Thursday, September 25, 2008

Baby Bump photo contest

Does anyone read the magazine Family Circle? My mom subscribes to it and she wanted me to go on line and change her address for her. Instead I saw "Photo Contest" and clicked on the link. Heehee. They had all sorts of photo contest but a lot of them were already closed. Bummer. However, the two contest that were still open were, Halloween costumes, and Baby bumps. I could do both of those....I was showing my sister some of the photos women had posted of their baby bellies. There were a couple that we were laughing at and some that were actually some really cool photos that I want to try and copy :) Kristy, jokingly said that I should by some body paint and paint a pumpkin on my tummy and enter it into BOTH contest. We laughed about it and I told her, "FAT CHANCE!" Well after my sister left to go home I was flipping through more of the pictures and I found it! We were joking but I knew people seriously did stuff like this. Someone had their husband paint their tummy as an Easter egg! Oh dear. People do the weirdest things with their bellies when they are pregnant. I had seen the tummy painting before and I have also seen women who make a mold of their tummies. Um, yeah, I think thats kind of strange. No offense if you are someone who did either, I just don't feel like doing that to MY tummy. So any ways. Anyone have any ideas for a cool baby bump photo? There was one I really like that I want to try and have someone take for me but we'll see if I get the chance. The person took it at sunset on a beach RIGHT in the path of the sun so they just looked like a black shadow. It was a really cool picture actually. I'll have to see if I can copy and paste it later. For any one who wants to check out the contest just go to and click on the lin kthat says photo contest.

Okay I am off to bed. I had an interesting thing happen to me today that I will tell y'all about real quick though. I had just got out of the shower and went into my bedroom to get something out of the closet and something bit my hand. I looked more closely and their were about 100 ants crawling ALL over my CLEAN clothes that were hanging up. What the heck! So we had to throw all of them in the washer to try and kill the ants. The little bastards survived. So we washed them again. STILL we had some survivors so we fried them in the dryer! haha SO we are NOT going walking tomorrow with Aunt Kristy. we are going to stay home and wash another load or two of clothes, pack, clean my car and probably shower again. Then about 1ish we are heading to Provo. It should be fun. Wish us luck. I have never driven their before. :) Oh and I won't be posting until Monday. That's when we get back so sorry for the neglect over the weekend but I am sure you'll get over it

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