Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pictures while driving

Utah is so stinking pretty! I LOVE the mountains and I am going miss them so much when I go back to Texas. Here are some pictures we took while driving. The first one is of a dirt devil that was so huge it went ALL the way up to the clouds. I had NEVER seen one that big before. It was kind of freaky. The rest are just pictures. Enjoy. I am crossing my fingers that it works this time around.

Visting Uncle Scott

HOLY CRAP! I am the only one who is having trouble with blogger lately? This is the THIRD time I have tried this post and this time....I am only leaving these two pictures that ACTUALLY attached. The first one is Bradlie on the swings. My camera had trouble focusing because she was moving but it is still pretty darn cute. She has such a cute face.

Her crawling on the floor. She is getting into everything these days. And of course she wanted everything that WASN'T okay for her to play with. She would crawl right past all of her toys.

I will try and repost this for the 4th freaking time in a little bit. I need to wait and relax and let my blood pressure go back down! haha Stupid blogger....

3 times a charm ( hopefully )

This is the THIRD FREAKING time I have tried to make this post so I am crossing my fingers it will work this time. I don't want to have to type it again and every time I type this up it gets smaller ......SOOOOOOOOOOO I am back from visiting my brother up North. I took a BUNCH of pictures and shrunk about 30 to post later. But before I get into that I wanted to post pictures from that baby bump contest I was writing about right before I left. I am posting two pictures. The Easter egg one and the cool one I want to try and copy while I am in Cali. Hope you enjoy. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO exhausted I am just counting down the minutes until nap time. :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Keep forgetting

So I know I wrote that Going Green blog a while ago and haven't written anything more lately. Well today while looking through my moms family circle magazine I found this site:


They have biodegradable bags that only take 2 years to break down instead of 100 years! The add says, "This recycled plastic version has a FDA approved additive that helps it decompose in less than 2 years. You can get them on amazon.com and it says they are coming to Walgreen soon. Just go to the web site for the info because they also have things for pets such as kitty litter box liners and such. Help save the planet people. Anything helps.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Baby Bump photo contest

Does anyone read the magazine Family Circle? My mom subscribes to it and she wanted me to go on line and change her address for her. Instead I saw "Photo Contest" and clicked on the link. Heehee. They had all sorts of photo contest but a lot of them were already closed. Bummer. However, the two contest that were still open were, Halloween costumes, and Baby bumps. I could do both of those....I was showing my sister some of the photos women had posted of their baby bellies. There were a couple that we were laughing at and some that were actually some really cool photos that I want to try and copy :) Kristy, jokingly said that I should by some body paint and paint a pumpkin on my tummy and enter it into BOTH contest. We laughed about it and I told her, "FAT CHANCE!" Well after my sister left to go home I was flipping through more of the pictures and I found it! We were joking but I knew people seriously did stuff like this. Someone had their husband paint their tummy as an Easter egg! Oh dear. People do the weirdest things with their bellies when they are pregnant. I had seen the tummy painting before and I have also seen women who make a mold of their tummies. Um, yeah, I think thats kind of strange. No offense if you are someone who did either, I just don't feel like doing that to MY tummy. So any ways. Anyone have any ideas for a cool baby bump photo? There was one I really like that I want to try and have someone take for me but we'll see if I get the chance. The person took it at sunset on a beach RIGHT in the path of the sun so they just looked like a black shadow. It was a really cool picture actually. I'll have to see if I can copy and paste it later. For any one who wants to check out the contest just go to familycircle.com and click on the lin kthat says photo contest.

