Sunday, September 7, 2008

A bit Neglectful

Man we have had such a strange week. One day we are good and Tyler is so much fun and the next day we all want to kill him. It's been tough. I have things to write about but they escape me right now. I have been feeling the baby this week. I felt the baby move a LONG time ago but I am not even going to mention when because people would think I was crazy! haha My friend Sarah told me that she felt the baby move ( her second baby ) at about 15 weeks. Well, when I was pregnant with Tyler I didn't feel him until I was like 23 or 24 weeks along, then he never stopped moving it seemed. So when she said 15 weeks, I thought she was a little crazy! I didn't tell her that ( right Sarah ) but I was thinking it. Sure enough I felt this baby way early too! Then I knew what she was talking about. I had a lot of problems with bloating and gas the first 2 months or so of pregnancy so it was kind of hard to tell at first if it was gas or if it was the baby. I read a comment by someone who said, "My doctor told me there was no way I could feel the baby as early as I was and it was just gas. But I'm not stupid. You can't have gas bubbles in your uterus!" I thought she was completely right. SO I started figuring out where my stomach was and where the bubbles were coming from. At first I only felt the baby when I was laying down on my back. One time I did an experiment. I thought I felt the baby move so I pushed down as much as I could on my tummy where it was hitting and sure enough, it pushed back on me! haha As if to say "Mom it's cramped enough in here as it is" For the first time this week I felt the baby while I was standing. Walking to be exact. I think the babies head is to the right and the feet are in my bladder. That's where I feel MOST movement. then this morning, WHAM, it hit my ribs on my right side which was a surprise! I think it was stretching and I got socked. Any ways....I am having an awful Sunday. I haven't had a GREAT Sunday in months. Tyler is having a very rough time here church wise and I am about to shoot myself. In fact, during sacrament I asked Kristy if Jon ( her husband who is a cop ) had a tranquilizer gun I could borrow! Okay I am off to eat lunch and then HOPEFULLY Ty will take a great nap. Cross your fingers for me. I'll post a bunch of pictures later.


SDS said...

That what elisabeth would do, if I pushed down she'd kick or push back where I pushed at. I loved it lol The joys of babies!!!

Kade and Emily said...

That's not early! I felt Ailee at 12 weeks. Of course, my babies tend to be "womb warriors." The kicking never stopped.