Monday, July 21, 2008


This blog isn't actually for me, it's for my mom! Poor mom is so stressed right now and can't sleep. She ALWAYS has trouble sleeping but before she didn't work or go to school so she could rest or sleep in. Right now she goes to school 4 days a week and works 3 days a week and she is stressed out. The other night she got up at 2 in the morning because she couldn't sleep and her brain was going crazy and wrote down a list of things she needed to do. It actually helped and she went right to sleep after wards. Last night she wasn't so successful. She didn't fall asleep until 4 and then got up at 7 to get ready for school. HELP! Does anyone have any advice for her? How do y'all get to sleep when you can't. She doesn't like taking Tylenol PM because she feels drugged and she used to take melitonin(sp?) but stopped because it got to the point where she was taken two or three and it still wasn't helping. I just felt inclined to write this for her because she seemed desperate when leaving for school today. Any thoughts would help. Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

Your mom sounds like me.I use herbal tea when i cant sleep.Its caffeine free and it really helps me relax.

Loni's Argyle Socks said...

These are just some shots in the dark to help the brainstorm process. A hot bath to help her relax with some aroma therapy in it. Magnesium help to keep muscles relaxed, so maybe a magnesium supplement. Usually when I can't sleep, and it sounds like this might be the case for your Mom, it is because I can't shut my brain off. If that is the case, you could find something for her to fall asleep to, so then she only has to worry about refocusing her mind instead of shutting it off. Like maybe a tape with guided imagery/relaxation, or better yet a subliminal or self-hypnosis tape. I used one of those for a while and I could never stay awake longer than the first 15 minutes. Most of them have a focused goal of stress relief, weight loss or a number of other things.

good luck.