Okay I am off to bed. I had an interesting thing happen to me today that I will tell y'all about real quick though. I had just got out of the shower and went into my bedroom to get something out of the closet and something bit my hand. I looked more closely and their were about 100 ants crawling ALL over my CLEAN clothes that were hanging up. What the heck! So we had to throw all of them in the washer to try and kill the ants. The little bastards survived. So we washed them again. STILL we had some survivors so we fried them in the dryer! haha SO we are NOT going walking tomorrow with Aunt Kristy. we are going to stay home and wash another load or two of clothes, pack, clean my car and probably shower again. Then about 1ish we are heading to Provo. It should be fun. Wish us luck. I have never driven their before. :) Oh and I won't be posting until Monday. That's when we get back so sorry for the neglect over the weekend but I am sure you'll get over it


Oh my gosh...I was looking at the post I just did and I swear my legs are GLOWING they are so white! haha The fact that I am wearing a white shirt doesn't help. It really doesn't seem that fair that my 2 year old boy has darker skin then me....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Going Back

I have some pictures of Tyler and I jumping on the trampoline together from a couple of weeks ago that I wanted to post. So let's get those out of the way.

OKay so is anyone else having problems with posting pictures lately? It won't let me move them where I want them to be, which is a problem for me. Grrrrrrr

It really seems like I needed to write a HUGE blog but as I sit in front of the computer I don't even know what to write about. Some things I can think of, I wanted to post pictures for and I don't have them on the computer yet. Doh! I need to get that done. I haven't been on the lap top as much lately. I still am a week behind on the 365 project and with the way posting pictures is giving me trouble, I don't think it will go over well.

Hmmmmmmmmm. I was gonna post a blog about a week or so ago about some of my favorite things. I took some pictures for it and I will have to upload those eventually. One of these days I will get around to it I swear.

So this weekend My mom, Tyler and I are going up to Provo to visit my brother. We are going up sometime Friday afternoon and coming back Monday afternoon. It should be fun. I am also going to see my best friend Amy and her kids and I hope to get to see long time friend Loni who I haven't seen in like....10 years. I haven't met her husband or her daughter. Okay. I need to go to bed or I won't feel like walking in the morning. For those who are interested, I am walking the 3 miles with my sister in the mornings and its going very well so far. On Saturday Tyler grabbed his DVD player and said, "I need to go walking mom! I need to walk with Aunt Kristy and Liz" It was cute. I have missed yesterday so far but plan on walking the rest of the week. If I make it every day the rest of the week that will mean I did 4 days this week. That would be pretty awesome. I love walking. Its a great work out and I get to talk to grown ups at the same time. :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Buying a dress

I went to target today to get a dress and I was so excited to see the owl dress still there! WOO HOO. So I snatched it up and now it is hanging lovely in my closet. I am way excited. It is kind of funny because it says on the tag it is PJ's. I think it looks WAY to cute to be pajamas so I think we will put it on her whenever we feel like it. Oh and by the way, I have had some people ask for names. We already had a girl name picked out for Tyler which was Taylor. Then we figured that if we ever had a girl we would still call her that. Well, when I first found out I was pregnant, just thinking about the possibility of having a girl, I started calling Tyler -Taylor. So I kind of decided that maybe that wouldn't be the best name for our little girl. We were gonna name her Taylor McKenize so instead I am pretty sure we are going to name her McKenzie Taylor. I think it is way cute. I will have to try and see if Tyler will be able to pronounce it! haha Bet it will take some practicing.

Yesterday was a good day though. Not only did we find out we were having a girl, but we got to take a walk in the morning with Aunt Kristy AND we got a bill figured out that was wrong. The lab sent me a bill for over 300 dollars for my basic prenatal lab work. Our insurance covers 100%. I don't even have to pay a co-pay when I go to the doctor so why the heck would I have to pay for basic prenatal blood work. It turns out they had our wrong ID number for insuracne and it was showing up as though our insurance rejected the claim. Glad we got it taken care of because we have had nothing but problems since we are in Utah but "live" in Texas. Grrrrrr. Any ways. Tyler was REALLY tired though. He had a rough day once we got home. The night before he was having nightmares all night and didn't get very much sleep. THEN he didn't get his nap because Aunt Kristy was babysitting him since I had my appointment. He threw the a MILLION fits when we got back home including a fit from hell. I think it was his worst fit yet. It's been fun. Today he was grouchy off and on too but then he took a 2 and a half hour nap so he seems to be a little better now.

