Thursday, July 31, 2008

A couple of things...

I feel like I have been neglecting this and every time the internet isn't working is when I have time to do one or when I am thinking about something I want to write about. I need to start making a list because every time I DO get to sit down and the internet is working, I can't remember anything I want to write about. Here's a couple of cute Tyler things:

I have started to tell Tyler that he is going to be a big brother and that there is a baby growing inside mommy's tummy. He seemed to pick up on it right away and was saying, Tyty big brother and things like this. Then he started to say Baby growing in mommy's tummy, but then he did the oddest thing after he said that. He growled liked a lion! I guess he thought we were saying there was a baby growling inside my tummy. HAHA So now any time I say something about the baby he growls at me!

I really think my kid might have a photographic memory. I don't know this but the other day he was reciting back to me some nursery rimes and was doing a REALLY good job at them. At one point he couldn't think of the word that was coming next and he closed his eyes and then said it! Weird....but he doesn't just recite the rimes, but he does them in order from the book we read them in.

I told Tyler to go into Grandma and grandpa's room to say goodnight the other night. He went in and I heard him saying, "Goodnight grandpa" My mom was actually in the kitchen with me so it was just my dad in there. They started laughing about something and then we hear Tyler say, "You a crack head grandpa!" Yeah, so I guess we won't be saying THAT around him any more.

Like I said at the beginning, I feel like there is more but nothing comes to mind right now while I am actually writing. But while I was talking about nursery rimes I want to discuss one.

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe
She had so many children she didn't know what to do
She gave them some broth without any bread
And then whipped them all soundly
And sent them to bed.

Seriously. What is wrong with this picture? Or should I say, what is MOST wrong with this picture? The fact that she doesn't want all her children, she gives them hardly anything to eat or the fact that she beats them for no reason and then makes them go to bed. There are so many nursery rimes like this too. I hate reading these ones and I like said already, Tyler knows them all by heart already. Grrrrrr.

365 week 8

This week I was trying to do things with fun angles. I didn't manage to do that every day but for most of the week I stuck true to the plan. I am really excited because I have been wanting to get a photography book and I had Cody look up on line for me to see if there was a book ( not a manual ) specifically for my camera. he found one that was only a couple of dollars and is over 200 pages! WOO HOO So I am just waiting to get it in the mail so I can learn how to do cool things with my camera. Seriously, I am SO excited. But on to the first day

Day one

My mother at the computer. This particular night she was having me help her study for school. we did the same thing over and over again for about an hour. It was interesting to say the least but she past her test the next day so that's good.

Day Two

My TyTy boy watching TV. I was trying to get a cute shot of his feet with him blurry in the back ground. It wasn't working as well as I wanted and like I said earlier, CAN'T WAIT TO GET THE NEW BOOK!

Day Three

Tyler and I spent a lot fo the day out side before lunch playing with his little monkey pool. He was having loads of fun and managed to spray me GOOD with the hose while I was on the phone with Cody. Yeah, I wasn't very happy. But I took a bunch of random pictures in my mom's back yard of bird houses and things like this but this one of the tree with the mountains in the back ground ended up being my favorite.

Day Four

Tyler and grandma put this puzzle together. we were all sitting around the house bored and my mom found it and got it out. Tyler loved it! He has done it a couple more times since and I swear he is getting pretty darn good at it.

Day Five

Day five is a picture of Tyler's bare butt! haha Naturally I couldn't post it. I found a way to edit it without it looking to cheesy but then after I saved it I couldn't find it for some reason. So instead of doing it again I figured I'd just tell you. That's what it is and it's pretty darn cute.

Day Six

I actually already posted this picture but I really like it. I wish the flowers weren't washed out quite so much but I still like the way it turned out with the pink sky behind it. Lucky for you you got to see it twice!

