Sunday, September 27, 2009

All Sorts of "First"

We have just been FULL of all sorts of first lately. Kayla has picked up crawling and standing which is wonderful. She also christened the BRAND new carpet 3 times in one day. Twice by puking purple plum junk on it and then by POOPING on it. I can honestly say I have never wanted to hit my husband until he got gross out by the little bit of poop he got on his hand while getting Kayla from me when I LITERATELY had a handful of poop in my hand. Did I mention I also had it all over my shirt and pants? Any ways.

More first. Tyler went potty in public and by saying this I do not mean he peed on a tree. I mean, he peed in a public restroom. Not only did he pee in public but he did it standing up ( another first ) and with DADDY! Seriously FULL of first. We also had another first when he took a 2 hour or so nap with underwear on and DIDN"T potty in them. WOO HOO I think I am officially calling him potty trained. I put a diaper on him at night but even then the last 3 mornings or so he has been totally dry! I am LOVING that. I am trying to think if we had any more. Well, I already posted about my little first time photographer and I DO promise to post those some time in the future. He keeps asking me if he can take more and it just makes me so happy. I think I am going to order my first business cards this week. That will be fun too. I am excited to get that done. I am also making my first purse. So far, so good. If it turns out good I am SO making me one too since this one is for my friend Katrina who is celebrating a birthday this week. I LOVE birthdays. Aren't they fun. October is a busy month for me and birthdays. I have TONS of friends born in that month so if you have a birthday coming up, I MAY make you something. HAHA

I am sure Cody has some first this week too but I can't think of any at the moment. If I thought real hard I am sure I could come up with something. If I had hit him he probably could have said it was his first time getting hit in the face by a girl! heehee

So we are having a good week here. Hope this next week is good as well. I have SO many projects I want to work on and just not enough time. But Cody is going on a trip in two weeks and I will have more time to get some stuff done in the evenings after the kids go to bed. I did make some REALLy cute hair clips last week for a friend and I plan on making more. Kayla is starting to get enough hair for them and I am excited for that. I am excited for Halloween too. It's my favorite holiday. Skulls and cross bones I heart thee!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A boy after my own heart!

So mommy got her camera out and was trying to get some pictures of Kayla standing up by herself. Tyler was being a little needy as far as getting my attention since I was only taking her picture. I got out my little camera that does the video clips and wanted him to try and make her laugh. He decided that HE needed to take pictures with the little camera. I decided to go ahead and let him. Well, for the last hour and a half or so he has carried the camera around taking pictures of everything and anything! It's so funny. One time I saw him taking a picture of Kayla's formula on the counter. I had just got out a new one so there were two right next to each other. I watched him take a picture and then proceed to turn both cans around and match them up. I started laughing to myself because we always call him our little "Monk" and then I expected him to take another picture. NOPE! He just wanted to line them up and make sure they were facing the right way. I swear...

Any ways. I don't have the pictures on here yet because he is still in the "zone" taking more pictures but I think I will for sure post some of them later. One of the last pictures he took was in side of my sweater WHILE I was wearing it so I think I will leave that one out. Oh yeah and the one he took of my butt. I said, "What are you doing Tyler?" and he replied, as if it was nothing, "I'm taking a picture of your bum!" HAHA Cody already told me he wants that one! :)

On a side note WE GOT NEW CARPET! Woo hoo It was so nice because our house smelled like a model home all day yesterday. It still does, it is just now I am used to it. Oh and one more story. Tyler had his dance class on Tuesday and him and Madison were ALL over each other during class. I of course didn't bring my camera this time and I wish I would have because while waiting in line to do stuff across the floor, Tyler was standing behind Madison with his arms around her rib cage and his hands were RIGHT on her CHEST! haha Then Madison had her hands on top of Tylers and they were just standing like that waiting. Stacie and I were dying! Then they did their turn and went and got in line again. This time they were in the same position but reversed and Madison kept biting Tyler's ear. HAHA Then Tyler would say, "Madison stop!" all teasingly like. Kissing cousins baby!

Monday, September 21, 2009

We had a first!

Saturday we had a first! I went to get Kayla from her crib in the morning and she was sitting up in the middle of her bed! My life has now changed! Oh and she started crawling about Monday or Tuesday. She is becoming quite the handful. It should make 3 hours on an air plane with her and Tyler by myself REALLY fun in November! Totally worth it though.

SO I made Kayla an stuffed owl to play with and I LOVE it. Too bad she has taken to it yet the way I have. Daddy plays with it more then she does but hopefully some day she will love it. I will post pictures later. I have a busy week a head of me so excuse me if I don't blog again until this weekend. We'll see though...

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I forgot to add something to my blog before hitting publish post. I have a thing on my keys that I got at the dollar store back in high school. Kayla keeps putting it in her mouth and it was grossing me out.

YUCK but totally cute back in the days. So I cut it off and made a new one using the old metal part and two pieces of ribbon. I LOVE IT!

YEAH SEWING MACHINE! I seriously have no idea how I lived so long without it!

