Thursday, December 30, 2010

Birthday Party

Tyler had his birthday party at chuck-e-cheese. I didn't get very good pictures because I was trying to talk to everyone and kind of make sure everything was going okay.  However, my friend Sarah got great pictures and sent me some.  So here are the pictures she took of our party!  I feel SO bad because I forgot to take a group picture of everyone who came....and I call myself a photographer!

In case you are wondering what the heck is going on in the last two pictures, its called the ticket blaster.  You go in there and they blow tickets all around you and you are supposed to grab the tickets in the air.  Some of them are worth 50 tickets or 100 tickets for one slip of paper.  Tyler was SOOOOO excited to do this.  He also HATES loud noises.  He gets in there, they start it up and it's so loud he didn't take his hands off of his ears the entire time.  He came out kind of freaked out and had zero tickets.  The lady who was in charge of his party went in and grabbed him some and he ended up with about 500 tickets.  She was VERY nice!!!

I love the grumpy face one of Tyler and I Love the one of Kayla with his face pressed against the glass of the ticket blaster booth.  She was intrigued!  Thanks for the pictures Sarah!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


We had fun last week when some friends of ours came over for a last play date with the trampoline before Daddy and Papa had to take it apart.  We had fun jumping and playing in the leaves.  LOTS of fun until Madison got leaves in her eyes and then about 5 minutes later got elbowed in the face and got a bloody nose.  Booooo  She is a tough girl though because 5 minutes later when the blood stopped flowing out of her nose she went right back on and jumped some more.

Last time at dance class

And we have been going to our local library for story time since Tyler was a little over a year old.  This is Miss Cheryl and we are gonna miss her!

Today was our last day going to story time!  We have LOTS more LAST I am afraid....

moving SUCKS!


A few random pictures from WAYYYY back that never got blogged about

The first....Kayla's bum

I thought this was HILARIOUS and I HAD to take a picture of her outfit taking a crawl up her bum...

This picture of Kayla was SOOOOO washed out but I fixed it the best I could just so I could post it because I love the look on her face

This is Tyler at his last dance class.  He kept giving me a thumbs up and winking!  :)  He cracks me up!!!

This is Kayla with Santa.  Heehee  I LOVE IT!  Is that sad that I love a picture of my baby freaking out?  In the second picture she was saying, "Mommy!"  haha

This was dried mud!  Kayla kept saying "Chocolate momma!"  She REALLLLLY thought it was chocolate.

I loved this picture I got of Kayla and Tyler when we were in Corpus Christi.  I love that they are on the same foot and everything.  I wish all those people aren't in the picture with them but oh well.

Tyler with his BIG GUNS

Kayla with her Papa back when we were still in Utah.  She had him wrapped around her finger :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tooth Fairy

Tyler lost his first tooth a little over a week ago.  I was shocked.  He JUST turned 5 people.  Then Sunday night he lost another one.  While Nana was here for Christmas she told him that when he loses another tooth she should sell his tooth to HER instead of the tooth fairy because she would have given him more.  So we called up Nana Sunday night ( after much deliberation about WHO to sell his tooth too...)  and she offered him 8 quarters.  The tooth fairy only gives him 4!  Well, my handsome little guy had watched American Pickers with us that afternoon after his nap and he came back at Nana with a counter offer.  "TEN"  I started laughing because I thought it was pretty funny of him to up her offer.  She accepted and she gets a tooth.  He gets 10 quarters.  That's my boy!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


My boy turned 5 just a couple of weeks ago.  Now he has decided to do a bunch of growing up.  Tonight he did a BIG thing.  He lost his first tooth!  There was a little blood involved so he started to panic slightly.  Then he remembered he got a dollar form the tooth fairy and it made it ALL better!

These are cell phone pictures but they do the trick for now.  Ain't he a cutie.  The tooth right next to it is loose too!  We'll see how much longer it takes for that one to pop out too.  Man my little guy is growing up.  It makes me happy and very sad all at the same time.  :) 

Thursday, December 16, 2010


So just out of curiosity I decided to go to one of those sites that prints your blog for you to see how much it would be.  I would HATE to lose my blog!  It's my only diary for the last 3 or so years of my life and my families.  Not to mention the kids baby books since I never really filled Tyler's out and poor Kayla didn't even get one bought for her.  Any ways.  I put in the first year ONLY.  HAHAHAHAHA  It was gonna cost me 118 dollars to print it.  I guess that's actually not TOO bad considering just the table on contents took up like 4 or 5 pages!  It reminds me of how much I have SLACKED off lately in the blogging.  After we move and I have no life for a while, I plan on getting some things caught up and trying to be better at the blogging.  We'll see how that goes.  :)  I COULD print the book in black and white with no pictures for just under 40 dollars but what's the fun in that?!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I have been meaning to write and guess what?  I have been failing miserably.  But I have good reasons.  First we are back in Texas.  Yeeehaw!  BUT it isn't for too long because Cody gpt a new job and we are going to be moving in a couple of weeks to California.  We are STRESSED and BUSY!  But we have had TWO birthdays.  Tyler turned 5 on December 1st.  We had a Chuck-e-cheese party and it was lots of fun.  Then Cody turned 29 yesterday.  The night before we found his first gray hair...that didn't help!  haha  Cody is always depressed about getting older, I could careless.  Who cares how old we are?!

Any ways.  I have lots of pictures and stories to post and I think once we get settled down in California I will go posting crazy and try and get them all up.  In the mean time I have a talk to write for church, a sunday school lesson to prepare, a yard sale to organize, a couple of photography sessions coming up to take and then edit and then that whole PACKING UP AND MOVING THING!  Sheesh   

Oh and don't forget Christmas.  BOOOOOOO too much to do. I am hoping I live through it