Day Seven

Scott and Lauren were here with the baby and wanted to go out with my sister. So they left Bradlie with me and my mom. I got to hold for a while until Tyler woke up from his nap and wanted to sit with me. Then my mom took her for a while. The boys were being so loud that she wouldn't fall asleep. So I grabbed her and took her into the bedroom and got to rock her to sleep! It was so awesome. It's been so long and it was good practice. Heehee. After I had her asleep for about 10 minutes or so, we put her down on my parents bed and I took a bunch of pictures of her sleeping. I wanted to surprise Lauren and make a cute collage for her. I loved this one I got of her foot. I tried taking the picture so that it had her sleeping in the background but was blurry but it kept wanting to focus on her and make her foot blurry! AGAIN SO GLAD I'M GETTING THAT BOOK!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Only in Texas....I mean Utah

So I have done many a post titled Only in Texas on my mypsace blog! I thought it only fair that now that I am in Utah I do the same for it. You know things like the fact that the people at the corner of the street ( which is on a busy corner ) had bikes out side laying on the grass for about 4 days in a row RIGHT by the side walk where someone could easily take them. Stuff like that. I was about to take a picture of them when they were gone. so yesterday we went to Walmart and I took this:

I was laughing so hard because I love the line, "Why have just one!" hahaha Is it just me or is that pretty darn funny. Only in Utah though...any where else and it just wouldn't be as funny.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Last night I was sooooooooooooo tired. After a long but good day of fun filled swimming and no naps, I was pooped. Tyler, at about 6pm started saying, "I go nite nites momma." I kept telling him it wasn't dark yet and we'd go nite nites later. he was exhausted. I think he fell asleep the second I turned the lights out. I got back up and had a salad ( because I was hungry ) and then went into my parents bath room and filled up their big jetted tub. I t was so nice. I love big jetted tubs. I don't know when, but SOMEDAY I will have a master bedroom with a jetted tub. It was very relaxing and I got to soak until I got tired, which didn't take long. It was the perfect ending to the day. I haven't written in here much later just because of lack of time. But hopefully I'll get my act back together. I need to post pictures from last weeks 365 project. I had a much better week with that. I took some good pictures and I am actually going to have to pick and choose and some days. I hope everyone has a fantastic day! We are going to the post office with my sister and Noah and then to lunch. Then we are heading the Walmart. Then we are SOOOOO having some naps today. Actually, Tyler is having a nap and I am hoping I am not tired and can work out instead. Wish us luck.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Baby Bump

Okay so my baby bump isn't very big in the morning but the more I eat through out the day, the bigger it gets. So tonight I took family pictures for Scott and Lauren. While we were out there taking pictures, I had Lauren take one of me too! Here is the picture: I LOOK HUGE

Pool Fun

My brother Scott and his wife Lauren are here. They came yesterday and we had some fun eating pizza and swimming. We were trying to get a good picture of the three of them and today we are heading to In N Out for lunch and then we are going to try and take some new pictures. My dad and I have been feeling kind of crummy the last day or two. I had a head ache all day yesterday and it kept gradually getting worse as the day went on. When I went to bed every couple of hours I would wake up and my head would still be pounding. When I got up this morning it was no different. Grrrrrr. I hate head aches so much. I love the picture of Scott and Lauren kissing Bradlie! I think it turned out really cute! And I like the picture of the flowers with the sunset in the back...even though its kind of dark, I still like it.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good times

I took the cutest freaking pictures of Tyler yesterday and today playing out side in his little pool. The trouble is, he was naked! haha I want to post them SO BAD but seeing as how my blog is NOT set to private and I don't want perverts looking at my kid ( or to get arrested ), I am going to edited them before putting them on. It may take a while because I have to figure out how. So here are the couple I COULD post. I hope you enjoy them and hope everyone had a great day. Our Pioneer Day was pretty good. we had lunch with Aunt Kristy, Uncle Jon, Cousin Noah and Grandma. We went to Chili's and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo good. Any ways. Here are the pictures ....

365 week 7

WOW! into week 8 already on this and the week is almost over. That's crazy. Some days I scramble to get a picture and try to make it something that isn't the SAME thing but sometimes it happens. This week, week 7 that is, was one of those weeks a lot of days I took a picture of ANYTHING I could. Not too interesting but enjoy any ways.


Tyler went missing while we were all sitting around talking and eating. I found him in grandma's bathroom eating her blush and eye shadow brush! BOTH of them. Great, add it to the list of things we have had to replace since we have gotten here. It was funny actually because we ordered her a new one one from AVON and she loves it! So she was saying she was kind of glad he ate it after all. heehee


This particular day we had been in the house and were going stir crazy. Tyler wanted to get out SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad and I was starving and wanted to get some dinner out. We had just gotten ready and were about to go outside when it started pouring. I get an umbrella from my mom and try and go to the car, the rain was coming in side ways and I get DRENCHED! So does Tyler. We come back into the garage and hail falls off of the umbrella. Poor Tyler didn't understand WHY we weren't going out any more. So here is a picture of the back yard. You couldn't even see across the way and you can see the hail in the picture. It wasn't BIG hail but there was lots of it!


