun

When we found out we were moving to Abilene Texas was knew we needed to do something fun before we left.  We had two choices ( in our opinion )  Disneyland or Lego land.  We have taken the kids to Disneyland once and it was great, however it is so stinking expensive.  Tyler is obsessed with Lego's so we thought maybe that would be a better choice.  Especially since it was close to the temple and I hadn't been there in like 9 years and we could also see the Burton's.  So we chose lego land.  We did not however, tell the kids.  We just told them we were doing something fun.  It was fun.  Everything expect when the kid RIGHT in front of us in one of the line's threw up….that was not so much fun but everything else was good.  Here are a couple of pictures from our trip.

                           Here is when he found out we were going to Lego Land!

                                       Here we are inside

He was so amazed by these lego guys!

                                WERE THERE MAN!

                                Kayla didn't want to be left out!

Kayla got her official Lego Land driver's license

Tyler always tells Daddy that he crossed over the line in the crosswalk when we are driving.  He likes to tell Papa when he is speeding too!  So we were anxious to see if this little dude screwed up at all while driving.  Check out what I caught on camera!  HE TOTALLY WENT OVER THE LINE!  haha  Daddy really rubbed that one in...

Then he proceeded to drive on the wrong side of the street…..good times

They totally have Princesses in Lego Land for the girls.  This particular princess has GOT to have a headache by the end of the day with the way that she smiles.  Worst. Princess. Smile. Ever!  Her face was like that the whole time too!  It was actually pretty funny.

We decided to go on a water ride and last minute Kayla had to pee so her and I ran to the bathroom.  I'm glad because I think she would have freaked out and then been freezing cold after.  Tyler freaked out a little but had so much fun after!

Then we took a boat ride...

It was lots of fun!

We also we to their aquarium.  I didn't take many pictures there.  Kayla wasn't too sure about the shark behind here!  haha

After this we went to see Jared and family at the outlet's in Carlsbad.  We had dinner with them at Ruby's.  

It was good times!  We spent the night in La Jolla and went to the beach and the Temple the next day.  Pictures to come another time.