Saturday, September 13, 2008

Favorite Things

I was thinking earlier this evening that I wanted to do a blog about my favorite things and post some pictures. Then Tyler and I played outside. It just so happens that I took my NEW favorite picture of him which I now used as my header. Seriously, I can't wait to get home to Texas, blow it up and frame it! I love it that much. haha He is laying down on the trampoline ( which happens to be his favorite thing to do now ) and I was taking pictures of him. I told him to show me his happy face and he said, "CHEESE" His hair was sticking straight up with static and I just can't believe how freaking cute it came out.

Okay now that that is out of my system...I just wanted to clarify something from my post about walking. I don't make Tyler walk 3 miles! haha It kind of made it sound like that. He actually sits in his stroller with his DVD player and usually eats gold fishy crackers. Which means, not only am I getting to walk 3 miles but I get to push his 40 pound butt in front of me while I do it. My sister and her friend Liz both said that if I ever get tired they would push for a minute. HAHAHAHA Yeah right. Kristy pushed for a second the other day because the baby was pushing on my bladder and I felt like I was going to wet myself. Tyler looked back, saw that it was Kristy pushing him and started saying, "Oh momma, you push it!" My kid, I swear. It's so funny too because he LOVES his Aunt Kristy. She came over just to get something yesterday and we were getting ready to go to Walmart with my mom. He started saying, "Momma, Grandma and Aunt Kristy go shopping." We kept telling him she couldn't come but we would see her in the morning to go on a walk but he just kept repeating it. While I was putting him in his car seat he looked at me and said, "Momma, I need Aunt Kristy"! So cute.

Any ways. I am going to take some pictures over the next day or two of my favorite things. Obviously since I am not at home amongst my own stuff, I can't take a picture of everything. But I will make do. I have been having a great week and am trying to make the best of it by spreading some love to others. Last week Tyler was so awful! I was so frustrated by the end of the week and then Sunday he was a brat again. On top of that I am starting to get shooting pains when I pick him up which will make church so much harder because he always wants me to carry him. But after his nap Sunday, he has been a pretty good boy ever since. He has thrown the occasional fit here and there but nothing to serious and we have had lots of fun this week shopping and playing out side. It made me very happy. My mom had a meeting this week and one of the ladies told her about a book that is supposed to be excellent if you have Children. It's from the author of 'Men Are From Mars, Woman Are From Venus' and it's called, "And Children Are From Heaven' Someone we know bought it when she found out she was pregnant at age 40 and it has changed her life she said. I am going to look it up on amazon tomorrow and see if I can get it. I know everyone has issues with their kids ( especially at the age Tyler is at ) but it would be nice to find a GOOD book that might help me along. I thought I would mention it here for those other mommies who read this. I haven't read it yet, but like I said, our friend said it changed her life. :)

I hope everyone else is having a good week too. I must say how glad I am to NOT be in Texas right now. My dad said on the news today ( he works in a furniture store in the electronics department with TV's every where ) They were actually telling people if they didn't evacuate the areas told to leave, they WILL die! They actually were telling them to write their social security number on their fore arms so that it would be easier to identify their bodies! Sheeeeesh! Hopefully people were smart enough to get the heck out of there. We live right in the middle of the state so our town just has to deal with rain, flash floods and possible tornado's. Oh and my sister in law said gas is crazy! She tried to gas up today and they only had super unleaded! Plus there were LINES! Not very typical where we live. Okay I should have gone to bed already so enjoy your weekend and here are a couple other pictures I took tonight that I also thought were cute! ENJOY


Loni's Argyle Socks said...

Hey! You're coming up north?! Brent is leaving in two weeks, but Zariah and I won't join him for 1-3 months after. So I will be here and would LOVE to see you and Tyler! I'm sure my parents would too. Write me an email and tell me more.

kailiaelf said...

Very nice. I can't wait to see what your favorite things are!