Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Going Back

I have some pictures of Tyler and I jumping on the trampoline together from a couple of weeks ago that I wanted to post. So let's get those out of the way.

OKay so is anyone else having problems with posting pictures lately? It won't let me move them where I want them to be, which is a problem for me. Grrrrrrr

It really seems like I needed to write a HUGE blog but as I sit in front of the computer I don't even know what to write about. Some things I can think of, I wanted to post pictures for and I don't have them on the computer yet. Doh! I need to get that done. I haven't been on the lap top as much lately. I still am a week behind on the 365 project and with the way posting pictures is giving me trouble, I don't think it will go over well.

Hmmmmmmmmm. I was gonna post a blog about a week or so ago about some of my favorite things. I took some pictures for it and I will have to upload those eventually. One of these days I will get around to it I swear.

So this weekend My mom, Tyler and I are going up to Provo to visit my brother. We are going up sometime Friday afternoon and coming back Monday afternoon. It should be fun. I am also going to see my best friend Amy and her kids and I hope to get to see long time friend Loni who I haven't seen in like....10 years. I haven't met her husband or her daughter. Okay. I need to go to bed or I won't feel like walking in the morning. For those who are interested, I am walking the 3 miles with my sister in the mornings and its going very well so far. On Saturday Tyler grabbed his DVD player and said, "I need to go walking mom! I need to walk with Aunt Kristy and Liz" It was cute. I have missed yesterday so far but plan on walking the rest of the week. If I make it every day the rest of the week that will mean I did 4 days this week. That would be pretty awesome. I love walking. Its a great work out and I get to talk to grown ups at the same time. :)

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kailiaelf said...

Those are cute pictures and I LOVE that trampoline! I didn't know it was in the ground. Cool!