I love this picture. We went to dinner and lots of fun. For those who don't know, this is my sister Kristy, Tyler and my nephew Noah. It was good times.


We were eating lunch with my mom and dad at Jimmy John's. It's a sandwich place and they have all sorts of signs every where. I saw this one right by our table and decided it needed to be my picture for that day. Both of my parents looked at it and said, "You should send that picture to Jim" heehee If you knew Jim, you would knwo why that was funny.


You should have seen my mom and I outside trying to take this picture. I do not have a tripod and I kept shaking too much to take the picture because the shutter was staying closed for about 10 seconds for each picture I took. We finally got a TV tray from inside which didn't help much because the tray was too low and I had to tilt the camera up, thus still shaking it. It helped a little though. This is one of the best ones I got of a full moon on a gorgeous night! There was a bunch of lightening on the other side of the sky that I also want to try and get while I am here but without a tripod it will be impossible....Hey Jim, you want to let me borrow that tripod sometime?


My sister took me to dinner because I baby sat for her and then we went Target. But while we were getting ready Tyler jumped into the drivers seat of Kristy's car and pretended to drive. heehee


This was absolutely the ONLY picture I took this day...lame, I know.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Overall today was a good day. Tyler didn't give me nearly as many problems as yesterday and when he did, I have found that the "tell him what he can't do and make him repeat it back" theory is working quite nicely. I bought two new bras ( which were MUCH needed ), Papa John's pizza ( which I haven't had in a LONG time ), two baby outfits; one for someone in my branch and one for my new niece Ailee ( which if you read this Em, I need your address so I can send it your way ) and a frame for my brother and his wife. I LOVE buying things for other people but I must say that looking at the baby clothes make me go crazy! I wanted to buy all the cute little stuff that was on sale but know I can't yet because we don't yet know what we are having. Doh! They had the cutest little girl dress on sale for like 12 bucks that had pink skulls and cross bones all over it! heehee In case you are reading this thinking that was a joke, I was serious. I am a skull and cross bones kind of a girl...but Ailee's has flower's on it I promise! haha Okay off to bed for me since it is 12 and I didn't nap with Tyler today! Good night...

Monday, July 21, 2008


This blog isn't actually for me, it's for my mom! Poor mom is so stressed right now and can't sleep. She ALWAYS has trouble sleeping but before she didn't work or go to school so she could rest or sleep in. Right now she goes to school 4 days a week and works 3 days a week and she is stressed out. The other night she got up at 2 in the morning because she couldn't sleep and her brain was going crazy and wrote down a list of things she needed to do. It actually helped and she went right to sleep after wards. Last night she wasn't so successful. She didn't fall asleep until 4 and then got up at 7 to get ready for school. HELP! Does anyone have any advice for her? How do y'all get to sleep when you can't. She doesn't like taking Tylenol PM because she feels drugged and she used to take melitonin(sp?) but stopped because it got to the point where she was taken two or three and it still wasn't helping. I just felt inclined to write this for her because she seemed desperate when leaving for school today. Any thoughts would help. Thanks in advance.


We had a horrible day at church. Let me rephrase that...we had a horrible time in nursery today. Tyler wouldn't leave my side and then the last 15 minutes he FINALLY decided to get of fof my lap and pick up a toy and some dumb boy runs over sticks a dragon in Tyler's face and says, "ROOOOOOOOOOOOAR!" Tyler just started balling. That was about the 4th time since we had been in nursery that he had cried. I picked him up and since it was almost time to go told him we were going home to which he got mad and started to hit me. Now normally when I say Tyler is hitting me, it's not a slap its more or a barely touching me but trying to show me he is pissed off. Well today, he was flat out HITTING and I WAS THE ONE PISSED OFF! I get him in the hall way and he throws himself on the ground. I manage to get him to the car where he is hitting me the whole way there ( I had too much stuff to carry to hold his arms down like I normally would ) I throw him in his car seat and as I am trying to buckle him in he is arching his back, screaming and still trying to hit me. He is lucky he made it home alive. I think the fact that we were at church helped because he didn't even get spanked and normally at that point, I would have. I drive him home and sit him down and say, "We DON'T hit momma!" I made him apologize and repeat it back to me 4 or 5 times. He was the sweetest, most polite 2 year old for the next 15 or 20 minutes. Thank goodness. I have had it with him and the fits. I went to the bathroom and just started balling. It's so frustrating and then I start to think about how maybe it would be different if Cody were home and then I start missing Cody and cry sucks but oh well. I finally stopped crying and went and made us lunch. We then had naps which was awesome for me because I have NOT been sleeping well. That only fuels the frustration when he gets like this too. I need a Tyler, BAD. The nap helped and then my sister and nephew came over and Tyler and Noah had a lot of fun tonight watching the Backyardagains together. I made chicken enchiladas and they were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. I freaking love making those! They always turn out good and are so yummy the next day too. The rest of the evening was okay. I just get tired of Tyler because he does NOT listen to a WORD I SAY. So pretty much the rest of the day I would say, "Look at me Tyler" and I would make him look at me before I said something. One time he hit me again ( only once, but still...) so I took him to his room, sat him down and said, "What did momma say today about hitting?" He said, "Sorry momma!" I said, "Are we supposed to hit momma?" and he said, "yeah" I kind of laughed and said, "NO! We DON'T hit momma" to which he repeated back, "No hit momma!" heehee

