Friday, September 12, 2008


So I had been going on walks in the evenings with Tyler. Then my parents moved and there are no walking trails right here. i would have to drive to one. Putting Tyler in the car to go walking would be a pain so I just hadn't walked in two weeks. When I say I hadn't walked, that means I hadn't EXERCISED at all really except the occasional hop on the trampoline with Tyler. In that 2 weeks i gained 4 pounds. Um yeah, I don't think so. My sister walks a little over 3 miles every morning with a friend of hers. I told her I was gonna make an effort to join them. The first day was hard for me. I was pretty tired after wards and kept moaning and groaning the rest of the day. My mom kept telling me she didn't think it was a good idea and I told her I was fine and needed to exercise. A couple of days later, I made it to walk again. This was Monday. I was planning on doing it Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Then next week I was going to do it every day. I have since changed my plans. I think every day would be too much for me so unless in a couple of weeks I change my mind I am going to go every other day. This week was great! Wednesday my shoes were hurting my feet and gave me a blister that popped! GRRRRR. Good news though. Cody asked me if I would buy him some shoes and mail them to him. He wanted me to buy him some Nike's which means I had to go shopping. My mom came with me one of the days so I was able to try some shoes on too! it was fabulous because I found a pair of walking shoes ( Nike ) that were on sale for $44.99. WOO HOO! for me thats a lot of money for a pair of shoes. It was so worth it though. I went walking this morning and my feet feel great. The only problem I had was my already opened blister rubbing because my band aid of course came off while walking. That had nothing to do with my shoes though. I was very grateful Cody asked me to buy him some shoes because I would have gone to walmart and bought me another cheap pair that I am SURE would have STILL hurt my feet. So I am very happy now. Can't wait until Monday to try them out again. The other nice thing is that Tyler is getting used to going walking now. The first day he did great. The second day he cried and we had to force him into his stroller. The third time he not only screamed ( and woke half the neighborhood up ) but he was kicking and swinging. Today, he got in by himself. SWEET. It's always nice to not have to force him in. So Walking has been great. I weighted myself yesterday and I lost 2 pounds! That's even with the baby growing like crazy lately and me being extra hungry. So hopefully I won't keep gaining 2 pounds a week. That's about what I did the last time and I really don't want to have to buy size 18 pants when I give birth. I would actually be more then happy to fit into my size 16 when the baby comes. Any ways...just wanted to write that down. It was a good week for me all around though. Tyler has been really good this week and has been taking excellent naps which is always awesome. I have spent SOOOOOO much money though this week and need to slow down before I spent all of Cody's money! he gave me an allowance for when I was gone and I have gone over it EVERY month! this month, I am already about to go over it and it's only the 12th! DOH! Good thing my husband is nice about it and doesn't want me to be without anything I need. I guess I just need to cut all the other crap out. haha I'm trying to teach Tyler that he doesn't get to buy a toy EVERY time we leave the house. That would definitely help too. Okay I am going to lay down on the couch until nap time in about 30 minutes. I am SOOOOO tired today all of the sudden. I hope everyone has a fabulous day and remember to smile.


SDS said...

That's awesome about the shoes and the losing 2lbs and getting tyler to go with you willingly now! Glad things are going good for your walking!
It's kind of discouraging here too, it's kinda the same things with the walking trails. I'd have to drive to the park a little ways away to go to a proper walking trail...but we don't even have that many sidewalks here! Crazy huh? So it's like, I go out my door, and we have sidewalks within the community, and major roads, but to get to the major roads you gotta take the regular streets and your lucky if we have one side of the street with a sidewalk! lol

kailiaelf said...

I'm so glad you are getting some good exercise in. And shoes really do help. I'm also glad to hear Tyler is accepting it, because it's good for him too! Keep up the good work!

Crystal said...

I love reading your blog Katie! You crack me up. I am glad you got some nice shoes. I got some from target like 5 years ago and I LOVE them. I was trying to find a new pair and I bought some new balance and they sucked. So I have the opposite problem you do. lol. I want my 20$ target shoes!!!