Friday, February 11, 2011

On a Roll

That's right TWO post in one day.  I go weeks with none and then hit you with two!  This is actually just a quick post.  We found a new play ground that my kids LOVED!  It is only 3 or so blocks away and had lots for them to do and see.  I didn't bring my camera and then I of course was kicking myself the whole time because I could have gotten so many amazing pictures.  Oh well...that is what my cell phone is for right?!  And so, that is what I did.  My little red camera wasn't even in my purse because I had switched purses that sunday and didn't transfer it. Darn.  These cell phone ones are pretty good so I am still happy.

Here is Kayla and Tyler both sporting their new spongebob wrist bands Aunt Stacie and Madison sent them ( they LOVED THEM! )

And here is Miss Kayla ( That's what I call her ) making faces at me behind this plastic bubble

NOtice there are no pictures of TYler except the one?  Yeah that would be because he will stop to take a picture for Aunt Stacie but he won't stop to take pictures for mommy.  SOmetimes I am so loved!  haha

More of Kayla she stops SOMETIMES

She was killing me with the pig tails!  She own't leave ANYTHING in her hair any more so I was thrilled to get some pictures of her with something in her hair.  It's so cute when she leaves them in.

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