At least the second part of the day was okay. If the second part had been anything like the first part, I don't know if I would have made it! Thanks to my sister who gave me a shoulder massage too because I had HUGE knotts!! Okay I REALLY need to go to bed but I just wanted to write. Sometimes when I am frustrated, writing helps me a lot to get it out. I hope no one thinks I am a terrible mother after reading this but I think most moms can relate. So I was thinking ALL day, when do the terrible two's end? Then I would remember what my sister in law said to me once, "When she finally turned 3 I thought, 'Oh good, no more terrible two's' but then she just got worse!" haha Let's hope he doesn't get worse especially since I have another one on the way!

Friday, July 18, 2008


I used to write poetry pretty much all the time. i have stacks and stacks of poems. Probably any where from 200 to 300 of them. I'm not saying they were good, I'm just saying I used to write constantly. Now I either d9on't have anything to write about or I don't have time. Sometimes I get the urge but just have nothing to say. Lately I have been wanting to write something but nothing has been coming. I finally forced myself to sit down and write something. I didn't like anything that was coming out. Finally I wrote a short something but didn't finish it because I didn't like all of it and couldn't think of how to fix it. Today I picked it back up read it once and fixed it right away. Now I really like it. :) So anyways...I wrote this for Cody.


I love you
Sometimes that's all that I can say
I love you
Three simple words that bare my soul and reveal my heart
I love you
And in that short sentence happiness overwhelms me
I love you
That's all it takes
Because in a split second you whisper
I love you too
And my life is complete

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I HATE headaches while pregnant. I hate, hate, hate them. I sent my dad to get me some drugs but normally the kind you can take while pregnant don't do a whole lot for me so we'll see how that goes. My head was hurting when I went to bed last night and I woke up with it hurting even more. Yuck! I hate, hate, hate headaches.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Tyler is sick. Gosh I hate that. He was awfully fussy this morning and was driving me nuts. We went to lunch with my mom before she had to go to work and his nose was runny. I kept saying, "I don't think he feels well." and my mom was like, "He's just grouchy!" HAHA Yeah so we tried to go shopping and he had a cow about something stupid and I had to carrying him out to the car kicking and screaming again. It probably took me 2 or 3 minutes to get his buckled in his car seat because he was trying to get out and hit. F U N

We got home and him and I laid down to try and take naps and he just kept sitting up like he couldn't breath and then finally after about and hour and a half woke up crying and yelling "Oh momma!" I took him out in the living room and grandpa went to the store to get him some drugs! Drugs are good, let me tell you...when you can get your kid to take them. We had to pin him down and make him take them. After about an hour you could tell he was feeling a little better. By 8 this evening he was bouncing off the walls. We were watching So You Think You Can Dance and he was dancing with everyone again. He was sweating like a pig though. So I got him to bed a little before 10 and it took him about a half an hour to get comfy and fall asleep. I am hoping he is feeling better tomorrow and that by Friday he is back to normal but we shall see. Cross your fingers for me ( seems like I have been saying that a lot lately )

