Wednesday, December 29, 2010


A few random pictures from WAYYYY back that never got blogged about

The first....Kayla's bum

I thought this was HILARIOUS and I HAD to take a picture of her outfit taking a crawl up her bum...

This picture of Kayla was SOOOOO washed out but I fixed it the best I could just so I could post it because I love the look on her face

This is Tyler at his last dance class.  He kept giving me a thumbs up and winking!  :)  He cracks me up!!!

This is Kayla with Santa.  Heehee  I LOVE IT!  Is that sad that I love a picture of my baby freaking out?  In the second picture she was saying, "Mommy!"  haha

This was dried mud!  Kayla kept saying "Chocolate momma!"  She REALLLLLY thought it was chocolate.

I loved this picture I got of Kayla and Tyler when we were in Corpus Christi.  I love that they are on the same foot and everything.  I wish all those people aren't in the picture with them but oh well.

Tyler with his BIG GUNS

Kayla with her Papa back when we were still in Utah.  She had him wrapped around her finger :)


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Kristy Lou said...

Lots of fun pictures!! I love the one of the two of them on the same foot and the one of Tyler in his dance class. Classic!