So I must say I am a cheetah person. Those who know me well know this. I like skulls and cross bones, and cheetah print stuff. I keep thinking of the 4 or 5 outfits I have in Cheetah print at home for a little girl that I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about now. One being an outfit my parents best friends they have had since high school, Jim and Penny, bought Cody and I. It's the CUTEST velvet cheetah outfit for a 3 month old girl! I am SO excited to put it on someone. Well, aside from the fact that my mom and I put it on Tyler when he was about a month or so old while Cody was gone on a business trip. HAHA I would add pictures ( because of course we took some ) but they are at home on our hard drive. It was good times though and about 3 or 4 months later I confessed to Cody what we did and showed him the pictures. He just shook his head at me. But it is seriously the cutest outfit. I have other cheetah things too but most of them are for a 12 month old or up. Still exciting though. Okay I promised Tyler I would take him out side and let him jump on the trampoline so I better hurry this up. My head hurts so wish me luck. He never just jumps alone he needs someone to help him. I'm gonna try to get away with just watching though but I don't think that will go over very well.


Look at picture my mom took of me on Sunday before church. I look like I am ready to pop! I am only 20 weeks. I swear it is the dress though. This dress would make ANYONE look pregnant. Even my sister Kim. If you don't know her, think of a VERY skinny person! haha Any ways. I was gonna post it last night and then ran out of time so here it is.

Monday, September 22, 2008

LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG freaking day...

Some good, some bad. Mostly good. I had my appointment and I am pleased to say we are having a girl! I also got a copy of the sonogram so I can send it to Cody. We are VERY excited. We suspected it was a girl from the beginning. I am going to add some sonogram pictures. I know these are so hard to figure out for people who have never had kids ( and even for some who have haha ) so I will try and explain. I am SO tired and need to go to bed so I will write a more in detail blog tomorrow.

Yup, that's my girls privates!

Her arm

Her beautiful side profile ( which actually looked remarkably like Homer Simpson from a different angle! )

Her arm and lovely face

Saturday, September 20, 2008

365 week 15

I think I am on the right week...I guess one of these days I really should go back and check. Any ways. Since I didn't have the internet last week it was hard for me to get my project done. I got it back a couple of days ago and FINALLY got around to figuring out my project for two weeks ago. I will figure it out from this last week later tonight or tomorrow.

Day 1-7th

I have been into the Office trying to get season 4 watched. So I thought it appropriate to take a picture of it. Believe it or not this was the ONLY picture I took ALL day.

Day 2-8th

I went to In-N-Out and it was SO FREAKING GOOD! For those who do not know what In-N-Out is, I feel so sorry for you.

Day 3-9th

This is my cousin Melissa's kids. Their grandfather was in the hospital and so they came to stay with their other grandparents, my aunt and uncle. They played outside with Tyler but Tyler was really shy. I tried to take a picture of them together and none of them smiled. I thought that was funny. It's kind of like children of the corn or something so I thought I should make it my picture for the day. Heehee

Day 4-10th

My mom has been practicing her typing. Tyler wanted to be like grandma so he sat at the table and typed for a minute. Then he put his head down on the key board like he was exhausted. HAHA That's when I got the picture and I think it's so funny.

Day 5-11th

Tyler likes to line things up. I took this picture after his bath this night. He just makes me laugh.

Day 6-12th

My favorite picture of Tyler right now is the one I have of him as our header. So I decided to pick one of the "other" pictures from this night on the trampoline. This one cracks me up because he looks a little special in it!

Day 7-13th

I took this picture of grandma and Tyler on the couch. I didn't have the flash on and the room was dark enough that the shutter didn't open right away and I moved. It turned out kind of cool looking so I decided to keep it as my picture.