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oh How Embarrassing

I went to do my blood work and knowing that they would need a urine sample, I didn't go to the bathroom for an hour or so before I left. I have the smallest bladder. It runs in my family. I forgot to bring a water bottle with me but I felt like I had to go so I wasn't worried about it. The lady takes me blood and has absolutely NO trouble finding my vein ( stupid ER staff ) and then she tells me to go pee. I was in the bathroom for like 10 minutes and nothing. Finally I leave and find a drinking fountain and guzzle a bunch of water. Finally after about 30 minutes I feel like I had to go. I go to the bathroom, sit down and drop the dumb cup in the toilet. DOH! I was so mad and embarrassed because now after 30 minutes of producing NO PEE I have to go ask for a new cup. I go get a new cup and then go to the bathroom and FINALLY go! WOO HOO! so my lab visit that took an hour should have only taken me 10 minutes. I get home and within 15 minutes I pee THREE times! No joke. Then I get in the car to go some where and the second I drive off I have to pee AGAIN! I swear...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Holy Terrible Two's

Oh my GOSH! I was about to kill my kid today. We have been in the house for a couple of days straight basically ( unless you count going to church Sunday, which I don't! ). We tried to make plans with my sister but she got busy so then we tried to make plans with my dad but something happened with him so I said, "Screw it, I'm going to get dinner by myself." We open the garage and its POURING! But not only is it pouring, it's windy and the rain was basically coming in sideways. I got drenched! So we said forget it. Thank goodness too because then it started hailing which seems so weird since it's in the 90's here. It got CRAZY for a little bit. we couldn't even see the houses across from us. Once it calmed down and my dad got home we decided to try and get dinner and then do a little window shopping so Tyler could run around a get out of the house a little bit. WOW! how horrible wrong that went. Tyler didn't want to sit with us, he wanted to run around and he didn't want to eat his dinner. Finally my dad grabs him and takes him outside, which Tyler just loses it. Finally I get him and hold him for a minute and he keeps saying "Go shopping momma" I said, "Are you gonna be a good boy?" and he says yes. LIAR! haha HE ran into the store with grandma and I was throwing something away outside, because I wasn't IN the store with them, he freaked out again and started crying and screaming. I go inside to try and calm him down and he just keeps losing it. I picked him up and he was trying to hit me and kick me and I carry him out of the store. The problem was we couldn't find my dad and he had the keys. My dad had gone to the bathroom so once he got back we walked out to the car and the whole time Tyler is screaming, "I want to go shopping momma" GRRRRRRRRRR! He basically kick and screamed and tried to hit me for 10 minutes in the car. YUP! It was a fun filled day! BORING, RAINY, and FRUSTRATING! Tomorrow I am supposed to go do blood work. Grandpa is going to help me before he has to go to work at 12. Wish me luck because if I don't get my kid out of the house tomorrow to do some kind of fun he is going to LOSE IT which means MOMMY IS GOING TO LOSE IT!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I LOVE Sundays! They are just so laid back and lazy. I LOVE THEM! Its so crazy because I have only been gone like 3 weeks and we live in a branch with like 50 people. Well, I got a text message from my friend at church and one person moved, another person had a baby and a couple with 5 kids got a divorce! IN THREE WEEKS! Insane!

But any ways. Sundays are awesome. We went to church and Tyler did pretty well. Then we came home, had lunch and then laid down for naps. I woke up 2 hours later which was a miracle because that meant I went 2 whole hours without PEEING! haha Any one who knows me well would think this is a miracle, especially since I am pregnant. Tyler slept for 3 hours which was awesome. He woke up happy too until around 9 and then he got a little cranky. We are about to try and got to sleep now so hopefully we will both be tired enough to sleep still. The other thing I love about Sundays is that we always get together as a family and have dinner and talk. So much fun and the spaghetti and brownies were AWESOME! haha we had salad too which was fabulous. Hope everyone else had a relaxing Sunday.

365 Week 6

I can't believe I have been doing this for 6 whole weeks now. That's crazy to me. It's been fun and I think this next week I am going to try and stick with a theme again. I like doing both theme, and no theme but I think the pictures come out better when I have some structure to them. Enough of that...

Day one

Here is Tyler and Noah watching Telatubbies...yeah I know, don't get me started. Noah was a Telatubby FREAK when he was little. I never even let Tyler watch it because I think it's so annoying. Noah said something and Tubbies and I had to open my big mouth and say he had never seen it. DOH! Now Tyler keeps asking for tubbies. Grrrr. At least he had fun with his cousin.

Day two

Aunt Kimmie was getting ready to leave today and this was Tyler on the couhc with a bunch of her stuff, using her neck pillow! heehee

Day three

The baby! This one is a bad picture but I had already posted the good one. Oh well...

