Thursday, July 10, 2008

365 week 5

Again with the slacking...I had totally forgotten that a new week had begun! I hadn't stopped taking pictures everyday, but I do that pretty much any ways so sometimes I forget I am actually working on a "project" I had completely lost track of themes and figured I would just focus on taking one picture a day until everyone who was visiting here, went home and we were somewhat normal again. So hopefully this next week I can start with a theme again. I think those ones end up being a little more interesting most of the time. But any ways. Here is last weeks pictures. Some you have already seen so nothing too exciting. Enjoy.

Day 1 June 29th

We had a relaxing day at home. That evening we went to my Uncle's house for dinner. We didn't think Kristy and Noah were gonna make it because they were driving home from Cali earlier that day. They got back and decided to come over any ways. When they showed up we started laughing because Noah and Tyler basically had the exact same outfit on except the shirt had different colors. I took this picture of them watching Tyler's DVD player together.

Day 2 June 30

I thought this one was cute. For one it would be titled "A hard day at the office/playground" heehee I just thought it was cute the way they were both leaning back on the couch and both looked so tired!

Day 3 July 1st

This one is a repeat but I think it's such a cute pictures. We had lots of fun with Myra while she was here and it was hard picking a picture, but I think this one is so sweet.

Day 4 July 2nd

Again, Tyler and Grandpa cuddling. This time they were watching a video together. I told you the DVD player was Tyler's favorite things! :)

Day 5 July 3rd

Tyler and Noah are having so much fun together, yet getting on each other nerves like crazy! haha They are so much the same person that sometimes they just giggle and giggle and then the next minute they are fighting over something. This picture was of them watching, you guessed it, TYLER'S DVD PLAYER! haha I told you the pictures this week weren't too terribly exciting. A lot of them are the same kind of picture. But that is what happens when you are busy.

Day 6 July 4th

This is my brother and his wife Lauren. I was friends with Lauren before her and Scott ever started dating. So when we found out that they were starting to hang out we were excited because we never really liked the girls Scott dated. So I was already friends with her which made things nice. Any ways. So this was while we were swimming. They started to kiss and I was like, "WAIT let me take a picture." I thought it was sweet. I had SO many pictures to choose from so I decided to pick this one because I thought it was pretty.

Day 7 July 5th

I know I explained the Owl fetish that Myra and I have together. Well, my sister Kristy bought me this note book at Target and I thought it was SO CUTE! So I took a picture of it and decided to was going to be my wall paper on my lap top or here on my blog someday. So don't be surprised when you see it on here some where. Aren't they so cute though?

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