Catching up

I'll start with Sunday. I have been dreading Sundays because Tyler is always so naughty at church. We never get to stay for all of nursery because Ty get's upset about something and starts balling. I am getting to big to carry him all through nursery and we end up leaving. Then Tyler gets upset because he wants to stay and cries the whole way home. Blah, blah, blah. It's awful. Well this last Sunday Tyler actually stayed for ALL of church! WOO HOO! It was fabulous. He only cried once during nursery and it was because the nursery leader has a baby and he started crying and Mr. TYTY is way too sensitive and started balling. Go figure. But we made it all of nursery and he even participated a little. It was great. I would imagine at this rate I could actually get him to stay by himself before we left but the problem is next weekend we are going to be gone. We are going to visit Uncle Scott and Aunt Lauren in Provo. Then ( hopefully ) a couple of weeks we are coming to California. Cross your fingers on that one.

Monday was a good day. We got up and went to Walmart to do some grocery shopping. We got back and then Hung out for an hour or so before Aunt Kristy came over and we went to lunch. We had Jimmy Jon's which is a sandwich place and it was so yummy. While we were there Tyler pooped. It was kind of funny because we hadn't smelled it yet or anything and he just looked at me and said, "Mamma I didn't poo-poo." Which meant he had pooped. So we changed him in my trunk and then went shopping. It was fun. We went and bought tickets to see a dance show and I am SO excited. It's called Thriller and every year they have it at the theatre here and everyone says it's so awesome. I have never been here when it was showing so I am excited to get to see it finally.

Tuesday was a good day too. We had a rough night though. I was planning on getting up and walking BUT Tyler woke up at 3 in the morning. I all of the sudden was awoken by a hand touching my back. I open my eyes and Tyler says, "It's time to get up momma" DOH! "No it's time to go to bed Tyty" I tell him. Then I noticed his blankets were missing. "Tyler where are your blankies?" He drags me ALL the way into the living room and there they were sitting on the couch. He had woke up and gone all the way in there and then went back to wake me up. I put him back in to bed but at this point who knows how long he had been awake for. About an hour or so later he was still tossing and turning and playing with his blankets. At about 5 I finally told him to come get into mommies bed. My bed is a single bed and with my ever expanding belly, it really doesn't leave room for someone else to sleep with me. He was all congested and couldn't breath so about every 2 minutes he would move. NO JOKE! I tried to get up and sleep on the floor but he woke up and got mad at me. Grrrrr. I finally managed to go to sleep at like 6 or so and then Tyler woke right up and like 7:15ish. We finally got out of bed around 8 or so and I was beat. SOOOOOOOOO we did NOT go walking again that day. I'm not even sure what we did all day but we had naps and then my mom came home from work and watched Tyler so that I could go out by myself. It was wonderful. I went to ROSS to look at maternity clothes and found jeans, a sweater, and two shirts and I only paid 42 dollars. I LOVE ROSS! My jeans fit really well too. Then I went to Target since it was right next door and looked at clothes there. They didn't really have much but that is when I found the owl dress. For those who suggested I buy it and then return it, I didn't want to do that because I was afraid it would be too depressing to return it if we weren't having a girl. I know that sounds dumb, but I really didn't want to have to do that. Over all it was a good day though.

Wednesday.....Hmmmmmm. I can't remember. OH we went walking in the morning and then we came home and ate lunch and showered. Then I put Tyler down for a nap and then got up and my mom and I went out just the two of us. That's right, TWO days in a row without Tyler while shopping. It was wonderful. My6 dad was the babysitter this time. I had given Tyler some medicine before I put him down because he could hardly breath and on our way home after shopping for 2 hours, we called my dad to check on things. Tyler was STILL knocked out! haha Go figure. When we got home he was awake and so glad to see momma. Therest of the night was fun playing.