Day Four

We went out with Aunt Kristy and Noah. We went shopping and then we back and watched So You Thin You Can Dance at their house. Tyler was having a ball with all of Noah's toys. He was going crazy. I am not sure why or when this picture took place but Tyler faced all of these figures face down on the chair with their heads shoved under the pillow. Yeah, I got nothing for this one. It was just so weird I HAD to take a picture.

Day Five

Noah was a grouch this day! haha We made him got to the splash pad with us and he insisted he was NOT going to get wet. Then some of the kids from his school ended up being there and he wanted to so bad but didn't want to "have fun". I took this picture of the blanket Kristy and I were sitting on. I think everyone owns one of these Mexican blankets they got at TJ for 5 dollars. I know I do...

Day six

We went to Del Taco and this sign in the play center cracked me up! They put the sign to high so it says Kids have to be under four feet tall to play and the had the sign about a foot to high! haha So we had Noah stand in front of of it so you could see. Heehee

Day Seven

We went swimming and this was basically the only picture I took all day. I was a little disappointed but it's still cute.

Thursday to Present

Thursday night I had a really hard time sleeping. I tossed and turned most of the night and had to get up 4 TIMES to pee! Yup, I'm definitely pregnant. So Friday I didn't really want to do anything during the day time. We just kind of hung out. Actually I think we went to the store and I was SUPPOSED to buy milk and basically got 6 or 7 other things and forgot the milk. Grrrrrrr. I made tortilla soup for lunch which was awesome and then Tyler and I took naps. They were good naps too. Then we got up and got ready to go to a BBQ and Cody's brother's house. This is one of the reasons I was missing Cody a lot Friday. I have a hard time when we are hanging out with his family and he isn't there. It's one of the few times I feel like he is "missing" you know. I feel like he should be here a million times a day ( hints, why I take some many pictures to fill him in on our day ) but every once in a while I just feel like he is completely MISSING in action. We don't get to see his family much and I have seen a lot of his family since he has been gone. Always makes me miss him more.

But enough complaining. It was fun. They have a pool and so Tyler was happy because he got to go swimming. After hanging out there for about 2 hours we left. I called my sister because she wanted me to when we were done, and she was a Del Taco. So we met her there and Tyler and Noah played in the little play area. Then we came home and just hung out for a while.

Oh I wanted to write something else. Thursday we went to another splash pad in town. tyler didn't like it as much but he still had fun. When we got back I put just a pair of shorts on him and then we watched So You Think You Can Dance. For any one who watches that show, they had a dance company dance and the guys had no shirts on. Well, Tyler got down and started trying to dance like them and it was funny because he had no shirt on. It looked like he just fit it! haha Then all of the sudden Noah and Tyler disappeared and we found them inside grandma's tub! Noah and put some water in it and Tyler just hop right in with his shorts on. I took a picture of it that I will post later. I haven't got it on my lap top yet and I should be getting ready for church.

Any ways. Friday was fun and I was glad I got to talk with my sister in law Allison for a bit. Cody's family is spread out all over the country and so we don't get to see them much. It's kind of a shame because I like most of his family and could tell we would get along great. Plus the kids could play together. I haven't even met his brother Kade and wife Emily. One of these days though. Cody's always telling me how much I would like them too. Like I said, one of these days.

Firday night I got to spend some time alone after Tyler went to sleep and it was nice. But I started thinking about Cody and then it made me miss him a lot. When I went to bed around 12 I seriously tossed and turned until 4:30 in the morning. I hadn't slept at all yet unless it was 5 minutes here and there that I don't even remember. I also got up at least 3 times to pee. When I got up at 4 to pee I had started bleeding again. SO FRUSTRATING. So the next day Tyler and I just hung out at the house. I got to talk to Cody a lot during the day time and that was nice. Then after we had naps ( I only took an hour nap this time in hopes that I could sleep that night ) we got up and went grocery shopping. Then I made dinner and then grandma, grandpa, Tyler and I went swimming. It was fun until Tyler almost drowned. He was coughing up water and I thought he was going to throw up all over me and he just kept saying, "MORE WATER" haha He wanted to get back in. I told him, "Nope. After we almost die it's time to get out!" I guess I'm no fun.

We got home and had baths and shower and then I put Tyler to bed and then talked to Cody for a bit on line and on the phone. Then I ate a salad and a roll and crashed. I slept MUCH better and it was awesome.

