Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Kayla sat Woody and Buzz next to her on the couch to watch a movie with her.  I HAD to get this picture. Isn't it cute?!

Grandma Papa Came to Play

My mom and dad came to visit.  Kayla and Tyler had so much fun.

I was going to post some more pictures but apparently I haven't shrunk them yet.  SO I guess there are more to come in a day or two

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


When I am cooking in the kitchen Kayla likes to come in and try and get attention.  She tries this in many different ways.  My favorite is when she goes over to our cupboards and tells me "Oh no momma, I stuck!"

This particular day this wasn't enough I guess.  She actually crawled up inside of the cupboard.  Then she pretended to be asleep.

Then she tried coming out feet AND head first!

crazy little girl.  She also likes to hide in her curtains

And just so this post isn't ALL about Kayla

That Tyler guy sure wears some interesting outfits around the house!  This one is one of my person favorites from a couple of weeks ago

No pants on, underwear, big t-shirt, a tie and his helmet.  HAHA Then there was this one from a few days ago...

His crab hat, no pants again and a t-shirt.

He sure can look handsome too though! Here he is with daddy sporting his new church outfit.  He picked it out himself.  And lastly....

What makes me kids so weird?!  Seriously?!?!  haha

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tired Daddy

Yesterday Daddy got home late and was tired!  Mommy had a migraine.  I asked Daddy if I could take  a shower because it usually helps me head.  I got out of the shower and daddy was passed out on the couch. Kayla thought it was so fun that daddy was sleeping on the couch.  She went to her room and got daddy all of her special sleeping stuff.  Mommy was laughing.  I HAD to take a picture.  He is not super happy about that but look how cute he looks sleeping on the couch with his mouth open holding Kayla's snuggies!  heehee

Friday, February 11, 2011

On a Roll

That's right TWO post in one day.  I go weeks with none and then hit you with two!  This is actually just a quick post.  We found a new play ground that my kids LOVED!  It is only 3 or so blocks away and had lots for them to do and see.  I didn't bring my camera and then I of course was kicking myself the whole time because I could have gotten so many amazing pictures.  Oh well...that is what my cell phone is for right?!  And so, that is what I did.  My little red camera wasn't even in my purse because I had switched purses that sunday and didn't transfer it. Darn.  These cell phone ones are pretty good so I am still happy.

Here is Kayla and Tyler both sporting their new spongebob wrist bands Aunt Stacie and Madison sent them ( they LOVED THEM! )

And here is Miss Kayla ( That's what I call her ) making faces at me behind this plastic bubble

NOtice there are no pictures of TYler except the one?  Yeah that would be because he will stop to take a picture for Aunt Stacie but he won't stop to take pictures for mommy.  SOmetimes I am so loved!  haha

More of Kayla she stops SOMETIMES

She was killing me with the pig tails!  She own't leave ANYTHING in her hair any more so I was thrilled to get some pictures of her with something in her hair.  It's so cute when she leaves them in.

Kayla's birthday

I hate posting birthday post without a new born picture but alas, our router isn't hooked up and thats where Kayla's new born pictures are.  Just picture a REALLY fat faced dark hair baby.  She was 9lbs 5oz when she was born and now she is just below 30!  I'd give you an exact number but since we just moved we haven't found her a new doctor yet so she has yet to have her two year check up.  We were lucky to have Papa and Nana come visit for her birthday and my dear friend Danny and his boy ( whom I hadn't met yet! )  So glad everyone could make it.

Kayla loves pizza so we had a pizza party complete with a pizza cake.

We also had pasta, salad and these yummy garlic cheese rolls I found a WONDERFUL recipe for!  They are to die for.

I also made some Texas cookies since we miss it dearly!

Here is the birthday girl in her new Dora dress Danny got her

Kayla and Holten hit it off really well.  They played in Kayla's room and hung out in the Toy Story tent and Danny and I arranged their marriage heehee  Wouldn't they make beautiful kids?!

Tyler told Danny he was one of his buddies now. That's a pretty hard honor from Tyler.  The only other people who hold that title is Cody, Papa and Grandpa!

I TRIED to get a picture of Kayla with Danny and one with Papa and Nana but it wasn't happening.  I also tried desperately to get a picture with her such luck.  What a punk!  haha

Happy birthday Kayla!  We love you and hope you had a wonderful day!