Thursday we went walking in the morning again and then went to the dollar store on the way home. While we were walking Tyler had a little Minnie mouse figurine in his hand. I was walking passed a bush and all of the sudden Tyler put his hands out and was trying to get leaves. Then I hear, "Oh no, where'd Minnie go!" Yeah, he had dropped Minnie INSIDE the bush. so we stop walking and are digging through someones bushes and finally I find her. He was so excited. We pull back up to Kristy house and I go to get him out of the stroller and Minnie was GONE! Can you believe that?! After digging through the bushes for her we ended up losing her anyways. So we went to the dollar store to get another one. The rest of the day I am trying to remember. We had lunch at home and then had naps. When we got up we just hung out for a little bit and then grandma, grandpa and I took him to the playground. We played until it started to get dark and then got treats at Sonic. Another good day.

Friday we got up and went walking again. That's right we made it THREE days in a row! :) When we are done walking I usually go into Kristy house to pee. We ended up talking and just hung out until 11. Tyler was playing with toys and he did the funniest thing. I am saving it for my 365 project though so you will have to wait a day or two to hear the story and see the picture. Then we came home and talked to Cody and had lunch. Then I showered and then had naps with Tyler. Then Kristy and Noah came over and we took the kids to a park that had a really cute play ground and a splash pad. They had fun. Then we took them to Denny's and had dinner. They were very entertaining. There was a pregnant girl there who had a shirt on that said, "I'm not fat, I'm knocked up" haha I think I need one of those.

So we are all caught up now. I will post some pictures later. I need to go get ready so I can take the little guy grocery shopping. Yesterday he had a little notebook with him on the walk and we lost it too! I don't know how we lost that because its kind of big. I always walk in front and Liz and Kristy usually walk behind me so I am not sure how none of us saw it. Oh well. We are off to do some shopping which makes my little shop-a-holic very happy. He request to go shopping at least 20 times a day. He's a product of his grandma! :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I have had an undying love for owls for a couple of years now. I have talked about it a time or two on here during some blogs. WELL, Tuesday I got to go shopping BY MYSELF ( it was so nice ) and one of the places I went was Target! Look what I found:

And since I don't know what I am having yet I couldn't buy it! DOH! It was only $12.99 and it was the ONLY one left! If I find out on Monday I am having a girl, I am SO going back to see if it is still there but I doubt it will be. :(


So for the last little bit I have been stealing the internet. For those of you who think less of me now, I have been stealing it from my Aunt and Uncle who just live down stairs from us and they know and don't care. haha They went to Florida on Friday to see one of their kids and mid Saturday the internet stopped working. I was so depressed! Not only is the internet a great place for Cody and I to talk ( not to mention use the web cams ) but I also have this blog on here where I get to update everyone. It is also my only source of a journal right now. I HATE not getting to update it more then 3 days in a row so it was KILLING me that I couldn't get on. I have actually had a pretty full week. I will update everyone later because I have things I need to do right now. But I am happy my Aunt and Uncle got home and fixed the problem. WOO HOO! My friend Sarah called me yesterday to let me know she had her baby last week and had sent me pictures so I was dying to get back on line and see how cute her new boy was, which he was! :) okay I am attaching one picture. It's my newest preggo picture. I took it on Tuesday and I was a little over 19 weeks. Tomorrow I hit the 20 week mark which is half way! WOO HOO I doubt I will make the full 40 weeks any ways. But Monday we get to find out what we are having and I am so excited I could scream!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Favorite Things

I was thinking earlier this evening that I wanted to do a blog about my favorite things and post some pictures. Then Tyler and I played outside. It just so happens that I took my NEW favorite picture of him which I now used as my header. Seriously, I can't wait to get home to Texas, blow it up and frame it! I love it that much. haha He is laying down on the trampoline ( which happens to be his favorite thing to do now ) and I was taking pictures of him. I told him to show me his happy face and he said, "CHEESE" His hair was sticking straight up with static and I just can't believe how freaking cute it came out.

