Friday, February 11, 2011

Kayla's birthday

I hate posting birthday post without a new born picture but alas, our router isn't hooked up and thats where Kayla's new born pictures are.  Just picture a REALLY fat faced dark hair baby.  She was 9lbs 5oz when she was born and now she is just below 30!  I'd give you an exact number but since we just moved we haven't found her a new doctor yet so she has yet to have her two year check up.  We were lucky to have Papa and Nana come visit for her birthday and my dear friend Danny and his boy ( whom I hadn't met yet! )  So glad everyone could make it.

Kayla loves pizza so we had a pizza party complete with a pizza cake.

We also had pasta, salad and these yummy garlic cheese rolls I found a WONDERFUL recipe for!  They are to die for.

I also made some Texas cookies since we miss it dearly!

Here is the birthday girl in her new Dora dress Danny got her

Kayla and Holten hit it off really well.  They played in Kayla's room and hung out in the Toy Story tent and Danny and I arranged their marriage heehee  Wouldn't they make beautiful kids?!

Tyler told Danny he was one of his buddies now. That's a pretty hard honor from Tyler.  The only other people who hold that title is Cody, Papa and Grandpa!

I TRIED to get a picture of Kayla with Danny and one with Papa and Nana but it wasn't happening.  I also tried desperately to get a picture with her such luck.  What a punk!  haha

Happy birthday Kayla!  We love you and hope you had a wonderful day!


Stacey said...

Is that a boxed cake mix?! Happy berfday Kayla!

Roundy Clan said...

yes it was a box cake mix. I changed it up a bit. I used milk instead of water and something else instead of eggs but now I forgot what! haha It turned out MUCH yummier then they usually do.