Wednesday, September 16, 2009

San Antonio

We went to San Antonio for Labor day weekend to visit Cody's brother Lee. He has lived there a little over a year and we still hadn't gone to see them yet. Shame on us since it is only 3 hours. We had a good weekend. We brought a pack-n-play and it made for a MUCH better experience then when we went to Tyler and Kayla slept in the bed with me. HOwever Tyler was having horrible nightmares the whole first night. I literately was picking him up and saying his name and he was still dead asleep yelling and kicking and stuff. It seems this happens when we travel. Not sure why though. Any ways. We got there on Friday and had dinner with the other Roundy's. Then we headed to the hotel and checked in. We were actually on the River Walk which was kind of fun. Tyler liked looking at the sites through our hotel room window. Here are some pictures of him and daddy I snapped that I like the way turned out.

Then the next day we hung out at the River Walk pretty much ALL day. It was fun though. I got good pictures. Tyler REALLY wanted to go on the boat ride so we did. Which is boring since we have already been on it BUT you get good pictures from angels you can't get on the sidewalk. I haven't really shrunk the landscape pictures yet so when I get around to it I will post those. Here are the couple I actually shrunk

Here are the couple of pictures we took of us hanging out

Then we met Lee, Suz and the kids at chuck-e-cheese. After that we went to a place that had a kids place and let the kids hang out there until someones kid peed in it and then we were out of there! We headed to their house to just hang out and Tyler had a ball hanging out with his cousins.

The next day we headed out to Austin to have lunch with Katrina and Johnny and we met them ate my favorite sandwich place Jimmy Johnn's! MMMMMMMMMmm It was wonderful! We took pictures at the playground while waiting to meet them.

The pictures are posted yesterday with no story are from this trip. It was a lot of fun and hopefully we will get to hang out with family again soon. It's always nice to do that.

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sbs99 said...

great pictures again! So and Tyler both do the "shoulder pull" when someone is taking your picture. hehehe Look at the one of you all on the river walk and then the one of you holding Kayla and Tyler is on your side. So cute :)