Okay now that that is out of my system...I just wanted to clarify something from my post about walking. I don't make Tyler walk 3 miles! haha It kind of made it sound like that. He actually sits in his stroller with his DVD player and usually eats gold fishy crackers. Which means, not only am I getting to walk 3 miles but I get to push his 40 pound butt in front of me while I do it. My sister and her friend Liz both said that if I ever get tired they would push for a minute. HAHAHAHA Yeah right. Kristy pushed for a second the other day because the baby was pushing on my bladder and I felt like I was going to wet myself. Tyler looked back, saw that it was Kristy pushing him and started saying, "Oh momma, you push it!" My kid, I swear. It's so funny too because he LOVES his Aunt Kristy. She came over just to get something yesterday and we were getting ready to go to Walmart with my mom. He started saying, "Momma, Grandma and Aunt Kristy go shopping." We kept telling him she couldn't come but we would see her in the morning to go on a walk but he just kept repeating it. While I was putting him in his car seat he looked at me and said, "Momma, I need Aunt Kristy"! So cute.

Any ways. I am going to take some pictures over the next day or two of my favorite things. Obviously since I am not at home amongst my own stuff, I can't take a picture of everything. But I will make do. I have been having a great week and am trying to make the best of it by spreading some love to others. Last week Tyler was so awful! I was so frustrated by the end of the week and then Sunday he was a brat again. On top of that I am starting to get shooting pains when I pick him up which will make church so much harder because he always wants me to carry him. But after his nap Sunday, he has been a pretty good boy ever since. He has thrown the occasional fit here and there but nothing to serious and we have had lots of fun this week shopping and playing out side. It made me very happy. My mom had a meeting this week and one of the ladies told her about a book that is supposed to be excellent if you have Children. It's from the author of 'Men Are From Mars, Woman Are From Venus' and it's called, "And Children Are From Heaven' Someone we know bought it when she found out she was pregnant at age 40 and it has changed her life she said. I am going to look it up on amazon tomorrow and see if I can get it. I know everyone has issues with their kids ( especially at the age Tyler is at ) but it would be nice to find a GOOD book that might help me along. I thought I would mention it here for those other mommies who read this. I haven't read it yet, but like I said, our friend said it changed her life. :)

I hope everyone else is having a good week too. I must say how glad I am to NOT be in Texas right now. My dad said on the news today ( he works in a furniture store in the electronics department with TV's every where ) They were actually telling people if they didn't evacuate the areas told to leave, they WILL die! They actually were telling them to write their social security number on their fore arms so that it would be easier to identify their bodies! Sheeeeesh! Hopefully people were smart enough to get the heck out of there. We live right in the middle of the state so our town just has to deal with rain, flash floods and possible tornado's. Oh and my sister in law said gas is crazy! She tried to gas up today and they only had super unleaded! Plus there were LINES! Not very typical where we live. Okay I should have gone to bed already so enjoy your weekend and here are a couple other pictures I took tonight that I also thought were cute! ENJOY