OKay that was kind of boring but oh well. I just wanted to do some catching up. Hope everyone else had a good weekend. I love Sundays because my dad is going to made spaghetti and brownies and we are just going to chill. IIIIIIIIIIIII love it!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Just wanted to say...

How much I am missing my husband right now! It's been two months since I have held him, kissed me, hugged me or caressed him and it's been hard. Especially the last two weeks or so with my health issues and the fact that I am getting to spend some time with his family without him. :) Plus, there was a thunderstorm tonight and I am one of those people who think rain and storms are really romantic, so it's killing me that he isn't here. I LOVE YOU CODY! I can't wait until December 1st!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

365 week 5

Again with the slacking...I had totally forgotten that a new week had begun! I hadn't stopped taking pictures everyday, but I do that pretty much any ways so sometimes I forget I am actually working on a "project" I had completely lost track of themes and figured I would just focus on taking one picture a day until everyone who was visiting here, went home and we were somewhat normal again. So hopefully this next week I can start with a theme again. I think those ones end up being a little more interesting most of the time. But any ways. Here is last weeks pictures. Some you have already seen so nothing too exciting. Enjoy.

Day 1 June 29th

We had a relaxing day at home. That evening we went to my Uncle's house for dinner. We didn't think Kristy and Noah were gonna make it because they were driving home from Cali earlier that day. They got back and decided to come over any ways. When they showed up we started laughing because Noah and Tyler basically had the exact same outfit on except the shirt had different colors. I took this picture of them watching Tyler's DVD player together.

Day 2 June 30

I thought this one was cute. For one it would be titled "A hard day at the office/playground" heehee I just thought it was cute the way they were both leaning back on the couch and both looked so tired!

Day 3 July 1st

This one is a repeat but I think it's such a cute pictures. We had lots of fun with Myra while she was here and it was hard picking a picture, but I think this one is so sweet.

Day 4 July 2nd

Again, Tyler and Grandpa cuddling. This time they were watching a video together. I told you the DVD player was Tyler's favorite things! :)

Day 5 July 3rd

Tyler and Noah are having so much fun together, yet getting on each other nerves like crazy! haha They are so much the same person that sometimes they just giggle and giggle and then the next minute they are fighting over something. This picture was of them watching, you guessed it, TYLER'S DVD PLAYER! haha I told you the pictures this week weren't too terribly exciting. A lot of them are the same kind of picture. But that is what happens when you are busy.

Day 6 July 4th

This is my brother and his wife Lauren. I was friends with Lauren before her and Scott ever started dating. So when we found out that they were starting to hang out we were excited because we never really liked the girls Scott dated. So I was already friends with her which made things nice. Any ways. So this was while we were swimming. They started to kiss and I was like, "WAIT let me take a picture." I thought it was sweet. I had SO many pictures to choose from so I decided to pick this one because I thought it was pretty.

Day 7 July 5th

I know I explained the Owl fetish that Myra and I have together. Well, my sister Kristy bought me this note book at Target and I thought it was SO CUTE! So I took a picture of it and decided to was going to be my wall paper on my lap top or here on my blog someday. So don't be surprised when you see it on here some where. Aren't they so cute though?

Splash Pad

Her are the pictures I promised of Tyler. I have been slacking...actually I have just been busy. Every time I go to write a blog SOMETHING happens or someone tries to talk to me or something. Any they are

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Due date...

My due date is Feb 6th! i guess I hadn't written that any where yet. It was funny because they didn't even say anything to me and the lady at the billing department was trying to figure out how many appointments I was going to have with them and she looked it up on my chart. SO February 6th it is and I can't wait! :) I will post another blog later with some pictures. We went out last night and had lots of fun playing at a splash pad here in town. I got lots of good pictures and Tyler had a BALL! To bad we got home late and now he is kind of cranky....we are off to take naps though and I think they are much needed today.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The "baby"

This is actually a good picture because you can see the profile of the babies face! You can see the nose and the lips and the hand right up to the mouth! Thanks for suggesting I take a picture with my digital camera Sandy! It took like 10 tries before it turned out good but I thought it was worth posting! EEEEEEEEEEEEE I am so excited.