Cofessions of a Craft-aholic!

I found a blog I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about that might end up being bad for me. It is called I AM ADDICTED and I just barely found it last night. I haven't made anything yet because I JUST found it and a Dollar store is 40 minutes from here. Maybe I can head out to one tomorrow or next week. I am so excited to try some of these super easy and fun ( not to mention affordable and freaking cute ) ideas. Poor Cody...our house is never gonna be clean again! haha

Speaking of crafting, I have pictures to share

Here are the presents I made for Colin's first birthday

Pants I made from an old baby blanket that hardly ever got used. This way it is nice and soft and I bought it SO long ago it basically cost nothing to make!

Guitar shirt! I got this template from a blog I found called Trey and Lucy. If you put that into Google I am SURE it will pop up. She has other cute things on her blog and shocker, she's mormon. I have found that 80 percent of the craft blogs I found are by Mormon stay at home moms. It makes me laugh.

I got this template from Trey and Lucy as well...

This I didn't get form anyone. It was all me. I wanted to make this a tie shirt but it had the pocket so my brain thought about Tuxedos and how they have the fabric in the pocket. I ended up not putting the tie on it because the fabric I used was not something I could iron on. I like the way it came out though.

I made a Buzz Lightyear blanket for Tyler and

A Buzz cape! He loves them.

Then I went to Walmart and bought some bandana's on sale and made this dress for Madison

So this dress probably cost me like 3 bucks to make. AWESOME

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The doctor just called and apparently we got more then just good pictures while in San Antonio! Called someone got Salmonella! Poor girl has been the worse diapers since Labor day weekend and a very sore bum! Poor little girl is teething on top of that. Yesterday, her and I both cried...hopefully the antibiotics the Doc is prescribing her will start helping as soon as we get them. Cross your fingers we don't get any other weird health things this year. Between Cody getting Cellulitous ( yeah I can't spell ) Tyler getting Whooping cough and Kayla getting Salmonella who knows whats next! Look how cute my big girl is getting though

San Antonio

We went to San Antonio for Labor day weekend to visit Cody's brother Lee. He has lived there a little over a year and we still hadn't gone to see them yet. Shame on us since it is only 3 hours. We had a good weekend. We brought a pack-n-play and it made for a MUCH better experience then when we went to Tyler and Kayla slept in the bed with me. HOwever Tyler was having horrible nightmares the whole first night. I literately was picking him up and saying his name and he was still dead asleep yelling and kicking and stuff. It seems this happens when we travel. Not sure why though. Any ways. We got there on Friday and had dinner with the other Roundy's. Then we headed to the hotel and checked in. We were actually on the River Walk which was kind of fun. Tyler liked looking at the sites through our hotel room window. Here are some pictures of him and daddy I snapped that I like the way turned out.

Then the next day we hung out at the River Walk pretty much ALL day. It was fun though. I got good pictures. Tyler REALLY wanted to go on the boat ride so we did. Which is boring since we have already been on it BUT you get good pictures from angels you can't get on the sidewalk. I haven't really shrunk the landscape pictures yet so when I get around to it I will post those. Here are the couple I actually shrunk

Here are the couple of pictures we took of us hanging out

Then we met Lee, Suz and the kids at chuck-e-cheese. After that we went to a place that had a kids place and let the kids hang out there until someones kid peed in it and then we were out of there! We headed to their house to just hang out and Tyler had a ball hanging out with his cousins.

The next day we headed out to Austin to have lunch with Katrina and Johnny and we met them ate my favorite sandwich place Jimmy Johnn's! MMMMMMMMMmm It was wonderful! We took pictures at the playground while waiting to meet them.

The pictures are posted yesterday with no story are from this trip. It was a lot of fun and hopefully we will get to hang out with family again soon. It's always nice to do that.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Photos without a story

I thought I was gonna have time to write but after getting the pictures uploaded Tyler has dance class in a little bit so I need to go make myself look presentable. Let's see how that goes. I DID shower today so that's a plus. I'm such a mom!

Tyler Texas

About a month ago we drove out to Tyler Texas to visit Cody's best friend from Utah. Him and his wife just adopted a little girl who is so sweet. The boys went golfing and the kids and mommies went to McDonald's and Tyler ate all 4 of his chicken nuggets. If you know my kid well you know what a miracle is! Usually he eats two...if I'm lucky! So I was THRILLED he ate all 4. Then we did some shopping and then just hung out. When the boys got back from golfing we goofed off and then went to dinner. After dinner we drove over to a farm. Someone who Tyler and Angela go to church with has a pretty farm with a huge pond and they let people come over whenever they like and fish and what not. SO we went down there and had a photo shoot. I love how a lot of the pictures came out. I am going to post a few of my favorites here and then a bunch more I am going to post on my photoblog since I have one now. How fun is that! So if you want to see more of the pictures head over there later on today or tomorrow. I got me a teething fussy girl today and a mommy who can NOT find the oral gel. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

the rest of these pictures are mostly Kayla because Tyler was entirely too busy to stop and let mommy take his picture.