Saturday, September 20, 2008

365 week 15

I think I am on the right week...I guess one of these days I really should go back and check. Any ways. Since I didn't have the internet last week it was hard for me to get my project done. I got it back a couple of days ago and FINALLY got around to figuring out my project for two weeks ago. I will figure it out from this last week later tonight or tomorrow.

Day 1-7th

I have been into the Office trying to get season 4 watched. So I thought it appropriate to take a picture of it. Believe it or not this was the ONLY picture I took ALL day.

Day 2-8th

I went to In-N-Out and it was SO FREAKING GOOD! For those who do not know what In-N-Out is, I feel so sorry for you.

Day 3-9th

This is my cousin Melissa's kids. Their grandfather was in the hospital and so they came to stay with their other grandparents, my aunt and uncle. They played outside with Tyler but Tyler was really shy. I tried to take a picture of them together and none of them smiled. I thought that was funny. It's kind of like children of the corn or something so I thought I should make it my picture for the day. Heehee

Day 4-10th

My mom has been practicing her typing. Tyler wanted to be like grandma so he sat at the table and typed for a minute. Then he put his head down on the key board like he was exhausted. HAHA That's when I got the picture and I think it's so funny.

Day 5-11th

Tyler likes to line things up. I took this picture after his bath this night. He just makes me laugh.

Day 6-12th

My favorite picture of Tyler right now is the one I have of him as our header. So I decided to pick one of the "other" pictures from this night on the trampoline. This one cracks me up because he looks a little special in it!

Day 7-13th

I took this picture of grandma and Tyler on the couch. I didn't have the flash on and the room was dark enough that the shutter didn't open right away and I moved. It turned out kind of cool looking so I decided to keep it as my picture.

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