Friday, September 12, 2008


So I had been going on walks in the evenings with Tyler. Then my parents moved and there are no walking trails right here. i would have to drive to one. Putting Tyler in the car to go walking would be a pain so I just hadn't walked in two weeks. When I say I hadn't walked, that means I hadn't EXERCISED at all really except the occasional hop on the trampoline with Tyler. In that 2 weeks i gained 4 pounds. Um yeah, I don't think so. My sister walks a little over 3 miles every morning with a friend of hers. I told her I was gonna make an effort to join them. The first day was hard for me. I was pretty tired after wards and kept moaning and groaning the rest of the day. My mom kept telling me she didn't think it was a good idea and I told her I was fine and needed to exercise. A couple of days later, I made it to walk again. This was Monday. I was planning on doing it Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Then next week I was going to do it every day. I have since changed my plans. I think every day would be too much for me so unless in a couple of weeks I change my mind I am going to go every other day. This week was great! Wednesday my shoes were hurting my feet and gave me a blister that popped! GRRRRR. Good news though. Cody asked me if I would buy him some shoes and mail them to him. He wanted me to buy him some Nike's which means I had to go shopping. My mom came with me one of the days so I was able to try some shoes on too! it was fabulous because I found a pair of walking shoes ( Nike ) that were on sale for $44.99. WOO HOO! for me thats a lot of money for a pair of shoes. It was so worth it though. I went walking this morning and my feet feel great. The only problem I had was my already opened blister rubbing because my band aid of course came off while walking. That had nothing to do with my shoes though. I was very grateful Cody asked me to buy him some shoes because I would have gone to walmart and bought me another cheap pair that I am SURE would have STILL hurt my feet. So I am very happy now. Can't wait until Monday to try them out again. The other nice thing is that Tyler is getting used to going walking now. The first day he did great. The second day he cried and we had to force him into his stroller. The third time he not only screamed ( and woke half the neighborhood up ) but he was kicking and swinging. Today, he got in by himself. SWEET. It's always nice to not have to force him in. So Walking has been great. I weighted myself yesterday and I lost 2 pounds! That's even with the baby growing like crazy lately and me being extra hungry. So hopefully I won't keep gaining 2 pounds a week. That's about what I did the last time and I really don't want to have to buy size 18 pants when I give birth. I would actually be more then happy to fit into my size 16 when the baby comes. Any ways...just wanted to write that down. It was a good week for me all around though. Tyler has been really good this week and has been taking excellent naps which is always awesome. I have spent SOOOOOO much money though this week and need to slow down before I spent all of Cody's money! he gave me an allowance for when I was gone and I have gone over it EVERY month! this month, I am already about to go over it and it's only the 12th! DOH! Good thing my husband is nice about it and doesn't want me to be without anything I need. I guess I just need to cut all the other crap out. haha I'm trying to teach Tyler that he doesn't get to buy a toy EVERY time we leave the house. That would definitely help too. Okay I am going to lay down on the couch until nap time in about 30 minutes. I am SOOOOO tired today all of the sudden. I hope everyone has a fabulous day and remember to smile.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Week 14 ( and before I had to do the next one ) heehee

I FINALLY got around to getting some alone time so I could do my 365 from last week. That way when the week was over, I wouldn't have to do two of them again. Again,I am in a hurry though and won't write much for each one,but you'll get the idea.


This is Ty's crazy outfit after church. He took that same visor and put it over his mouth earlier in the day and said, "Look at me momma, I'm a duck! Quack Quack!" haha It was the cutest thing ever.


We had a good day with grandma. It was Labor day and we did some shopping, eating at Chili's and playing in the backyard. It was a good day.


Cuddling with grandpa before he went to work


Doing a puzzle with grandpa. Ty got up and grandpa finished it by himself. He couldn't let it just sit there undone! :)


At a BBQ in the park. I love his smile in this picture.


The back yard and wonderful view from a model home we saw. Isn't it gorgeous?!?!


Loving on this grandpa ( he really liked grandpa lately )

September 11th

I'm not gonna tell a story or anything but I remember everything about this day. I took this picture last Friday while we were looking at model homes. In light of today I thought it would be a good time to post it. Enjoy your day and remember how thankful we should be everyday to be alive!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I actually have good news....even though I have a head ache I think I know why I have been getting them. Today it is simply because I can't keep myself full. I have been starving all day! So for today it's a hungry head ache...but in the past I think I figure out what was wrong. Once you start getting big you are not supposed to sleep on your back. Doing so you cause a number of problems. One being that it can restrict the blood flow to your heart and brain. I think this is what was happening. I would always get thew head aches while sleeping and I would always wake up on my back. So if you are pregnant and having problems with your head, try sleeping on your side. For me the last week I have tried really hard to sleep on my side and this was the first head ache I have gotten. BUT like I said before, it's a hungry head ache. So yeah. I am going to go to bed soon. I wanted to catch up on some blogs but I will have to wait one more day. :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Week something.....I think 13?

