Sunday, September 27, 2009

All Sorts of "First"

We have just been FULL of all sorts of first lately. Kayla has picked up crawling and standing which is wonderful. She also christened the BRAND new carpet 3 times in one day. Twice by puking purple plum junk on it and then by POOPING on it. I can honestly say I have never wanted to hit my husband until he got gross out by the little bit of poop he got on his hand while getting Kayla from me when I LITERATELY had a handful of poop in my hand. Did I mention I also had it all over my shirt and pants? Any ways.

More first. Tyler went potty in public and by saying this I do not mean he peed on a tree. I mean, he peed in a public restroom. Not only did he pee in public but he did it standing up ( another first ) and with DADDY! Seriously FULL of first. We also had another first when he took a 2 hour or so nap with underwear on and DIDN"T potty in them. WOO HOO I think I am officially calling him potty trained. I put a diaper on him at night but even then the last 3 mornings or so he has been totally dry! I am LOVING that. I am trying to think if we had any more. Well, I already posted about my little first time photographer and I DO promise to post those some time in the future. He keeps asking me if he can take more and it just makes me so happy. I think I am going to order my first business cards this week. That will be fun too. I am excited to get that done. I am also making my first purse. So far, so good. If it turns out good I am SO making me one too since this one is for my friend Katrina who is celebrating a birthday this week. I LOVE birthdays. Aren't they fun. October is a busy month for me and birthdays. I have TONS of friends born in that month so if you have a birthday coming up, I MAY make you something. HAHA

I am sure Cody has some first this week too but I can't think of any at the moment. If I thought real hard I am sure I could come up with something. If I had hit him he probably could have said it was his first time getting hit in the face by a girl! heehee

So we are having a good week here. Hope this next week is good as well. I have SO many projects I want to work on and just not enough time. But Cody is going on a trip in two weeks and I will have more time to get some stuff done in the evenings after the kids go to bed. I did make some REALLy cute hair clips last week for a friend and I plan on making more. Kayla is starting to get enough hair for them and I am excited for that. I am excited for Halloween too. It's my favorite holiday. Skulls and cross bones I heart thee!

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