Saturday, September 20, 2008

Catching up

I'll start with Sunday. I have been dreading Sundays because Tyler is always so naughty at church. We never get to stay for all of nursery because Ty get's upset about something and starts balling. I am getting to big to carry him all through nursery and we end up leaving. Then Tyler gets upset because he wants to stay and cries the whole way home. Blah, blah, blah. It's awful. Well this last Sunday Tyler actually stayed for ALL of church! WOO HOO! It was fabulous. He only cried once during nursery and it was because the nursery leader has a baby and he started crying and Mr. TYTY is way too sensitive and started balling. Go figure. But we made it all of nursery and he even participated a little. It was great. I would imagine at this rate I could actually get him to stay by himself before we left but the problem is next weekend we are going to be gone. We are going to visit Uncle Scott and Aunt Lauren in Provo. Then ( hopefully ) a couple of weeks we are coming to California. Cross your fingers on that one.

Monday was a good day. We got up and went to Walmart to do some grocery shopping. We got back and then Hung out for an hour or so before Aunt Kristy came over and we went to lunch. We had Jimmy Jon's which is a sandwich place and it was so yummy. While we were there Tyler pooped. It was kind of funny because we hadn't smelled it yet or anything and he just looked at me and said, "Mamma I didn't poo-poo." Which meant he had pooped. So we changed him in my trunk and then went shopping. It was fun. We went and bought tickets to see a dance show and I am SO excited. It's called Thriller and every year they have it at the theatre here and everyone says it's so awesome. I have never been here when it was showing so I am excited to get to see it finally.

Tuesday was a good day too. We had a rough night though. I was planning on getting up and walking BUT Tyler woke up at 3 in the morning. I all of the sudden was awoken by a hand touching my back. I open my eyes and Tyler says, "It's time to get up momma" DOH! "No it's time to go to bed Tyty" I tell him. Then I noticed his blankets were missing. "Tyler where are your blankies?" He drags me ALL the way into the living room and there they were sitting on the couch. He had woke up and gone all the way in there and then went back to wake me up. I put him back in to bed but at this point who knows how long he had been awake for. About an hour or so later he was still tossing and turning and playing with his blankets. At about 5 I finally told him to come get into mommies bed. My bed is a single bed and with my ever expanding belly, it really doesn't leave room for someone else to sleep with me. He was all congested and couldn't breath so about every 2 minutes he would move. NO JOKE! I tried to get up and sleep on the floor but he woke up and got mad at me. Grrrrr. I finally managed to go to sleep at like 6 or so and then Tyler woke right up and like 7:15ish. We finally got out of bed around 8 or so and I was beat. SOOOOOOOOO we did NOT go walking again that day. I'm not even sure what we did all day but we had naps and then my mom came home from work and watched Tyler so that I could go out by myself. It was wonderful. I went to ROSS to look at maternity clothes and found jeans, a sweater, and two shirts and I only paid 42 dollars. I LOVE ROSS! My jeans fit really well too. Then I went to Target since it was right next door and looked at clothes there. They didn't really have much but that is when I found the owl dress. For those who suggested I buy it and then return it, I didn't want to do that because I was afraid it would be too depressing to return it if we weren't having a girl. I know that sounds dumb, but I really didn't want to have to do that. Over all it was a good day though.

Wednesday.....Hmmmmmm. I can't remember. OH we went walking in the morning and then we came home and ate lunch and showered. Then I put Tyler down for a nap and then got up and my mom and I went out just the two of us. That's right, TWO days in a row without Tyler while shopping. It was wonderful. My6 dad was the babysitter this time. I had given Tyler some medicine before I put him down because he could hardly breath and on our way home after shopping for 2 hours, we called my dad to check on things. Tyler was STILL knocked out! haha Go figure. When we got home he was awake and so glad to see momma. Therest of the night was fun playing.

Thursday we went walking in the morning again and then went to the dollar store on the way home. While we were walking Tyler had a little Minnie mouse figurine in his hand. I was walking passed a bush and all of the sudden Tyler put his hands out and was trying to get leaves. Then I hear, "Oh no, where'd Minnie go!" Yeah, he had dropped Minnie INSIDE the bush. so we stop walking and are digging through someones bushes and finally I find her. He was so excited. We pull back up to Kristy house and I go to get him out of the stroller and Minnie was GONE! Can you believe that?! After digging through the bushes for her we ended up losing her anyways. So we went to the dollar store to get another one. The rest of the day I am trying to remember. We had lunch at home and then had naps. When we got up we just hung out for a little bit and then grandma, grandpa and I took him to the playground. We played until it started to get dark and then got treats at Sonic. Another good day.

Friday we got up and went walking again. That's right we made it THREE days in a row! :) When we are done walking I usually go into Kristy house to pee. We ended up talking and just hung out until 11. Tyler was playing with toys and he did the funniest thing. I am saving it for my 365 project though so you will have to wait a day or two to hear the story and see the picture. Then we came home and talked to Cody and had lunch. Then I showered and then had naps with Tyler. Then Kristy and Noah came over and we took the kids to a park that had a really cute play ground and a splash pad. They had fun. Then we took them to Denny's and had dinner. They were very entertaining. There was a pregnant girl there who had a shirt on that said, "I'm not fat, I'm knocked up" haha I think I need one of those.

So we are all caught up now. I will post some pictures later. I need to go get ready so I can take the little guy grocery shopping. Yesterday he had a little notebook with him on the walk and we lost it too! I don't know how we lost that because its kind of big. I always walk in front and Liz and Kristy usually walk behind me so I am not sure how none of us saw it. Oh well. We are off to do some shopping which makes my little shop-a-holic very happy. He request to go shopping at least 20 times a day. He's a product of his grandma! :)

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