Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Visting Uncle Scott

HOLY CRAP! I am the only one who is having trouble with blogger lately? This is the THIRD time I have tried this post and this time....I am only leaving these two pictures that ACTUALLY attached. The first one is Bradlie on the swings. My camera had trouble focusing because she was moving but it is still pretty darn cute. She has such a cute face.

Her crawling on the floor. She is getting into everything these days. And of course she wanted everything that WASN'T okay for her to play with. She would crawl right past all of her toys.

I will try and repost this for the 4th freaking time in a little bit. I need to wait and relax and let my blood pressure go back down! haha Stupid blogger....

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kailiaelf said...

I like all of these pictures. The only way I ever get Blogger to work for me is to post the pictures first, then type up what I want to say later. That's why mine always look the same. I'm glad you had a good time visiting your brother!