Good news

I had my doctors appointment this morning. It was good news. The baby is healthy! They did an ultrasound and the baby is so much bigger then I thought it was going to be. The arms and legs were already developed pretty well and that was kind of a shock to me. I got to see the heart beat and then he gave me some pictures of the ultrasound so that was cool. Basically he thinks what is happening is that sometimes the placenta will attached to a blood vessel and I had a dark spot on my ultrasound and he thinks that is what is happening. Basically the blood vessel has to bleed itself out, if that makes sense. I understood it when the doctor said it but can't think of how to put it now. haha

Any ways. Thank you to everyone who has been concerned. The doctor told me that basically once you can hear the heart beat the odds of miscarriage drop to only 1 percent, BUT because I am bleeding, they go up to 5 percent. So that gives me a 95 percent chance of an excellent pregnancy! WOO HOO! I can live with that. :) I liked the doctor I saw so that is good. I can't say the same for the actual office. We already are having problems will billing and stuff which is going to be loads of fun I can tell. We have really good insurance and no one wants to believe that an insurance company would actually pay as much as ours does. Basically, we pay a 20 dollar co-pay the first visit and then we don't have to pay anything else the whole pregnancy! They were trying to charge me a thousand dollars! haha Okay well I am off to eat my mac and cheese and take a nap. I'd post pictures of my ultrasound but my parents don't have a scanner. But I'll work on it.

Monday, July 7, 2008


So I have been slacking SO much in updating this because we have been so crazy and been doing so much. I wanted to write about Saturday though. We went shopping during the day time and Tyler was kind of a butt. He was tired and cranky. Actually we went to my dad's store and had lunch there. I also bought a mattress. Do you want to know how much they jack up the prices?! My dad was able to sell me a mattress that was 599.99 for only 168.00. That's how much they gouge us for mattresses! So I should have a mattress as of tomorrow! WOO HOO! I have been sleeping on an air mattress since I got here. After we had lunch there we went to my mom's work ( the thrift store ) to look at clothes. I got some maternity clothes which was nice. After that we came home and had naps.

Later on that night grandma and grandpa watched the grand kids so the grown ups could go to Tuacahn and see Les Miserables. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! I have seen the show before but it just made me cry this time. I loved it. I think I want to try and watch it again sometime. If you are heading to Utah for any reason in the next couple of months and are going to be in St. George, BUY tickets. I have always loved that musical any ways but it was just so awesome. We even had an understudy for one of the main parts and he was awesome too! Tyler was a good boy for grandma and grandpa too. He even let grandpa but him to sleep!

OKay so I need to get my dinner out of the oven. Tyler requested that I put my prenatal palates DVD on and is doing it by himself! haha He said, "I want to watch Bumpies" I guess because the lady is like 8 months pregnant! haha I thought that was funny. Oh and my first doctors appointment is tomorrow so we'll see what he has to say about the bleeding. Hopefully he can find the heart beat and that everything will be okay. I'll write a blog tomorrow and let everyone know how it went. Hopefully I'll have good news.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July

My sister Kim is here from New York. She got in LATE Wednesday's/Thursday. Then my brother and his wife got here Thursday night and I got to meet me niece Bradlie for the first time. It was so fun although Tyler hasn't gone near the baby which frightens me a little bit! But hopefully we'll get over that. Her are a million pictures again. I'll try and explain as I go this time.

Here are all of my Bradlie pictures. Isn't she cute?! Kim bought her those sunglasses and she wore them so good. I got like 30 pictures of her wearing them. For those who don't know my family, Bradlie is my brother Scott's baby who is holding her in one of the pictures.

I told my mom that we needed to get all three of the grand kids on the couch to take a picture of them. Yeah, that just wasn't going to happen because we couldn't get Tyler close enough to Bradlie. Noah LOVES babies so that was no problem. Finally we just had Tyler go sit on the floor in front of the couch and I clicked a picture. It's as good as it is going to get probably.

Later that night after dinner we went swimming. My parents live where they have an association fee and part of that goes to the pool that everyone can use. It's nice because they have an outside pool and an inside pool. All of us walked down there. Tyler was SO excited. It has been over a year since he has been in a BIG pool. He had so much fun!


This is my brother Scott and his wife Lauren. She just popped out a baby and still looks that great! Isn't it sickening! haha

This is a group shot. Kirsty, Kim, Bradlie, Lauren, Noah, Tyler, Me and Scottie.

Here is all of us swimming.

We figured we would have to drag Tyler out of the pool kicking and screaming. Towards the end of the night he got soooooooooo tired I thought he was gonna fall asleep on the raft with Aunt Kimmie. Then all of the sudden he jumped out of the pool, ran to the door and said, "Let's go momma!" haha Kids!