I forgot to do my 365 project for the last week of August and so I had to go back and try and figure it out. I HATE that. I swear this week I am going to try REAL hard to save them as the days go. It would be so much easier then. I am not going to say much for these so here they are. Hopefully later today or tomorrow I will have them for the last week.

The last two are switched but I am too lazy to fix it. haha Yeah sorry. So enjoy...

For a good laugh

My good friend Sarah knows me all too well. She sent me a link for a blog called cake wreckers


GO check it out. It's pretty funny.

A bit Neglectful

Man we have had such a strange week. One day we are good and Tyler is so much fun and the next day we all want to kill him. It's been tough. I have things to write about but they escape me right now. I have been feeling the baby this week. I felt the baby move a LONG time ago but I am not even going to mention when because people would think I was crazy! haha My friend Sarah told me that she felt the baby move ( her second baby ) at about 15 weeks. Well, when I was pregnant with Tyler I didn't feel him until I was like 23 or 24 weeks along, then he never stopped moving it seemed. So when she said 15 weeks, I thought she was a little crazy! I didn't tell her that ( right Sarah ) but I was thinking it. Sure enough I felt this baby way early too! Then I knew what she was talking about. I had a lot of problems with bloating and gas the first 2 months or so of pregnancy so it was kind of hard to tell at first if it was gas or if it was the baby. I read a comment by someone who said, "My doctor told me there was no way I could feel the baby as early as I was and it was just gas. But I'm not stupid. You can't have gas bubbles in your uterus!" I thought she was completely right. SO I started figuring out where my stomach was and where the bubbles were coming from. At first I only felt the baby when I was laying down on my back. One time I did an experiment. I thought I felt the baby move so I pushed down as much as I could on my tummy where it was hitting and sure enough, it pushed back on me! haha As if to say "Mom it's cramped enough in here as it is" For the first time this week I felt the baby while I was standing. Walking to be exact. I think the babies head is to the right and the feet are in my bladder. That's where I feel MOST movement. then this morning, WHAM, it hit my ribs on my right side which was a surprise! I think it was stretching and I got socked. Any ways....I am having an awful Sunday. I haven't had a GREAT Sunday in months. Tyler is having a very rough time here church wise and I am about to shoot myself. In fact, during sacrament I asked Kristy if Jon ( her husband who is a cop ) had a tranquilizer gun I could borrow! Okay I am off to eat lunch and then HOPEFULLY Ty will take a great nap. Cross your fingers for me. I'll post a bunch of pictures later.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


After starting the day with such a positive post, I had a crappy day! haha Go figure. Tyler was a cranky butt ALLLLLLLLLL day and my mom and I wanted to kill him. After throwing fit after fit and screaming and crying all day long it seemed like, we figured he'd take a great nap. After he fell asleep I went to the store by myself which was so NICE and before I could even get home he woke up! I was so mad. He only slept for an hour and then was even WORSE after that. Finally after throwing another huge fit he wore himself out and laid on the couch and watch Beauty and the Beast while I made dinner. That was good too because I made my own pasta and it took like an hour to make the pasta and the sauce and cook everything. I have got to tell y'all that I made some weight watchers cinnamon rolls and they are soooooooooooo yummy! Especially as they are weight watchers ones and have only 200 calories in each one. I will post the recipe another time. For now I am going to post about 15 pictures of our temple trip today. These were my favorite ones from the day so enjoy. After looking at about 5, they all look the same any ways so try and stay until the end! :) Here's hoping for a better day tomorrow

In the last picture here Tyler is in it! Can you find him? He is just so small compared to the temple it's hard to see where he is! :)